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Kind Words

September 8, 2021

Years ago, after I had injured my ankle, I went to the doctor's office to pick up my new ankle brace. After receiving it, I took it back to my car to try on. I was quite discouraged when I realized that I had been given the wrong size of …( read more )

A Tiny Applet Of Grace

January 27, 2020

I remember how the right timing and the perfect words once turned a harsh and hurtful situation to a smooth transition. I was blessed with six families within our family, and we shared everything. We were all for one and one for all — …( read more )

Will The Rain Come?

September 13, 2010

It had been a long, dry summer. The crops were parched in the fields. The grass, on which the cattle grazed, was brown and dry. A few more days and it would be gone. What would happen to our cattle … (read more)

Fill Us Up – Encourage One Another

March 8, 2005

The other day, my daughter missed the bus again! Our family is attempting to save money, so we have been using only one car. Unfortunately, my husband had the car at work. Luckily, he had brought our tandem bike up … (read more)

The Good News Party

December 27, 2004

It wasn't even a holiday, but we were having a party. The doctor's office had just called to say that I was now considered to be cancer-free! My mom and dad were so happy and excited that they brought down … (read more)

Grandma's Letter

December 7, 2004

Today's text was a motto that hung in our home when I was a child, and although it has the obvious meaning, "Watch what comes out of your mouth," it took on a different meaning for me one year. It … (read more)

Should We Take Out The Trash?

March 28, 2001

We're not really ever very far from trash. In this affluent part of the world where we can find almost anything we could want in a disposable form, where fast food is served up in containers that later become litter, … (read more)

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