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Lonely At The Top

October 19, 2015

If I thought it, I was wrong. No one ever said that leading was easy or popular. I had been chosen as the leader of a local organization. Accepting the position required moving almost three hours away. Since my wife and I felt the Lord …( read more )

Master Physician

November 1, 2010

After much prayer and counsel from the Lord regarding women's health issues, I made a decision to undergo a new alternative procedure which is performed by an interventional radiologist. Because of this minimally invasive procedure using imaging guidance techniques, I … (read more)

Insurance Impatience, Patient Assurance

August 18, 2000

We had been away and were to be home for a very short time before leaving again. Our house insurance was to expire while we were away, so it was imperative that it be renewed before leaving again. Off and … (read more)

Are We There Yet?

July 9, 2000

A cartoon was comprised of four frames, three of which depicted a car bumping along the road, two adults in front and a child in the back, with the caption, "Are we there yet?" The last frame showed the father … (read more)

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