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On Finding The Word Of God

May 24, 2021

With a fifth child on the way and in need of more space, we bravely knocked on the door of a big, old house. My husband and I had just heard that the owners were thinking of selling. That day, we began our very own "It's a Wonderful Life" …( read more )

Sweeter Than Honey

January 11, 2021

Growing in Christ has been lovely and exhilarating for me. As time has passed, I have found myself always bringing words of Scripture into my everyday confabulations with friends and family. One day, someone said to me, "Why do you always …( read more )

Tasting God's Goodness

August 3, 2015

One day, we had a discussion about things that we like to eat and things that we don't like. I can eat most foods, but I do admit that there are some that I have learned to eat over the years, and there are still some that I'm not crazy …( read more )

The Words That Saved A Life

April 29, 2014

I once heard Ron Mehl use as a sermon illustration a story told by Dawson Trotman, founder of The Navigators, about a single missionary who served the Lord in China for many years. In 1948, all missionaries were expelled from the country …( read more )

The Recipe Or The Meal?

November 23, 2013

In a way, my role as minister of music is like following a recipe. Each week, many of us do our part in gathering and preparing the ingredients for the worship service. True, this preparatory work can be quite satisfying in itself, in the …( read more )

What A Feast!

June 24, 2007

I know a few families that have horses. Often they are in a pasture very close to the house. I have seen these people, when they get home, run out to rub their horse. Sometimes they take an apple or … (read more)


May 21, 2004

Many people call me names. I am Brenda, wife, mother, Amma, friend, speaker, writer, and many more. Each name says a little something about me. For instance, the coffee store clerks, who have been preparing my weekly treat for a … (read more)

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