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The Breath Of Music

June 21, 2020

I believe that the innate desire to respond to the Conductor's cues begins in the womb: The gift of music is grounded in God's love. This heart-to-heart connection with our Creator explains why worship ministry is as vital as mother's …( read more )

Generation To Generation

May 14, 2019

Over a lifetime of moves and other changes along the way, I have been a part of several churches. My current church was once very large, but as is true of many churches today, it has diminished significantly in numbers over the years. The …( read more )

Only The Lonely

November 24, 2018

Like everyone else, I experience loneliness from time to time. It's an odd feeling, especially when it occurs in a crowded room or when I'm with a small company of friends. I get lost in my own thoughts and feel isolated from everything …( read more )

The Heavens Declare The Glory Of God

January 14, 2017

It was a very snowy winter. Snow after snow fell, day after day. We lived in a very white world. As spring thaw began, a team of horses pulling a sled suddenly went down so deep beside the winter-packed tracks that they threw snow over …( read more )

Generations Of Memories

November 19, 2015

A generation is defined as the length of time when children are ready to take the place of their parents, often 30 years. So in my life of 83 years, I have seen three generations in the world — three generations of memories. Each …( read more )

Mighty Acts

October 10, 2015

While reading today's verse, I started wondering what mighty acts of God have happened since the Bible was written, which could be told to the upcoming generation. I can list several things: the reformation of Christianity under leaders …( read more )

The Hidden Components

June 29, 2014

Computers and I get along to a point. The trouble begins, however, when I don't know how or where to find something within a specific program. As most of my readers probably know, computers have lots of hidden features, but unless I know …( read more )

Good And Compassion

October 17, 2012

Have you noticed our human tendency to become more alert to news stories and weather reports about an unfamiliar place after someone close to us visits or moves there? I first noticed greater attention to news like that about ten … (read more)

A Royal Celebration

January 6, 2012

On January 6th, many in the Spanish culture celebrate what is known as El Dia De Los Tres Reyes Majos or Three Kings Day. As a child, I was amazed to hear my mother tell stories of how she observed … (read more)

Gerbil In The Grease

October 15, 2011

I was busy working about the kitchen when I noticed Henry, one of our pet gerbils, sitting atop a stool next to the counter. A few moments later I heard a splash and then frantic scrabbling. The sound was mystifying. … (read more)

All In One

March 13, 2011

An old joke tells of a married couple searching for bathing suits. The woman laughingly asks hubby if she should get a bikini or an all-in-one suit. "Better get a bikini," he replies. "You'll never get it all in one!" … (read more)

Ever Faithful, Ever Sure

June 11, 2010

It was really early, and as I awoke, a tune was ringing through my head and my soul. I could remember only the last line: "For his mercies aye endure, ever faithful, ever sure." In my dream, I was looking … (read more)

Healing Balm

January 15, 2010

When the weather becomes severe, my hands are always plagued with extremely painful cracks. No matter how much I moisturize or what type of lotion I use, my hands suffer every winter. Some of the liquid skin medications help alleviate … (read more)

Skint Knees and Soccer Fields

October 25, 2008

As a boy, I used to play soccer on a red gravel football field. Such fields still exist, and one can see them all over Scotland wherever local schools have soccer fields. The gravel was the colour of Tennessee red … (read more)

How Old Will You Be?

September 16, 2008

One day not so long ago, our eldest granddaughter, who is just six, asked me how old I was. Then she asked me how much older I was than she. I explained that I was almost 54 years older than … (read more)


August 23, 2007

Jesus knows the best way to get our attention and how to draw us closer to Him when we get preoccupied. I am beginning to become more aware of this in my own life. On a recent camping trip, as … (read more)

Tender Mercies

July 17, 2007

One morning as the sun began to light the skies over South Carolina, USA, I heard the chirping of several birds. This seemed odd, as it was a rather cool morning. Wanting to muffle their song and snuggle in bed … (read more)

Mountain In Reverse

May 31, 2007

Last year, our family summer vacation took us to the Rocky Mountains in Canada. I had visited this area by train about 25 years before. I was very excited to be going this time with my husband and two sons. … (read more)

Silver Glitter In The Air

March 19, 2007

Most mornings, our family dog and I patrol the mile-long stretch of rural road that passes in front of our home in central midwestern Ontario. One bright winter morning about a month ago, the sun shone from the east-southeast, and … (read more)

One God, Different Ways

August 8, 2006

I attended a soccer game recently, where two of my grandchildren were playing. As I observed the young parents around me, I noticed several different mindsets. Some were totally focused on their child and their experience, yelling "Good job" each … (read more)

The Breath Of God

October 3, 2005

We recently took a trip in a hot air balloon. After a few missed starts due to weather, the perfect day arrived. I was expecting us to rise from the earth in a gush of heat and power which would … (read more)

Prayer Warrior

April 23, 2005

My great-aunt Cissie was a prayer warrior. Her family had belonged to a Temperance Society in Scotland called the Rechabites. They were named after the devoted Kenite clan mentioned in Jeremiah, chapter 35. She was born before World War I … (read more)

Moving Day

July 20, 2004

I am an interim pastor. My job is to go into a church and help to prepare it for a new "settled" pastor. Looking at the goals of the church is part of this. Our "Thinking-Big Day", as I call … (read more)

A Picture Of Jesus Christ

March 2, 2004

One day as my daughter and I were sitting on a park bench watching her two little girls playing on the playground equipment, I was thrilled at what I saw. Sarah, not her real name, was swinging on the monkey … (read more)

The Resolution Cure

January 2, 2003

I am still slogging away at my weight. The numbers are thirty less than this time last year, but it has been "eating season" once again! My goal: more pounds off this year. For many of us, the New Year … (read more)

Why Do We Blame God?

October 17, 2001

I recently received an e-mail entitled "Where was God?" It was in reference to the recent terrorist attacks in the U.S. It is almost inevitable that at such times people ask, "Where was God?" and wonder why He allowed it … (read more)

Bird Praise

June 21, 2001

I don't know about others, but I tend to value my sleep. I love to sleep; however, due to my busy schedule I really don't get to go to bed as early as I would like. Usually, I am up … (read more)

Listen To Yourself

July 7, 1998

Have you ever listened to yourself? No, I mean really listened to what it is that you say to yourself. When times are tough, do you sing a song of praise or one of defeat? When loneliness comes to visit, … (read more)

Give God The Glory

December 26, 1997

We all have a litany of complaints we offer to the Almighty when the days are dark and we are down and life is hard and circumstances make even getting up in the morning a real chore. If pushed, we … (read more)

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