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The Celestial Butterfly

June 6, 2011

We live a few kilometres outside a small town. There are no street lights or tall buildings to obstruct our view of the night sky. On a beautiful clear night, millions of stars lit up the sky, and my eye … (read more)

Two Legs

August 12, 2007

Months spent in a leg cast as a child taught me to identify with a quotation in Adult Bible Studies recently, that a Christian needs two healthy legs. During my confinement, I learned why God had given mankind two legs … (read more)

Evil Rides A Bike

January 22, 2006

Several years ago on a sunny summer afternoon, a few friends and I were walking along the waterfront, enjoying the sights and sounds. There were all kinds of activities going on: kids playing in the playground, seniors sitting on benches, … (read more)

Running Interference

January 31, 2001

A woman was vacuuming the sanctuary as I entered for our weekly Contemplative Prayer meeting. Filling in for the regular janitor, she hadn't been told of our coming, or that the vacuuming wasn't usually done on Mondays, nor was she … (read more)

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