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Jesus Came

December 25, 2021

Before I met Jesus, the giver of all good and perfect gifts, I knew of Santa Claus. The smell of warm oatmeal cookies filled the air to trigger my first and only memory of leaving cookies on a little dish for Santa Claus. I was anxious …( read more )

Someone With Skin On

December 18, 2021

Last year, COVID-19 restrictions made life tough for all of us. Here in Alberta, Canada, we couldn't get together for Christmas with our family as usual. Our visits were limited to brief encounters outside as my husband and I delivered …( read more )

The Gift Of A Boy

December 12, 2021

When my youngest son, Joseph, was 17, he wrapped Christmas gifts and placed one under the tree for me. It was wrapped in camouflage gift wrap with matching duct tape. He even made sure that he used a gift tag with a deer on it. Pure boy! …( read more )

A Name

December 9, 2020

We all are given a name. Sometimes, it has a significant meaning; sometimes, nicknames are used, but always it is our own. I was given the name Vincent, but normally I am addressed by the abbreviation, Vince. Early on, however, I learned …( read more )

Christmas In October

October 25, 2020

I keep a box of mementoes in a drawer. Every so often, it is good to look at poems or wise sayings that teach the grace of God in our lives. But I carry one of those keepsakes in my Bible: a ticket for a gondola ride. In 1997, John and I …( read more )

Christmas On The River

December 19, 2017

God sometimes shows up in the strangest ways to provide for us. One Christmas week in 1980, He did just that, and it was a Christmas that my family has never forgotten. For a number of years, dad struggled with God's call to be a …( read more )

Prophecies With Fulfillments to Celebrate

December 16, 2017

When we toured Israel as a group, our faith was reinforced as our experienced leader, a Christian minister, many times supplemented our Jordanian guide's orations of what we were seeing by telling us of further connections between these …( read more )

And Sarai Had A Plan

December 15, 2017

Recently, I have been dealing with a difficult financial situation. It's not health-related, but nonetheless daunting. By nature, I tend to take matters into my own hands and have occasionally lived to regret it. This time, I simply put my …( read more )

Mary's Meditation

December 12, 2017

One Christmas season, our church's Celebration Choir was introduced to a song entitled, "Mary, Did You Know?" which became very popular in both the spiritual and secular worlds. The words were written by Mark Lowry in 1984 as part of the …( read more )

Spotlight On Joseph

December 16, 2016

Do you secretly wrestle with a gnawing sense of insignificance, feeling like you don't matter much? The sense of meaninglessness is a common form of suffering today. That's why, for a moment, I'd like to shine the spotlight on Joseph in …( read more )

The Boring Part

December 1, 2016

I had decided that I would begin Advent by reading the book of Matthew. Of course, like several other books of the Bible, it included the dreaded family tree. Ho hum, what a bore. I was tempted to skip this part until the Spirit nudged …( read more )

Predictive Text

December 12, 2015

I learned to text, only to discover that the cell phone fancied itself a prophet. This is called predictive texting. Whenever I punched in a letter, it finished the word for me. Thus, I sent messages full of words like "spzxq". The last …( read more )

God Is Always With Us

November 29, 2015

One day, I was studying Psalm 121, and as I do quite often, I checked my Dutch and German Bibles. I noticed that in those two languages, there is only one word for shade or shadow, the emphasis being on shadow. That made me think more …( read more )

The Little Burr

October 17, 2015

Despite delays in waiting for medical procedures, my legs have recovered sufficiently that I feel strong enough to walk down The Trail again. As I write, it is the first day of fall, and absolutely gorgeous! The sights! The sounds! The …( read more )

The Actions

May 29, 2015

Sometimes I feel like I'm auditioning for a comedy show as I stamp my feet to create vibrations, wave my arms like a windmill, and shout as loudly as I can. Yes, having three very elderly canines in the house which are all at one stage or …( read more )

Who Is Azor?

