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Gazing On The Beauty

June 15, 2016

One morning, I decided simply to gaze at some blue jays just outside our window. I did that for a reason: I felt that I was becoming too complacent about blue jays. They're always around — plenty of them. I saw them mostly as raucous …( read more )

Google This

March 31, 2011

I don't expect to travel to all the exotic beauty spots of the world, but thanks to search engines like Google, I enjoy them from afar. My recent discoveries include the Plitvice Lakes and Death Valley's Sailing Stones. The Morning … (read more)

Night Light For Izzie

August 10, 2010

Her name is Izzie, and since she is the family's youngest, we all delight in having her with us. Last Friday evening, we took Izzie out to dine and to experience the pastry market, where she toddled the aisles with … (read more)

The Wiper

March 13, 2007

Have you ever noticed how older people love to go for a drive? My parents could hear car keys jingle like a child hears the ice-cream truck. So it seemed natural for his 90th birthday to take Dad for a … (read more)

Suppose That Christ Had Not Been Born

December 9, 2004

"Suppose that Christ had not been born." I rattled off the words of the Christmas poem as fast as any nine-year-old child could say them. I expect I believed that if I said them quickly enough, I wouldn't forget them … (read more)

Kind Words, Roses And Hummingbirds

October 10, 2003

Throughout my life, especially while experiencing the loss of our parents, and including the past ten years as a volunteer with those who are terminally ill and bereaved, I've found God's comforting graciousness expressed in many, many wonderful ways. Recently, … (read more)

Faces (3)

December 3, 1997

Sometimes it is necessary to "harden our faces," as it were, against what is wrong in a multitude of guises. The love of God does not tolerate evil, nor does he expect his people to. But we need to be … (read more)

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