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Basement Living

October 6, 2014

Our farmhouse basement had a dirt floor and stone walls. I never thought of it as a cosy spot, and I spent as little time there as possible. It was great for cold storage of vegetables, canned fruit, and homemade pickles, but, trust me, I …( read more )

Google This

March 31, 2011

I don't expect to travel to all the exotic beauty spots of the world, but thanks to search engines like Google, I enjoy them from afar. My recent discoveries include the Plitvice Lakes and Death Valley's Sailing Stones. The Morning … (read more)

Embracing Advent

December 4, 2010

Q: What's the best way to keep Christ in Christmas? A: Go to church on Sundays. It always amazes me that so many people complain that Christmas just isn't the same, and yet they never seem to connect their spiritual … (read more)

Never Let Us Be Discouraged

October 19, 2003

This morning, I received two pieces of e-mail. One was the "pass on" story about the frogs that were challenged to climb to the top of a high tower. As the crowd watched and called out, "You can't possibly reach … (read more)


February 5, 2001

Silence So loud it shatters the quietness surrounding me I can feel my heart beating in my throat I can hear him breathing Unspoken words Silence Unforgiveness sits on the throne A silent tear slowly trickles down my cheek I … (read more)

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