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Walking With The Master

October 22, 2021

I recently moved twenty miles across town to be closer to my daughter's family, and I have enjoyed being able to help them by occasionally house/dog-sitting for them when they need to be out of town for a short time. Daisy, their aging …( read more )

Praying For Sunshine

August 23, 2021

The state of Oregon is known and loved for its verdant greenery. The source of this verdure is no secret — rain, rain, rain! Most of the time, we Oregonians satisfactorily work around this rain, but planning outdoor events can often be …( read more )

A Contagious Passion For Scripture

October 22, 2020

That morning, my 94-year-old friend wasn't interested in small talk. She opened my phone call with these words: "I've been reading the Bible every morning! I want to cover whole books at a time! I love it!" She continued, "I just can't …( read more )


April 9, 2008

I have been through a period of spiritual dryness during the past two months. This may sound like a short time — and it is — but for me, it has seemed like an eternity. The dryness came as I … (read more)

Harmony Or Discord?

May 2, 2005

I have often sat enthralled watching a band play. All those instruments going at the same time and the wonderful music that comes out of it thrills me. The beautiful music soothes my soul. It is wonderful harmony. In our … (read more)

Send Out The Signal

January 27, 2005

I was reading an article about a system that can track one's car and knows its exact position. It can also give audible directions to lead one to where it is one wishes to go. Thinking back, I would suppose … (read more)

All I Need Is Direction

September 27, 2004

The phone rang early this morning. I was the only one up to take the call. On the other end was a familiar voice, that of our son. For some time he had talked of bringing some topsoil to our … (read more)

How Does Your Garden Grow?

July 19, 2001

Every spring, we plant a large garden in our yard. We plant tomatoes, peppers, beans, peas, corn, and an assortment of other vegetables. My two children have always loved playing and digging in the dirt and helping plant the garden, … (read more)


June 11, 2001

Things did not work out with my first marriage. I suppose we grew up and the process changed us. It is strange to recognize that God forgave me, long before I forgave myself, or before I was able to trust … (read more)

Am I Ready?

April 5, 1999

In August, I signed up for a third and final course at the local college, which would complement two others I'd taken from the same instructor. The course, to run two weekends in October, if ever even offered again, would … (read more)

The Maze

November 1, 1998

My 6 year old son loves mazes. Usually these are the pen and paper kind. Yesterday he learned firsthand what it was like to be in a real maze. We arrived at the "maize maze". It was a carefully planned … (read more)

Lost In The Fog

August 9, 1997

A beautiful day for sailing! It couldn't have been more perfect until the fog bank came down the harbour, shrouding us in white. There was not a sound, not a breath of wind, not a single object to be seen. … (read more)

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