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The Torrent

April 29, 2020

Each spring, the melting snows flow into the Madawaska River. From its source in Algonquin Provincial Park, it spills from lake to lake, punctuated by hydro dams along its course, until at last, it meets the Ottawa River. The lakes rise …( read more )


February 8, 2020

There are situations in which I am robbed of my peace because I have little say in the outcome, such as when I was dealing with faceless officialdom that takes weeks of calls and letters to resolve. Life can get a bit stressful for me. …( read more )

How Long?

November 30, 2017

I have to be honest with you: I am not very familiar with the book of Habakkuk. I have never used it as the basis for a sermon or a spiritual talk. But one morning, the devotional booklet that we use had the first part of his writings as …( read more )

A Cry For Mercy

October 18, 2017

Several years ago, I received the following anecdote from a clergyman and saved it: There is a monastery whose members gather around a new candidate and ask, "Why do you want to join?" Candidates may say things like "I am seeking peace", …( read more )

Panning For Gold

January 22, 2013

In the movie The Hanging Tree, three men working an alluvial claim find no gold until a terrible storm knocks over a huge tree near to their site. In the hole left by the fallen tree and among its exposed roots, to their delight, they …( read more )


January 9, 2010

Positive thinking! The idea is associated with an American teacher and theologian named Norman Vincent Peale, but it is actually a much older concept. While today's verse was written by Paul, Jesus was very much a positive thinker. For example, … (read more)

All Things Considered

August 28, 2009

We've worked our way through boring, impersonal, trivial, and accepting prayers, and wonder how much worse our prayer life can get. Our prayer life slackens. Where are we going wrong? Habakkuk's prayer may revitalize ours. He demands God make Himself … (read more)

The Church Of The Good Shepherd

April 11, 2008

Twice, I've had the privilege of visiting a small stone church in the middle of what one would call "nowhere". As I sat in the front pew, I found myself wanting to know more about the people who had the … (read more)

Joyfully Depressed

July 31, 2007

Most times, I find it very hard to be joyful when I'm depressed. Does that sound like an oxymoron to you? I don't mean the outward expression of joy, but the joy that comes from having the living God live … (read more)

The Famous One

July 6, 2007

Christians can easily fall into the trap of being bored with God. I know it would be really hard to vocalize that thought. Who would want to admit to being guilty of thinking that God is boring? Think about how … (read more)

The Dandelion's Message

January 29, 2005

As I watched the north wind swirl around the corner of our house, gathering up snowflakes and heaping them into mountains of snow along our driveway, I sighed. Although it was only early December, we'd already had record amounts of … (read more)

Finding God's Will

March 11, 2004

I don't know about you, but I've often wished that God would write His plans for my life down on a piece of paper and hand them to me. I know that I'd be frightened if I saw His handwriting … (read more)

Light Of The Morning

May 19, 2003

My husband and I had reservations at a campground in northern Georgia, highly recommended, but unseen by us. As we approached the mountains, rains began to fall. Soon we were in a thunderstorm. Campgrounds can be unfriendly in the rain, … (read more)

None Of It Matters

November 7, 2002

My sister-in-law, Jean, collected fancy plates. She loved pretty clothes. We often talked about being size 10s some day. But on the day she died, I said to her, "None of it matters, does it, Jean? Not the clothes or … (read more)

God Is With You

April 22, 1998

It is important that you believe God is very much interested in you and in every aspect of your life. You do not need a fantastic miracle three times a week to keep believing in the Lord. You are to … (read more)

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