February 1, 2013

Who is Azor? Who are we? Who am I? Why am I here, and what am I supposed to accomplish while in this earthly body?

Have you ever wondered why God put all those begots in the Bible? And have you had trouble reading through all the begots? …( read more )

The Fullness Of God In The Face Of Jesus Christ

December 21, 2012

I walked on air, it seemed. I felt expanded, extended, moving in sunlight that was more than real. Never before had I experienced such elation. I was alone out on the sidewalk by the hospital after visiting the newborn in her crib and …( read more )

Angels At Christmas

December 12, 2012

A couple of years ago during Advent, I became fascinated with the angels in the Christmas story. It's no accident that angels have become a popular Christmas decoration. Here is a summary of what I found in the scriptural reports of angels …( read more )


December 6, 2012

In our second year of marriage, my husband and I discovered that we were going to have a child. Despite there being no angelic announcement, that was a truly joyful occasion. We expectantly counted the days until our firstborn would …( read more )

The Paper Trail

September 22, 2012

The various jobs which I have held throughout my lifetime have taught me many things, but one of the most important is to keep a paper trail. A paper trail is evidence of where we have been, what we have … (read more)

Conception And Birth

December 19, 2011

Recently, I watched a National Geographic television special on the conception and birth of human beings, dogs, elephants, and dolphins. As I watched, I wondered how anyone could be aware of the amazing miracles of conception and birth, and the … (read more)

Born To Be Our Saviour

December 16, 2011

Those childhood days seem long ago, as I recall with some nostalgia the Sunday School concerts in that little white-frame church nestled near the Chippewa River in Ontario, Canada. One particular evening, we had prepared to celebrate the birth of … (read more)

The Dawning

December 9, 2011

It had been a long day. It commenced at 3:30 a.m. when I was called into the jail and was just ending now at 5:30 p.m. Ending was not exactly the right word, however, as my daughter had taken over … (read more)

Previews Of Christmas

December 6, 2011

Last year while shopping at a local thrift store, I was surprised to find a Christmas Bible study book with the odd title, Christmas from the Back Side, written by J. Ellsworth Kalas, a professor who teaches where my son … (read more)

By Name

July 2, 2011

While on the PCCWeb Daily Devotional tour of central Europe and the Oberammergau Passion Play at this time last year, we purchased a "Heidi" doll for our younger granddaughter, Caraline, and a "no name" (but wearing the traditional folk dress … (read more)

Jesus, Our Christmas Gift

December 25, 2010

My hometown has become a medical centre for the southwestern part of the state in which I live. In fact, the medical profession is the largest business in our area, creating jobs and bringing outsiders in. People from other areas … (read more)

Why As A Baby?

December 16, 2010

In this morning's e-mails was a picture of a dog sleeping in an open air manger, outside a church. Real cute! The dog is said to be abandoned and found comfort at the feet of the baby Jesus. There is … (read more)

Then Something Changes

December 5, 2010

When I am on guard duty at our local jail, I often play the word game Scrabble


December 19, 2007

Joseph must have been quite a compassionate man. In his days, a young woman who was found to be pregnant out of wedlock would have been ostracized by the community and ruined for life. Even before the angel visits Joseph, … (read more)

Promising Future

December 16, 2006

The first seventeen verses of Matthew's Gospel wreak havoc with my computer's spell-checker. As I look at the passage before me, most of the names are underlined in red, simply because my computer doesn't recognize them and wants to fix … (read more)

The Scarlet Cord

January 14, 2004

We had been talking about forgiveness at our Bible Study, when one lady offered the following thought: "I know God can forgive me, but it's so hard to forgive myself for mistakes I've made." I had known her for some … (read more)

Called By Name

December 18, 2002

Our neighbours have a dog named "Fluffy". This sounds reasonable, until you know that the dog is not a poodle, but a dachshund! If one dog is named "Fluffy" and another "Killer", of which would we be more afraid? Names … (read more)

What An Example

December 21, 2001

Joseph, called upon by God to stand by his pregnant fianc

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