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The Top-Up

August 13, 2018

This year, we had a large load of gardening soil delivered to our house. Then, my brother and I got busy shovelling it into pails and carrying it to the various garden beds to top them up. We did this, as many gardeners already know, …( read more )

God's Love At The Outer Edge

June 25, 2018

It was an ordinary thing to do, to play Jesus loves me on the piano, but the effect wasn't ordinary that day. I was at a drop-in centre where the less fortunate come for lunch and companionship. As usual, I heard heart-wrenching stories …( read more )

Welcoming Or Restricted

March 19, 2018

I appreciate church services that are thoughtfully planned and well directed. I enjoy good music and lots of interesting material. But is it possible that the devil sometimes uses our good plans and activities to get in the way of …( read more )

Never Too Bad To Love

March 29, 2014

My parents cautioned me about it over and over again — especially my dad. When I became a middle-schooler, my parents began to warn me about whom I hung around with. "Bad company corrupts good morals," they would say. While both my …( read more )

A Stronger Dose

September 6, 2011

Medical appointments have been regular happenings for me, and every effort has been made to check my condition. Appropriate tests with interesting names have been taken to bring balance to the system of my bodily functions. Medications might be changed … (read more)

Culture Shock

November 12, 2009

I belong to a writers group, and each month, we meet for a time of prayer, fellowship, and encouragement for one another with our writing. We have a schedule for the year, and each month, we are asked to bring … (read more)

Holiday Fever

December 7, 2002

In the rush of December, the world calls us to scurry. We are called to claw out precious time to buy "perfect" gifts for difficult people. Our wrapped presents are to have designer-like qualities. The politically correct "holiday tree" must … (read more)

Me A Blessing?

April 3, 2001

Today's passage is a story of faith and devotion, of sacrifice and of love. Here we have a group of men who cared so much about their friend that they went to extreme lengths to take him to Jesus that … (read more)

Remember The Sabbath Day

June 27, 1998

When Jesus faced the Pharisees concerning the disciples picking the heads of wheat on the Sabbath, He was facing their mis-representation of God. The God their Sabbath rules represented was negative and petty. When I was growing up a generation … (read more)

Be Good To Yourself

January 23, 1998

A couple of years ago, I was at a conference. One of the people there was a long-established and well-respected medical doctor who had a busy, downtown practice, full of corporate executives. One of the lines I heard during a … (read more)

The Flakes Of This World

November 16, 1996

Our phone rang late the other evening — long after normal people would call. "Hi, this is Ted Anderson. Is Gordon there?" Jeannette gingerly handed me the phone. I am never in a terribly good mood for late evening phone … (read more)

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