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The Determination

August 28, 2020

She is like a hyperactive octopus. Her arms and hands never cease in their enthusiasm to reach and grab anything and everything in sight. We have nicknamed her Elastigirl, as her arms seem to have an amazing ability to stretch and stretch …( read more )

The Great Ambush

April 9, 2020

When I was young, Saturday mornings were spent in front of the television set with my brothers, watching classic Western movies. The golden glow of the American southwest was a far cry from a cool Ontario morning! We loved the cowboys and …( read more )

A Life Change

April 7, 2020

When I was about thirteen, an incident occurred that secured itself to my memory. It has to do with my mother. First, let me explain what kind of life my mother lived out before me as I grew. She was very hard-working. She was sweet to me …( read more )

And Yet, Jesus Served Judas!

April 17, 2019

I remember years ago watching a parishioner stomp out of every communion service because a participating brother was "not living right". Today, such behaviour may seem over-reactive and judgmental. Still, we surely wonder: How can light …( read more )


I remember a favourite saying of a friend of ours: "Lord, I'll climb the highest mountain, I'll swim the deepest sea, I'll be over next Tuesday … if it don't rain." Why is it that every good intention is so often accompanied by a …( read more )

Swallowed By Sorrow

April 13, 2019

Sorrow can be a bitter pill to swallow, and I felt as if I were being swallowed by it. Days stretched into months. An act of betrayal by another had turned my family inside out and headed it straight for dissolution. Though the situation …( read more )

Surely Not I!

March 28, 2018

"I would never do that! No, not me!" Hasn't that thought at some point drifted across your mind, maybe after seeing how badly someone messed up? I've had such thoughts more than I care to admit. On those occasions, I simply couldn't see …( read more )

Human Nature

April 11, 2017

Being human means that we're subject to all sorts of feelings, injuries, and troubles. When I'm in pain, physically or emotionally, I very quickly talk to God to release me from what is causing it and look to Him to heal or solve my …( read more )

Facing Tough Times

April 5, 2017

In our area, this past winter seemed like a long time coming, but once it started, it seemed that it would never stop. During the month of February, we had very little snow, but bitterly cold winds with low temperatures to match. Many of …( read more )

How to Live? How to Die?

April 19, 2016

There is really only one answer: I do palliative care at our local nursing home. I sit with dying patients, both those who are peaceful and those who are frightened. I offer to pray with each of them. If they answer "yes", I pray aloud …( read more )

Towards The Resurrection

March 24, 2016

As I write this, we are preparing for our worship services for Good Friday and Easter Sunday. One of our music directors has asked me to do a reading, essentially a spoken word version of a song from Jesus Christ Superstar, which I …( read more )

In The House Of My Friends

March 22, 2016

Today's Scriptures bring back memories of a time when a dear friend turned against me and complained to other members of the church. I felt shocked, betrayed, and abandoned by someone I had trusted. Nonetheless, the personal pain that I …( read more )

Amazing Love

April 3, 2015

In our Bible study, we have been looking at the Easter story. It was a six-week study, so we have been able to really look at the events in depth. I have heard the story many times, and perhaps you have as well. I am finding that when I …( read more )

My Brother's Keeper

September 8, 2014

Are we indeed our brother's keeper? Many may think not, but as in our biological family, we do not survive well unless we help each other. Many of our brothers and sisters carry loneliness around with them like a blanket. What can we do …( read more )

This Bitter Cup?

