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Hanging By A Thread

July 12, 2020

Recently, I stood on my fifth-floor balcony and watched a gentleman clean my windows, hanging by a rope. When he had finished my windows, he eased the clamp on the rope and safely lowered himself to the next floor. As I watched, I …( read more )


October 1, 2019

None of us can deny that friendships have a huge impact on us. How many of us can think of a time when a good friend helped us through something tough? When we think about our friendships, it's easy to think about what we get out of …( read more )


June 1, 2018

From the earliest record that we have, it is plainly shown that we have been created with a need for companionship. With that need comes a responsibility to meet that need with love and compassion. From the moment a child is born, that …( read more )

Not Alone

November 28, 2016

The second I started singing "O, come, O come, Emmanuel," I knew that I was in trouble. It was going to be difficult, of course, but this soon? The first hymn of the first Sunday in Advent, 2015, and already I was crying. How was I, a …( read more )

Working Together

November 20, 2015

During his recent visit to the United States, Pope Francis said the following in his address to Congress: The challenges facing us today call for a renewal of that spirit of cooperation, which has accomplished so much good throughout the …( read more )

Sprawling Dog

July 22, 2014

We have had a Yellow Labrador Retriever from the age of six weeks. We brought him into the house as a pet for the boys when they were little. Well, if the truth be known, it was I who wanted a Lab, as we had had a black one when growing …( read more )

The Power Of Two

May 24, 2014

The small tent can be set up by one, but it is much easier to erect with two people. I have a one-man tent. Two people can sleep in it, and have, but I have to like the other person extremely well to invite them in. If two use it, they …( read more )

Where Two Or Three

February 18, 2013

A simple gift from a seven-year-old boy prompted this devotional. When I visited his home, Jacob presented me with a braid. He had made it by untwisting blue nylon rope, then reworking the strands. Singed knots fused the fibres at the …( read more )

Thanks, Friend

July 9, 2010

I once saw an elderly man get hit by a double-decker bus. It happened in the middle of Glasgow many years ago. I was returning home from an all-night party with a bunch of friends. The old man was coming … (read more)

A Cord Of Three Strands

May 25, 2010

Inspired by today's Scripture, one local church in my area has developed a ministry entitled A Cord Of Three Strands, which involves small meeting groups consisting of a leader, the group, and most important of all, the Lord. The purpose … (read more)

Chasing After The Wind

August 27, 2002

One of Aesop's fables is about a dog that lost the bone it was carrying because the dog mistook its own reflection in a pond for another dog, carrying a larger bone. When I read the story to one of … (read more)

Two Heads Are Better Than One!

August 14, 2001

The old saying is that two heads are better than one. And, unlike many proverbs and sayings, this one is actually confirmed by the scriptures. We discussed these verses in my Sunday School class recently, and I came across them … (read more)

Who Is The Message For?

August 5, 1998

My friend and I trekked off to our prayer group, eager to get back after a two-week interval. I was rather light-hearted, as things in my life were going quite well, and I was anxious to give that "extra" bit … (read more)

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