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Gossip, Slander, And Lies

May 11, 2018

I have always liked classical, operetta, and opera music. When I was young, we did not have access to it, other than what we may have heard on the radio occasionally. But when we moved to Vienna, Austria, that great capital of the music …( read more )


December 22, 2016

Years ago, the pastor of my church invited a rabbi from a local synagogue to host a traditional Passover meal for our congregation during the Easter season. It was an interesting experience, tasting various ritual foods, such as matzo, …( read more )

A Lizard In The King's Palace

September 16, 2010

Recently, upon hearing long-distance the news of my aunt's death, many childhood memories came to mind. Reminiscing about the family trips and visits to my aunt's home in Puerto Rico, I particularly remembered enjoying sitting on her front porch overlooking … (read more)

A Time To Be Born

June 6, 2010

Because I'm intolerant of wasted time, in the past, I didn't handle well being let down in agreed arrangements or any other time-broken promises, especially those without any prior notice. It's the wasted waiting time that I objected to most. … (read more)

Kiss The Son

February 10, 2010

Once, during a Bible retreat, I was blessed by the wonderful teaching that everything in the Old Testament is included in the New Testament, and vice versa. This information made a notable difference in my study of Old Testament Scripture, … (read more)

The Food Cupboard

October 12, 2009

Over the years, our church in downtown Brampton, Ontario, Canada, has run what we call a Food Cupboard, praying that the cupboard will never be bare. It hasn't been. Though the numbers of people have increased due to economic depression, … (read more)


September 4, 2009

I've lost count of the number of usual summer invasions of ants. Most of them learn to avoid the small dish of "Ant Rid" and other recommended deterrents I've tried. I find them, far too often and when I least … (read more)

Our God, The Rock

May 12, 2009

Our Australian rock wallaby makes its home in rocky outcrops dotted around the country. It is an agile, nimble, skilful creature, which climbs the rocky crags of its home with ease. It leaps gracefully across even the widest crevices, using … (read more)

When We Trust God

January 26, 2009

Some years ago, as a family, we, along with hundreds of others, faced the reality of my husband's job loss. Around us, couples experienced desperation, panic, fear, and worry at the realization of having to trade a strong, rich, working … (read more)

For The Children

July 18, 2007

I was involved in a radio debate a few months ago, regarding an issue about a local church having an evangelical crusade during school hours. Kids were taken out of their school for two hours, over a period of three … (read more)

In God's Hand

September 20, 2002

Often, I am chided for my protection of little living things. Rather than squish them, throw them in the garbage, or flush them down the toilet, I pick them up, either in my hand or with a tissue, and take … (read more)

Riches Will Fly

March 31, 2001

If ever I have encountered a portion of scripture that needed little or no explanation, this is surely it. As one of my favourite ministers would say, "Those words could preach." In the midst of the market turmoil convulsing the … (read more)

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