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Divine Regard For The Needy

August 8, 2019

Schooling with inadequate funds comes with its own peculiar challenges. Years ago, I was a poor student on campus, and life was not friendly with me then. My pocket money for the month was less than fifty dollars. Out of this little …( read more )

Sing Glory To His Name

December 7, 2016

Two Christmases ago, I wrote a devotional about a song that I had written ( Sing a Song of Praise ). Many of our readers responded, asking me if there was a tune for it. Unfortunately, I had a tune only in my head, and I had no idea …( read more )

Sheltered In The Storm

October 9, 2015

The morning was beautiful; we had no reason to expect a storm. My brother, two children, and I had set out for an overnight camping trip on the Appalachian Trail (AT). No sooner had we reached the gap where we were planning to camp than …( read more )

When I Needed You

August 4, 2014

Mondays seem especially difficult. Then, I notice the emptiness more for some reason, and my heart is especially heavy today. So instead of eating, I write. The television blares behind me, but I don't really pay attention to *America's …( read more )


June 23, 2013

As we go about our days, we can miss so many big and little things around us. For the past year, I have been riding my bike past the same abandoned building. As I stopped and spent some time wandering around the outside of the building on …( read more )


April 10, 2010

Bill was our show horse. He was a gaited horse, a beautiful racker. He had five different gaits, or manners in which he lifted his feet, that made him a smooth rider. The rack was his best: a fast, flashy, … (read more)

Still Watching

January 27, 2010

Recently, when I became ill, I was sent off to hospital post haste. I knew I was in big trouble, so like any sensible, childlike Christian, I cried out to God to help me. Upon occasion, God gives me a … (read more)


April 22, 2003

One of the greatest needs for human beings is to be trusted. One of the things human beings need to do most is to trust God. Knowing how important it is to be trusted, why do we find it so … (read more)


February 9, 2003

I was at my parents' house recently, and, as usual, the dog greeted us. When we arrive, he always makes a fuss of us, especially my wife, as she takes him for extra walks, which is always a popular thing … (read more)

Rain, Rain Go Away?

April 10, 2001

What a miserable day! As I write, we are receiving the first of our spring rains. "April showers bring May flowers," the saying goes. It couldn't be closer to the truth! It is only 5 degrees Celsius, and just pouring. … (read more)

Failing With Christ

October 21, 1999

Telephone Support Expert: "Well…(pause) you can't get the database back. There's just no way to do it." Me: "Oh, no." My chest felt like there were bands of steel clamping round it; I couldn't breathe. My head felt hot, very … (read more)

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