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Living Through Times Like Ours

October 9, 2021

When I was seven, my father worked in the Mammoth and Morning coal mine in Washington State, USA, till his frozen lungs wouldn't let him go underground anymore. We knew what "poor" was, but "jobless" was a whole other experience for our …( read more )

The Lord's Unfailing Love

April 22, 2020

Last December, I went to see an elderly gentleman in a long-term care facility. About three-and-a-half years ago, he had a stroke, but through specific exercises, he recovered quite well. But then one day, he slipped, fell, and broke his …( read more )

The Expectation

February 18, 2020

As I approach the corral, it is still dark, and the icy morning seeks to penetrate the warmth of my parka. My headlamp illuminating the way picks out the horses as they hover at the gate. They are waiting in expectation, as they know …( read more )

Lord, I Come

December 31, 2019

Recently in my Bible reading, I have particularly noticed several verses that could well serve us as new year's resolutions: As I was going through my filing cabinet removing old files in readiness for the coming year, I came across …( read more )


June 25, 2019

During just two weeks last year, my life suddenly overflowed with problems. My washing machine died for the third time in a few months after $170 in repairs. I was overwhelmingly busy, teaching Bible studies, finishing a pile of charity …( read more )

The Leap

April 3, 2019

This past summer, my brother, Jim, built us a large greenhouse. When he was finished, we all followed him inside the new structure to admire it. On either side of the doorway, he had fitted large plate glass windows which we had picked up …( read more )

The Desert Will Bloom

August 25, 2016

When some of us get together and discuss the future of our churches at various functions or meetings, or with pastors on a personal basis, the conversation always seems to come around to the perception that attendance in a number of …( read more )

Always There

May 7, 2015

I think that today's verse supports the saying, "If God brings you to it, He will bring you through it." David was commissioning his son Solomon to build the temple, and giving him encouragement to do it. Like many of us when requested to …( read more )

The Book Review

March 16, 2015

Are you looking for a book to read, one that contains history and mystery, interesting facts and inspirational stories, as well as an occasional romance? If so, I would like to recommend one that I have read a number of times. The book is …( read more )

Excuses And Priorities

December 30, 2014

A new year is about to begin, and I wonder: How many of us have made New Year's resolutions? A couple of resolutions of mine are to attend church regularly and to try and donate more of my time to worthwhile projects or actions that will …( read more )

It's All Good

April 5, 2013

Over the years, there have been a lot of different clichés that everyone likes to use. One I've noticed lately is "It's all good" — which got me to thinking about what the Bible says is good. (All quotations are from the NKJV.) – It is …( read more )

The Hands

October 23, 2012

I joined my husband on a run to the dump to dispose of some spring cleaning from the yard. As we were driving into the dump, I said to him, "Remember that day you saw the doctor at the dump?" … (read more)

A Heart Of Flesh

August 4, 2012

Isn't it strange how one of those profound and sacred insights into the all-consuming love and grace of God that overwhelms our very souls seems to build up over time? My last graceful moment started with a very innocuous homily … (read more)

Waking Up With Jesus

June 19, 2011

In the hush before dawn, birds begin singing as the dew rises from the ground. Subtle rays of light peek through the varied greens of the trees, revealing bright colours springing forth in every direction on flowers and plants as … (read more)

Bitter Or Better?

March 11, 2011

Today is a brand new day — a clean slate — a road not travelled before. Where will we allow it to take us? Will we be bound to past mistakes, hurts, sorrows, and brokenness? Will we allow these to … (read more)

Look More Closely

August 24, 2009

Having a father who was a gardener and loved to be outside planting and working the soil has left a deep impression on my life. Recently, as I was cutting the lawn, a co-worker passed by and stopped to chat. … (read more)

Gently Directing

April 28, 2009

As I was sitting in a public area recently, I saw a beautiful picture unfold before my eyes. A very tall dad walked in, with his very small son walking slowly in front of him. As soon as they entered … (read more)

New Beginnings

September 5, 2008

The fall has arrived and a new school year has begun. For many, this is a year of new challenges, with a new grade, new friends, new surroundings, and an opportunity to make a new impression — a new beginning! … (read more)

Storing It Up

August 29, 2008

We recently spent some time visiting with my husband's aunt. As we talked about our gardens, she shared the following. She had placed some dried-up bread bits outside, thinking that some critter would come along and enjoy a treat. Much … (read more)

New Every Morning

June 20, 2008

There is a weight loss program which gives a point value for every kind of food that we dieters eat. We quickly discover the foods with low point values. On the computer, all we have to do is enter what … (read more)


December 1, 2006

Years ago, my husband bought me a brand new, full-length leather coat. I felt very special while wearing this coat. It was stylish. This coat had a zip-out liner, so I could wear it year-round. It was very warm with … (read more)

Heading For Disaster

April 26, 2005

Before my husband retired, he had occasion to attend several meetings at the company's head office in Europe. After the children were grown, I often travelled with him, taking a few days to do some sightseeing either before or after … (read more)

Broken Resolutions

January 21, 2005

Here we are late into the New Year. The January 1st crunch of resolution has passed. So has most of my resolve. I really struggled with my weight loss plans from November right into January. That is, I had a … (read more)

The Freedom Of Forgiveness

November 16, 2004

Recently, it was necessary to dispose of my sister's personal belongings, and I was amazed at all the items which she had collected and saved during her lifetime. I came across two little exercise books, upon which she had written … (read more)

Kind Words, Roses And Hummingbirds

October 10, 2003

Throughout my life, especially while experiencing the loss of our parents, and including the past ten years as a volunteer with those who are terminally ill and bereaved, I've found God's comforting graciousness expressed in many, many wonderful ways. Recently, … (read more)

A Jolt In My Journey

September 14, 2003

Deciding to move to a church that is closer to our home was something that I struggled with for over a year. We felt that the distance we were travelling was too far, and gradually we positioned our minds in … (read more)

The Gift of Friendship

January 12, 2003

I believe that friends are gifts from God, who puts them in our paths, and we in theirs, in a multitude of ways and for a multitude of reasons. Henry Churchill King is quoted as saying, "The very possibility of … (read more)

Blest Be The Day

October 18, 2002

Recently my oldest son was going through a personal struggle. As I awoke slowly from a restless night, my first thought was that the new day did not seem too welcoming. But I have learned that the promises of God's … (read more)

Great Is God's Faithfulness

January 2, 2002

Yet another year has flown by. It seems each passing year goes more quickly than the year before! And so now, we are faced with the beginning of another brand new year with: – new opportunities – new challenges – … (read more)

Great Is God's Faithfulness

November 5, 2001

Recently, the day that I had been dreading for three months arrived: the day when my mentor and friend, the Area Minister under whom I have been working for the past fourteen years, moved out-of-state to take another job. I … (read more)

Love In Countless Little Gifts

June 18, 2001

One morning as I was making school lunches, preparing breakfast and sorting out clothes for the kids, I was feeling a little unappreciated. Here I was, working hard making everyone's morning run smoothly — and no one even seemed to … (read more)

There Is Strength In The Name Of The Lord

January 11, 2001

Like most, the connection I have with home is the telephone. It has been a year since our daughter called with the news of our granddaughter's illness. She has a brain tumour, on which surgery was done. Because of its … (read more)

Step One

September 22, 2000

"We admitted we were powerless over the effects of our separation from God — that our lives had become unmanageable." Some time ago, I was asked to do a study on the 12-step programme and the related scriptures. The step … (read more)

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