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The Final Reunion

November 1, 2018

My grandparents were wonderful people, and they had thirteen children! When I was a child, they lived within walking distance, and every day, I loved going to their house. They always found time for me and always made me feel so loved …( read more )

The Waters Of Life

October 11, 2012

There is a small, non-descript fountain at the entrance to our city park. The fountain itself is not very impressive as fountains go. It has just seven streams of water rising to a height of about ten feet, and a … (read more)


July 17, 2011

Frankie Valli is known for a song back in the 1960s entitled, "Big Girls Don't Cry" — remember? Can you hear him whining "cry-yii-yii"? If you're too young, you might not know this one. You can find it on … (read more)

Rest And Renewal

May 4, 2009

"Green pastures" makes me think of spring, the lovely time of year when fresh green touches everything with hope. Being led by the Lord to a green pasture is our invitation to rest and to be renewed, as God fills … (read more)

Channel Marker

May 25, 2008

We recently took up boating, which has opened up a whole new way for us to view the area in which we live. Using a map to negotiate roads is something we all grow up to do in one way … (read more)

The Past

May 29, 2006

I can remember my life before I became a Christian. At times, I try not to remind myself of my actions and ways of the past. It is during these times that I find great comfort in the following Scripture. … (read more)

The Great Cause For A Gathering

November 19, 2005

Last winter, I received an attractive postcard in the mail with a picture of pipers on the front, an antique model car, and crowds of people. The words inscribed across the front were, "Cause for a gathering", and when I … (read more)

Living Waters

January 17, 2005

Often we take many of the everyday blessings in our life for granted. Recently, I discovered that I was doing just that. One morning on arising, we discovered that we did not have any water to flush the toilet or … (read more)

Focus On The Center

October 2, 2003

Last year, I joined a water aerobics class at the local gym. This class is made up of older ladies, retired, and looking for a fun way to stay in shape. The class has turned out to be the highlight … (read more)

Choose Life

September 23, 2001

Where John's Revelation describes only those who are rescued eternally with Christ's blood, a different cross-section of humanity was represented in those recently fallen towers: man, woman, white, black, Christian, Jew, Muslim, Buddhist, CEO and janitor. Therefore, this crime, or … (read more)

The Silent Sabbath

April 14, 2001

As a young child growing up in Northern Ontario, trips south to Toronto were infrequent and special. One of the most memorable included a visit to the Ontario Science Centre, which, as I recall, had at that time a room … (read more)

Dark Skies

April 7, 2000

One of the hardest things that I have ever done in my life was to visit a friend in the hospital who was dying of cancer on the brain stem and the liver. I had just recently started visiting her. … (read more)

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