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Shed Your Heavy Load

April 14, 2021

In his first letter to the "Pilgrims of the Dispersion", the apostle Peter gives all kinds of advice to young and old alike, and then he tells them: These verses remind me of a story that I read some time ago about a vendor on his way to …( read more )

Reflections On 2020

January 3, 2021

The year 2020 and COVID-19 have surely given me a new perspective on many things. Let's step back a bit to 2019. We had a family vacation, and I was able to visit family in California and in England. Those three events gave me memories …( read more )

Harbingers Of Good News

October 20, 2017

I miss my homing pigeons. I miss seeing them flying around the property, walking on the lawn, or sitting on the loft sunning themselves. I miss feeding them twice a day and just looking after them. After we returned from 20 years away from …( read more )

In The House Of My Friends

March 22, 2016

Today's Scriptures bring back memories of a time when a dear friend turned against me and complained to other members of the church. I felt shocked, betrayed, and abandoned by someone I had trusted. Nonetheless, the personal pain that I …( read more )

The Great Escape

March 9, 2015

Like most people, there are some days when I would like to run away from all of my responsibilities, travel somewhere remote, and just be all by myself. I sometimes daydream about getting in my car, driving as far west as I possibly can …( read more )

Senior Service

September 26, 2010

Now that I'm at that latter stage of life as an "Oh, you're looking well" person (which I insist on interpreting as "merely grown-up"), one or two may ask, "Isn't your work done yet? I thought you'd retired." Well, not … (read more)

The Spider And The Web

May 5, 2009

One summer morning, I was enjoying the warmth and sunshine of a new day. Conscious of the insect activity around me, I was suddenly aware of a spider coming close. I noticed it travelling through the air on the breeze, … (read more)

Spring Cleaning

April 2, 2008

Spring cleaning! I pulled every piece of furniture away from the walls, washed them down, cleaned the stove of its winter ashes, and picked out a brass frame, clock, and lamp I wanted to put on the little table when … (read more)

God Cares

August 24, 2007

Years ago, when I was struggling with life in many areas, I would give those issues to God. I am a visual person, so I needed something that I could see that was meaningful to me. Someone suggested that I … (read more)

God's ABCs

January 23, 2004

For years I have been fascinated with my family's history. I've traced my family name, Ingalls, back to 1598, read about the struggles of the early settlers as they made their home on a lonely island, and discovered how one … (read more)

Who Sent The Doves?

September 18, 2001

It was one of those melancholy mornings, when one remembers what one had been doing during the same time last year with someone who is no longer here. My father-in-law (a long-time railroader), at 94, had begun to slow down. … (read more)


June 13, 2000

"Mom, I am so looking forward to coming home for a week!" exclaimed my youngest daughter over the telephone. Cindy, in her second year of university, was coming home during "Reading Week", always an anticipated pleasure! In reality though, she … (read more)

Beeswax Candles

May 25, 1999

For the past several years, beeswax candle-making has been all the rage. The sheets come in honeycomb, corrugated or flat design, and in a wide array of colours from subtle, soft pastels to rich full hues. They burn slowly, with … (read more)

The Sound Of Your Voice

May 14, 1998

E-mail is so wonderful. It is quick and inexpensive. It enables you think out a message, change it, fix it, and "zip it off". An answer can be obtained immediately. Messages can be sent back and forth several times a … (read more)

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