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Use The Right Tools

April 20, 2021

As a child in Sunday school, I learned this song: Only a boy named David, only a little sling, Only a boy named David, but he could pray and sing. Only a boy named David, only a rippling …( read more )

Beautiful Morning

March 16, 2019

In the ordinary, do you ever find the extraordinary? Our dog needed surgery, so we had to watch him closely. I wrapped his foot, snapped on his leash, then took him outside. He stopped on the deck, not wanting to go further. Through …( read more )

Singing From The Heart

January 20, 2016

I recently retired from the Canadian public service after 35 years. What do I do to fill the hours? Since I play the organ and piano, providing music for the services that our church conducts in seniors' residences and nursing homes was a …( read more )

Things Are Not Always What They Seem

June 11, 2015

Many years ago, we bought a brand new car. Before we did this, I had owned three used cars, and we thought that it would be nice to have a new one. We looked around at different types, but we ended up buying a new model of the same car …( read more )

Preparing A Home

December 7, 2014

It was Saturday morning. Saturday was the day I did everything related to home that didn't get done during the work week. That Saturday, I had an afternoon event, so everything had to get done that morning. A trip to the pharmacy to get …( read more )

Called To Serve

February 18, 2014

Unlike its summer counterpart, I prefer watching the Winter Olympics because snow and ice are great equalizers when it comes down to individual performances. Even the best winter athletes can slip on the ice or fall on the snow, so you …( read more )

The Party

October 18, 2012

Years ago, we were giving a large party in our home in Scotland. My wife had put a great deal of effort into preparation, wanting the party to be a big success (which it was). Halfway through the evening, our … (read more)

Little Children Welcomed

September 28, 2011

A career change for my husband took us to another city where we quickly found a church of our choice. Here, my husband found a great admirer, a very elderly man with the mind of a little child. His vocabulary … (read more)

Crown Of Thorns

June 25, 2011

In my living room sits a plant that is called "The Crown of Thorns", also known as "The Christ Plant". It is a member of the Poinsettia family. It is said that the crown of thorns worn by Christ at … (read more)

What's Inside

October 27, 2010

When I was a young girl and fussing as to how I looked before I would go out, my mother always reminded me that it was what was on the inside that counted. She would say to me, "The world … (read more)

Rain, Rain Go Away?

July 28, 2010

Today was a dreary day. It looked like we are going to be blessed with rain again. We've had quite a bit of rain lately, and I am sure that the plants and trees and farmers are very thankful. As … (read more)

Outside In

June 27, 2006

In January of this year, I was encouraged by my doctor to get more exercise, so I joined the community recreation centre. I have been swimming three times a week, and incidentally, am enjoying the many benefits of regular physical … (read more)

After The Ball

March 1, 2006

Years ago when I was just a kid, my brother had a way of "getting to me". He'd sing a song just slightly under his breath, the words to which went like this: After the ball was over, Mary … (read more)

Gifted Hands

August 19, 2005

Some time ago, on arriving home after attending a church service, I tuned in to "The Hour of Power" on television. At that moment, Seraph Lee, a thirteen-year-old pianist, began to perform the most technically challenging composition that any graduate … (read more)

The Locket Of The Heart

May 13, 2005

Many years ago, it was fashionable to have a tiny container, often in the shape of a heart, made of silver or gold and attached to a chain around one's neck. Within the closed, ornamental, hinged container was a picture … (read more)

Looking At The Other Side

March 20, 2003

Sometimes God teaches His lessons in the most interesting ways. Last year on the first day of spring, I went to the door and discovered spring had forgotten to come. "Br-rrr!" I said, "That's cold," and I put the dog … (read more)

The Knot For My Rope

October 7, 2002

For years I was afraid of everything. I feared the dark, getting lost, being alone. I was even afraid of not having enough to eat. This last fear drove me to gluttony. I ate whole chocolate cakes, and stashed food … (read more)

Do Not Judge By Appearances

February 19, 2002

I arrived home tired, still sick, and ready for rest and relaxation. But I forgot that I had to bring in my sheets, so out into the dark I went. On my way back, something clacked and ran across my … (read more)

Finding Feathers

August 24, 1999

For some time now, I have been collecting feathers as I find them while walking. They are not in abundance. Days, sometimes weeks, will go by without seeing a single feather. I have quite a little collection: a seemingly perfectly-formed … (read more)

It Takes All Kinds

June 19, 1997

Max Christensen has written a book entitled, Turning Points: Stories of People who made a Difference, and in it he recounts the stories of many nobodies who become somebody because they trust God and believe God wills the very best … (read more)

The Perfect Frames

October 21, 1996

When choosing new eyeglass frames I'm always amazed at how many frames look like they will be a perfect match for my face and turn out to be terrible! Then, just when I am beginning to despair, I find that … (read more)

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