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Beat The Heat

August 12, 2012

The power of the sun beating down on the earth is oppressive. Every living thing wilts as dehydration begins. Leaves and flowers dip their heads as moisture evaporates. Animals seek shade in an effort to find relief. Human movements and … (read more)

The Easter Lily

March 25, 2010

Have you ever seen a whole field of Easter lilies? It is a really beautiful sight! As a child growing up in Bermuda, I have wandered around fields of Easter lilies. The churches at Easter are simply full of them. … (read more)

Dew From Heaven

October 24, 2004

We were into the tenth day of a heat wave and drought moving through our area. My flowers were parched and drooping, desperate for water. Those that had been watered the evening before were again in need of a drink. … (read more)

Bad News? Howl At God!

July 8, 1997

We are such a busy people now, with our careers and courses (self-improvement), families, special events, volunteer work, hobbies, and so on. Even our vacations are hectic. Then suddenly, one day, we are faced with some bad news that almost … (read more)

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