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Creatures On Alert

November 22, 2020

During our evenings, my husband and I have enjoyed watching nature shows on television. We marvel over the professional, hi-tech motion photography depicting the world of wildlife. Recently, however, I felt the need for a break. It was …( read more )

Hold Your Peace

June 12, 2020

Whenever I pray, for the times when I remember, I always say, "Lord, help me to bridle my tongue today," because words are powerful and are incapable of being retracted after they are said. I also discovered that presidents and other …( read more )

Information Overload

February 2, 2019

Excessive information has become a plague. That occurred to me one day after receiving a ticket for unintentionally violating a "No Parking 2 to 6 A.M." bylaw. If there was a sign somewhere, I missed it amidst the plethora of signs on the …( read more )

Cold Lunch

June 9, 2017

My girlfriend served up these words to me about her boss the other day at lunch: He called for magic but I was out of practice. In order to meet the short-time turnaround deadline I have to use a little flimflammery and deceive him with …( read more )

Being Watchful And Thankful

March 7, 2017

People sometimes tell me that they admire how I have handled the challenges in my life. They could see that being a single parent was not easy, especially given that both my daughter and I had serious chronic illnesses to manage. There …( read more )

Remember My Chains

November 6, 2016

Some years ago, I purchased a "martyr's cross" to remind myself and others about the price that many have paid for their faithfulness in following Jesus. The symbols depicted are striking: they include a spike, an ichthus (fish symbol) …( read more )

Is Your Tongue Saved?

March 11, 2016

One Sunday last month, I decided to watch a televised church service that I tune in to occasionally. I enjoy this particular pastor's sermons because they always deal with the challenges of everyday living. What made me listen that …( read more )

Don't Fan The Flames

July 22, 2015

As of the middle of July, over 32,000 square kilometres of forest had been burning in Canada's summer heat, with the largest wildfires in Saskatchewan. Over 13,000 people had been forced to leave their homes. There is nothing like the …( read more )

Under Surveillance

June 20, 2013

While in a transition period in my career, I chose to transfer from my position in the main operating room to a new aspect of surgical nursing. I was approached by the administrator of the Same Day Surgery Unit. She was inquiring if I knew …( read more )

Calming The Bear

May 14, 2012

There have been a number of tragic encounters of human beings with bears over the years. Consequently, there is a great fear among the populus about even getting close to these creatures. However, I found quite interesting a recent article … (read more)

Pause Moments

March 15, 2011

As these days pass by one by one, I find myself taking longer-than-usual pause moments. I was leaving on Friday morning for an appointment when I caught the unfolding story of the earthquake in Japan, a story that was just … (read more)

Prayer Power

February 16, 2011

My family lives about two hours from our city, and I take the back roads through small towns when I go to visit them. The scenery is beautiful, and this route keeps me off the six-lane freeways. One night, however, … (read more)

Always Be Ready

February 15, 2011

Not again! How many times is this going to happen? I asked myself as I discovered my empty lunch plate. Kate, our Labrador retriever, had made the most of her opportunity once again. No amount of scolding or discipline was … (read more)

Seasoned With Salt

May 13, 2008

I gave up salting my food years ago. I felt like all I tasted was salt, and no matter what type of food I ate, it was too heavily layered in salt for me to get to the heart of … (read more)

The Bottom Line In Our Lives

December 7, 1997

The book, The Screwtape Letters, is a Christian classic. In it, C.S. Lewis tells the story of a junior devil who is trying to gain the soul of a human, with some help from his uncle, a very senior devil. … (read more)

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