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Christmas Angels

December 17, 2021

A beautifully crafted stained-glass window is a marvel to see. Warm, clear sunlight streaming through the coloured panes illuminates Bible people and stories. Often, the figures are angels, with adoring faces and luminous robes, announcing …( read more )

Who Is The Greatest?

July 21, 2021

When I was young, there were many heroes to look up to. One of them was the American boxer, Muhammad Ali, who raised his gloved hands in victory and declared, "I am The Greatest!" As a child, I wondered what made him great. Was he a great …( read more )

Our Great High Priest

July 2, 2021

Each morning seems to come with a new, tasty selection of temptations! When we were children, my siblings and I were usually tempted by what our parents told us that we couldn't have, or especially by the things that we wouldn't share with …( read more )

Captain Of Our Salvation

April 7, 2021

I have been on a cruise ship, travelling among the islands of the Caribbean. One of the privileges was for each passenger to meet and greet the captain of the ship. Fully dressed in uniform, he graciously welcomed each passenger and posed …( read more )

The Drifting Kayak

March 26, 2021

My brother is fortunate to live on a beautiful Ontario lake, and also to be surrounded with good friends and neighbours. Some time ago, the kayak belonging to a neighbour floated off in the night, not having been securely tied. The next …( read more )

The Brother

September 8, 2019

A number of years ago, my brother moved onto my property with me. When we were children, he, being two years older, helped me to learn my alphabet, and taught me how to tie my shoes and ride a two-wheeler bike. Now that we are adults, I …( read more )

A Mother's Day Surprise

June 22, 2018

I've been a mother for 70 years, and Mother's Day this year made me think of the years gone by. Now, all my children are retired and have their own families. There have been times to be proud and, yes, times of difficulty! Growing up was …( read more )

How's Your Hearing?

May 16, 2018

"Many car owners just don't listen to their cars. If they did, they could prevent a lot of damage." This was said by an experienced mechanic. He's convinced that if owners paid more attention to their vehicle sounds, they'd be quicker to …( read more )

Family Stories

March 16, 2018

One recent Sunday morning, our worship leader began the service with an apology. She said that in delivering the message the week before, she had confused two Bible stories, placing a character from one into the other. Someone from the …( read more )

An Ancient Custom

February 12, 2015

While standing by my mother's hospital bed. I found myself attempting to understand what was really going on. I was familiar with the bed; mother had been in that bed at home. The oxygen tent was the added component; *Does it mean that my …( read more )

Christmas Barriers

December 21, 2014

Around the time when I got my driver's license, my parents had an opportunity to buy a second car. A bright orange 1973 Volkswagen Beetle, close in age to me, joined the station wagon in our driveway. The "bug" was like a small tank, so …( read more )

No Coward Soul Is Mine

August 27, 2014

On the door of my refrigerator are pictures of my family and friends, but scattered amongst them are various little quotations, which mean a lot to me. I have a quotation from that wonderfully well-known writer Emily Brontë (1818-1848) …( read more )

We Are Adrift

August 19, 2012

You would think, after owning a boat for the past five years, that some things would become automatic, such as checking that the rope is secured to the anchor. Well, apparently not, as anchor number two departed from us today. … (read more)

Victory In Jesus

March 20, 2008

Have you ever contemplated what Christ went through for us when He gave His life on the cross at Golgotha? I have — and when I do, it actually brings tears to my eyes to think that He died such … (read more)

Spring Peepers

March 30, 2007

Although we live in town, my daily walk takes me into the country. Just a few minutes down the abandoned rail line at a swift pace, I am away from traffic and noise, and I am able to enjoy a … (read more)

Is God Trustworthy?

November 29, 2005

At six months of age, my twin and I had to go live with two of our aunts (my twin at one place and I at another) for six months because Mom was hospitalized. Having two older children, Dad couldn't … (read more)

Moving Day

August 28, 2002

The day had finally arrived. It was the day we moved our youngest daughter, Cindy, to Kingston, Ontario, Canada, to complete her last year at Queen's University. Cindy's futon bed, computer desk, and chair, along with two bedside tables, a … (read more)

Getting My Attention!

October 3, 2000

I had seen her many times before. My daily walk took me right past her house. Sometimes I would see her sitting on the porch watching as her husband worked in the yard. Other times, she would be taking a … (read more)

Who Am I?

June 16, 1999

Somehow this didn't really answer my question though. Physically I had the answer, but spiritually, in God's eyes, who am I? I read the scripture again but this time I went a little further and read verse 9 and then … (read more)

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