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Prayer School (1)

July 7, 2012

For most of my adult life, I did not quite trust in prayer. I wanted to, but did not really get into it. I had been exposed to people who pray. I attended church all my life. I took part … (read more)

Conveyor Belt To Heaven

January 18, 2010

I have been very ill recently, and there is no doubt that God has been, and is, with me through this experience, traumatic though it has been. I had become jaundiced and infected, very ill, and was admitted to hospital. … (read more)

The Still Small Voice

October 29, 2004

The other day, a vehicle drove down our street, full of people. None was talking with the others. Instead, each person was having a "private" conversation on his cell phone! What? For a solid thirty minutes? No cell phone ringing? … (read more)

An Oasis Of Silence

August 17, 1999

Sound and noise engulf our lives. It is with us from the rude awakening of the alarm clock in the morning, and does not leave us until the radio stops playing soothing "good night" music. It is constant in our … (read more)

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