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Only One Life

January 30, 2021

"Only one life, 'twill soon be past. Only what's done for Christ will last." – C.T. Studd Life is short and I can live it only once, so I'd like to make the best use of it. I cannot do everything, but I can certainly do some things well. …( read more )

Someone Else

November 3, 2017

When I read about how reluctant Moses was to do God's bidding, it makes me smile. Getting people to volunteer in church for leadership or ministry roles can be just as hard, too. Some folks feel as if they're not good enough, others think …( read more )

Eloquent Phrases

February 27, 2013

I love to write, but admittedly, words don't always flow easily from my mind out through my fingertips. For those who know me as a jabber-box, that might be a bit of a surprise, but feeling inadequate is my Achilles heel when it comes to …( read more )

Bit By Bit

March 16, 2012

During the winter months, watering our livestock becomes quite a chore as two five-gallon pails of water must be carried from the house to the corral, lifted over the fence, and poured into the drinking tub. At first, I hate … (read more)

The Goat Herder

November 21, 2009

One of my dachshunds has a special gift. Hoss is a goat herder. With his extremely short legs, long body, and the typically large head of the wire-haired variety, people often find Hoss's appearance quite comical, and at first glance, … (read more)

God's Sovereign Control

July 24, 2006

Already having a healthy girl, we assumed that when I became pregnant again eighteen months later, all would be plain sailing. We should never assume, though. God could have different plans — and in our case, He did. After another … (read more)

Who Me – Teach In Sunday School?

August 22, 2004

I had been a Christian for a very short time when I was approached to become a Sunday School teacher. Having been raised in England during World War II, my knowledge of the Bible was very scanty, as all children's … (read more)


June 14, 2004

Many years ago, I preached a sermon in Maybole, Scotland, on God's call. A visitor from Northern Ireland was in the congregation. His name was Tom, and he was a successful director of a civil engineering firm. The sermon had … (read more)

A Moses Moment

January 25, 2004

It was September already, and the curling season was fast approaching. While I had enjoyed this sport in the past, I was now having my doubts. I was a year older, I had gained some extra pounds while vacationing in … (read more)

Stand Beside Me

September 12, 1999

Almost two years ago, our nine-year-old Stephanie read a scripture reading during the worship service. It was a long reading taken from Exodus 4:1-17. That September Sunday, the church was full. Stephanie walked up to the lectern so that she … (read more)

There Is Strength In Weakness

July 31, 1999

I begin this devotional with the last part of the scripture: "O Lord, please send someone else to do it." These words fit the way I felt the first time I went to the hospital to work as a "worship … (read more)

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