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Star Gazing

March 2, 2020

I enjoy star gazing, especially when I am away from the bright city lights, and I can really take in the night sky. I took an astronomy course in university, learning about the chemical make-up of stars, how light travels, and the theories …( read more )

X Marks The Spot

June 15, 2019

Imagine a long, endless line stretching in both directions far into infinity. Everything that God has created has its place somewhere along the spectrum of this line. In one direction, it stretches far away into deep outer space with all …( read more )

God's Sense Of Humour

March 21, 2019

Humour is an important, positive aspect of our life. We are created in God's image. Hence, it is logical that God must have a great sense of humour! When we humans make a great discovery, I can imagine God smiling and thinking, "Well, …( read more )

Imperfect Sale Items

August 25, 2018

Just recently, I received an email from a well-known Christian establishment. The email subject read, "Slightly Imperfect Gift Sale". The items had minor chips or scratches that caused them to fall short of perfection. It got me to …( read more )

Perfect Love Casts Out Fear

December 5, 2017

by Isabel Allison A little lad, loved by kin of mine, looked straight ahead, then in voice sublime — for child philosophers tend to mime — spoke out amid the chatter of Christmas supper time: "This sure has been a good Christmas," …( read more )

From The Lips Of Children — And Adults

January 4, 2017

While I was eating lunch with my sister-in-law and her little lad about three-and-a-half years of age, my sister-in-law's phone rang, and she left the table to answer. Just then, the little lad finished his bowl of spaghetti and cheese, …( read more )

The Unexpected Blessing

November 14, 2016

Last week, as I was out walking the trails with the dogs, I received the most glorious, unexpected blessing. As we came around a bend in the path, there before me stood the same pine tree that is always rooted at that spot. And yet, …( read more )

Expanding Awareness

July 15, 2016

When I was a little girl, maybe about three-and-a-half years of age, some of my family and some visiting cousins, children, and adults were on a patch of grassy-green yard just beyond our kitchen doorsteps. It was a beautiful, …( read more )

Wonders Of His Love

February 19, 2015

Late one night recently as I was taking the weekly garbage out, I looked up at the night sky. It was full of bright stars. I love this time of year because the skies at night are generally cloudless, so there is a vast array of planets, …( read more )

My Father's Handprints

August 20, 2014

Following my father's death earlier this year, family and friends found themselves reflecting on his life. My own memories were stirred when I took a walk through my parents' former farm on Manitoulin Island, Ontario, Canada. For about …( read more )

Jesus Pillow

February 11, 2014

It was a beautiful sunny day. The sun's rays were piercing through the front window of my living room. Instead of the usual routine of grabbing my lunch and going into my computer room, I decided to sit in my favourite recliner, put my …( read more )


January 3, 2014

Exceeding abundantly? Above all that I ask? Beyond what I can even imagine? How can that be? These are questions I asked. Each year end, I used to take some time to reflect on the closing year, to take stock of accomplishments, review my …( read more )

Even There

February 6, 2012

In my sky-blue Malibu, I was driving alone across a wide expanse of white-bright, flat, flat prairie on a narrow road untracked since the night's soft snowfall. My car tires crunched snow into the gravel, sketching parallel lines in the … (read more)

Winter Skies

January 11, 2012

I love winter skies, especially at night. The sky is filled with a plethora of stars and galaxies on cloudless evenings. Every time I look up, I am in awe of God's creative power, and my heart is filled with … (read more)

His Word In Our Hearts

August 3, 2010

The music we taught our children's choirs over the years had to have firstly a solid Christian message and then a catchy tune. As well, each spring we did a different children's musical at our church. They were always based … (read more)


July 19, 2010

Old time western heroes are generally portrayed as the strong, silent type. These days, I've noticed more and more of those strong, silent folk in our churches. Many Christians don't participate vocally during praise and worship time. "I don't sing," … (read more)

The Baby Turtles

February 28, 2010

Recently, while on a cruise through the Panama Canal, my friend and I ran out of film. A visit to the ship's photographer fixed that, with an underwater camera. However, we didn't go under water, swimming with the dolphins, as … (read more)

Fill Your Boots

May 1, 2009

We often sing, "Fill my cup, Lord; I lift it up, Lord", and we fully expect that God will fill our souls to overflowing as we worship Him with expectation. Since our move to this "neck of the woods" in … (read more)

God's Amazing Star Field

June 17, 2005

Having been raised on Long Island in the suburbs of New York City, I was aware that the stars were hidden from full view. Even on the blackest of nights, the lights from the city obscured our view. Thus I … (read more)

Northern Lights

November 2, 2003

In mid-October, 2002, I was travelling by bus between Edmonton, Alberta, and Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, where I was to meet my brother, who was picking me up there to travel on to Regina, Saskatchewan. I think we were about halfway between … (read more)

Marvellous Guidance System

October 27, 2003

Back in August, I wrote a devotional about a pair of beautiful Canada Geese that stayed all winter here in southern Georgia, in the south-eastern USA. Some of my Canadian readers responded by saying that they also had seen Canada … (read more)

The Majesty Of God

September 2, 2002

I was with a tour group riding the Polar Bear Express from Moosonee to Cochrane, Ontario, Canada. Night had fallen as the train moved through the darkness of the Arctic watershed. A full moon was visible over the outline of … (read more)

The Heavens Still Declare The Glory Of God

February 8, 2002

When I worked on the Special Education school bus, I had to be at school at 5:30 AM. One morning, as I waited in the parking lot, I noticed the Big Dipper. I enjoy seeing the Dipper, and I have … (read more)

The Heavens Still Declare The Glory Of God

November 21, 2000

It never ceases to amaze me that God can take something that is irritating, turn it around and make a blessing out of it. When I worked on the special education bus, the bus driver and I started our morning … (read more)

Amazed By Grace

December 26, 1999

I named my daughter Grace. It was the first thing that popped into my head when I saw her tiny, not yet fully formed face on the ultrasound monitor. It was truly an undeserved, unimaginable gift to be able to … (read more)

Glorious Creation

April 19, 1999

Yesterday afternoon as I was returning home from an errand, I was absolutely awe-stricken by something I saw. As I passed by a shopping/business complex I saw the most beautiful display of spring flowers in full bloom. It suddenly struck … (read more)

How Big A God Do You Believe In?

April 28, 1998

It is reported that the famed astronomer, Russell Norris, was presenting a lecture concerning the Milky Way. He dramatically conveyed the tremendous size of the Milky Way. During the question and answer period a lady asked, "If our world is … (read more)

Come And See

April 12, 1997

There is so much more that we could do to use sight to enhance our praise and proclamation. Some churches are now experimenting with dance and movement as part of the service. We have had dance used here to express … (read more)

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