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The Waiting Room

February 11, 2021

Sometimes, I feel that much of my life has been spent in a waiting room. In my overseas travels, a great deal of time is spent waiting in airport lounges, in lineups, sitting on planes as they idle on the tarmac, and resting during the …( read more )

Great Is The Company

December 22, 2010

The voices of about three thousand college students, including my son and daughter, singing the words to the song, "Lion Of Judah" by Paul Wilbur, is one of the most inspiring anthems of praise I have ever heard. Listening to … (read more)

Being Strong In The Lord

October 24, 2008

Being of British background, I grew up with "Show a stiff upper lip", "Be strong in times of adversity", "Be tough", "Press on", "Just be strong". When I came to the Lord six years ago, the Lord began a restoration … (read more)

Do Not Be Afraid

May 24, 2004

When I was a child, my brothers and I loved to act out the Bible stories that we had learned in Sunday School. First, we would go up to Mom's blue trunk, and pull out the spare blanket, which we … (read more)

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