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Tire Tracks In The Snow

January 9, 2009

For those of us in northern climes, a snowfall in winter is a common sight. Everyone has a different way of dealing with snow. One winter, I was very lazy, and never cleared away any of the snow that fell … (read more)


October 19, 2007

In our town, in our province, in our country, summer is the time to repair the side roads, the streets, the highways. During wintertime, it cannot be done. So the construction is in full strength during the summer months. It … (read more)

A Hollow Horse

February 17, 2005

Our local newspaper recently carried headlined stories for two days about a theft in our community. A young man, on a dare, stole a five-hundred-pound bronze horse that marked the entrance to a subdivision. He hadn't thought the situation through … (read more)

Everyday I'll Follow After Him

May 21, 2003

Last night the youth of our church led us all in the worship portion of our service, and they led us in the song, "Everyday". At one point in the song was the phrase, "Everyday, I'll follow after You". As … (read more)

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