May 23, 2013

I was given a plain white porcelain cup, slightly over one inch tall. What could I do with such a wee thing? Still, out of respect for the giver, I kept it. Months afterwards, the horticultural fair listed an item: "Mini-arrangement, …( read more )

Nevertheless … But

March 28, 2013

Let's read again the account of Christ at Gethsemane just before His arrest, but this time, watch the words "nevertheless" and "but". Luke and Mark also recount Christ's "nevertheless … but" prayer. In our English Bibles, two different …( read more )

His Love Endures Forever

November 29, 2011

While reading Psalm 136 to my autistic son, I could not help notice the surprised look on his face. At that moment, I realized how pleasantly this psalm must have resonated in his mind with the constant repetition of the … (read more)


June 18, 2011

During the past year, I had the opportunity to talk with one of my fellow PCCWeb Daily devotional writers and dear friend, Parise Arakelian. Being from the west coast, she was shocked the first day I spoke to her via … (read more)

Alone In The Garden

April 20, 2011

Late one night following my husband's surgery, I made the decision to go home, which is just a few city blocks from the hospital, rather than spending the night by his bedside. Leaving the bright lights of the parking lot, … (read more)

Three Insights

April 18, 2011

The highlight of the Daily Devotional tour of central Europe last summer was, of course, the Oberammergau Passion Play. This five-hour presentation of the last week of Jesus' life, from Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday, has been performed every ten … (read more)

Never Say Never

July 10, 2010

How many times we have said, "I'll never do that again!" Personally, I've lost count. Most recently, I shot off my mouth to someone without thinking it through. I never meant what I said to be offensive, but it was. … (read more)

The Cup Of Redemption

March 7, 2010

During one Lenten season, our church held a special presentation: Christ in the Passover. Hearing Jesus depicted as the Passover Lamb, I was inspired by the beautiful setting in which our Saviour instituted the Lord's Supper and shared this special … (read more)

Garden Of Grace

April 6, 2009

Sometimes when I pray to Jesus, my heart is so full of the many ways in which I have disappointed Him. I'll remember a harsh word that I've recently spoken, or a promise that I've cast aside, or even a … (read more)

Journey To The Cross

March 18, 2008

I am sure that many of us have heard these words spoken at funerals. I just heard them again at a funeral. There are days when I feel that I have had to say good-bye to way too many friends. … (read more)

It's Boring

April 27, 2006

How many have ever heard someone say, "It's boring"? This seems to be a common expression, especially among youth. A popular detective on television was fond of saying, "If you can't do the time, don't do the crime." (Robert Blake … (read more)

Half A Biscuit

November 16, 2005

About eighteen months ago, I was in a restaurant having a coffee before Sunday School. At one of the tables, a woman was sitting alone, looking unkempt, unwashed, and untidy. She was having an imaginary conversation with someone who wasn't … (read more)

Be Alert

May 6, 2005

All sorts of small animals visit our yard during beautiful spring days. They run and play in the warm sun and the freshly-mown grass. We spend much time watching from our kitchen window. We began to notice that a squirrel … (read more)

Standing On The Promises

March 28, 2003

Do you ever make promises? Do you usually keep your promises? Has anyone ever broken a promise made to you? We usually have good intentions, but sometimes things get in the way. Promises are made that cannot be kept. We … (read more)

The Cup

March 28, 2002

We are approaching the Easter season. It always brings to mind our trip to Israel, where we walked in the footsteps of Jesus, from Palm Sunday to the Passover, the last time Jesus would partake of supper with his disciples. … (read more)

Christmas Is Coming!

December 10, 2001

My wife, Caroline, gets a magazine every month, one of those that are about a quarter of an inch thick. Usually, I get no further than glancing at the front cover, or the occasional glimpse when it is left open … (read more)

That Moment In The Garden

April 17, 2000

It is almost a year since I was in Jerusalem. We stayed up on the Mount of Olives, which was a thrill in itself. On Palm Sunday we proceeded down the Mount of Olives, on foot, headed toward the eastern … (read more)

Driving On The Race Track

July 25, 1999

One sport that I enjoy watching is NASCAR stock car racing. Some may find it boring watching cars running in a circle, but I like it. While the drivers are the high-profile people of the sport, I am always reminded … (read more)

Remember The Angels!

December 24, 1998

The Christmas story is one of the greatest stories ever told. Each year we look forward to hearing it told one more time. One thing we often overlook as we read the story of our Lord's birth is the tremendous … (read more)

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