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Love For Your Neighbour

September 8, 2020

On top of an old wooden box telephone hanging on the wall in Mother Rowe's veranda, a robin built her nest. She faithfully set on the eggs and hatched all four. When the babies were just two days old, tragedy struck. A cat got the mother …( read more )

Hi Ho Silver, Away!

August 4, 2020

I hobbled along, sore of foot, determined to make it around the block in good time. Just past the bend, I came upon a most bewildering sight. Stopping and startled, I tried to make sense of what was happening in front of me. A tall, older …( read more )

A Harvest Of Righteousness

June 4, 2020

My husband John and I farmed for many years. Each summer, we grew a huge garden. We had a small greenhouse to start some vegetables early. I loved to be out in the garden to weed and watch things grow. Seeds were planted and patience was …( read more )

A Lifetime Of Firsts

October 23, 2019

Have you ever thought about how many "firsts" that we all experience in a lifetime? Some of those firsts we don't remember at all: our first breath, first step, first birthday, first tooth … . But the years tumble along, and we begin to …( read more )

Drip, Drip, Drip

October 13, 2019

When God suggested that we move, I wanted a house that was new. After all, I had suggested to God, "This is what You should want for us, right?" God heard, but had different, better plans. It is an older bungalow with an attic which has …( read more )

Suffering For God's Glory

February 25, 2019

The Indonesian archipelago consists of 17,508 islands, of which about 6,000 are inhabited. For about 300 years, these islands were called the Dutch East Indies. First mention of the Dutch being there was around 1595. In 1800, it became a …( read more )

Our Inheritance

February 22, 2019

An inheritance is something passed down from parents to their children or other persons named in their will. As a child of my parents, I inherited their cottage when they passed away. When my husband and I retired, almost twenty years ago, …( read more )

Unconditional Love

October 3, 2018

When we lived in England, we resided in a pleasant town just south of London. One Friday evening, we were away to London for a show, and on Saturday morning, I saw that there was a broken window in the door of the back entrance to the …( read more )

Remember Your Valentine

February 14, 2018

Once in a while, I enjoy doing a word puzzle to enhance my vocabulary and concentration skills. The goal of one particular game was to find as many words as possible within the phrase, REMEMBER YOUR VALENTINE. It is believed that these …( read more )

One Thing To Be Thankful For

October 6, 2017

Throughout our married years, as times and people came and went, our Thanksgivings consisted of hosting parents, relatives, friends, university students, and then, our adult children and little grandkids. However, as time moved on, …( read more )


March 6, 2017

Some days, I'm in a lot of pain. It seems that my whole body aches. Other days, it's like the pain moves from one place to another. It might be my legs or my feet or my knees or my hands. Oh, the joys of getting older and having arthritis! …( read more )

Resurrection Evidence

March 28, 2016

There are some folk who don't believe in Jesus because they don't want to, and they easily find reasons not to. There are others who would really like to believe, if only they had assurance that the gospel is believable. There are many …( read more )

A Changing Culture

July 29, 2015

Last Sunday at worship, the sermon dealt with the changing times and the closing of so many churches. It made me feel so sad, for I see the changes all around me. What can I do? What does Jesus intend for our future as a Christian body — …( read more )

Case Dismissed

January 13, 2015

With curiosity, I watched an interesting video showing the work of a street evangelist. Most people walked right by him, paying no attention at all. He was asking the question, "Are we good people?" There were a few who stopped to listen. …( read more )

In My Wake

October 1, 2014

As I drove along the road, there was a very large truck in front of me. As the truck moved along, I noticed that as it went by, grass and branches danced and swayed, dirt made little whirlwinds, and sometimes, garbage flew around. This …( read more )

The Greatest Gift

August 23, 2014

One day when I was downtown, I saw a young girl I know hugging three guys, and then before she left, I heard them all say, "Love you", and they went their separate ways. I asked my daughter about this, for she knows more about young …( read more )

God's Transforming Power

March 15, 2013

Jack Patrick was just one of the usual tough, uncouth, young boys of our rough neighbourhood. Like the rest of us, he had a command of bad language and his share of bad habits. But Jesus found him and the change was quite evident. He …( read more )

Intercessory Prayer – Bind And Destroy

June 10, 2012

On several occasions over the past twenty-five years, I have made lists of people for whom I wanted the love of God to become real. About ten years ago, I began to walk with God in a ministry of intercessory … (read more)

Glimpses Of Truth

April 25, 2011

The foundation of the Christian message is the historical resurrection of Jesus Christ. The Lord conquered death as He had promised. He was seen by a number of people on several occasions following His resurrection. One such occasion, was on … (read more)

On Display

April 26, 2009

The box is well weathered, but still intact, holding the book in place. I can remember as a child, on occasions when we moved, catching glimpses of this box, only for it to be put away again. It was never … (read more)

Love In Our Daily Lives

February 13, 2009

Recently, we had a Sunday storm with winds of ninety kilometres per hour. Rain fell steadily, making slick the ice-covered church steps and parking lot. Because of the wind, I found it difficult even to stand without being blown sideways … (read more)

New Commandments

November 26, 2008

There are many sets of "Commandments". As a hunter safety training instructor, I teach the "Ten Commandments of Hunter Safety" to every class, and strongly recommend compliance. Then, there are the "Safety Patrol Commandments" which we taught student Crossing Guards, … (read more)

From The Foundation Up

August 22, 2008

Our congregation has recently begun the building of a new church. I pass by almost once a day. I have watched the land being stripped and brought to a grade level needed for construction. I know that this is part … (read more)

Beauty To The Eyes

August 1, 2008

Recently, while I was reading a article on the Internet, the following title caught my eye: "Planet Earth: Birds of Paradise". When I clicked on the link, it was a video showing 42 different species of birds that are found … (read more)

Gifts For Mother

July 3, 2008

When I was a child, we made a big deal out of Mother's birthday. Since it was always celebrated in September, we would usually make a card or a bookmark for our mother during recess or art class at school. … (read more)

Free Gift

October 2, 2007

We have all seen the signs and read the flyers offering "free" gifts. Our son recently read a sign outside a bank, which said, "Open a bank account and receive a free iPod." This was of interest to him, as … (read more)

People In Need

May 8, 2006

I recently came across the path and life of another person who seems to have no family, who is not able to drive, and who is suffering from medical problems. This person is in their home, except for one trip … (read more)

Who Am I?

January 3, 2006

My grandson spent last summer in the Navy Reserve. At the end of the training, his family and I went to the graduating ceremony. When we arrived, we asked for him by his first name, and no one knew whom … (read more)


December 7, 2005

In my green salad days (when I was young and inexperienced!), I couldn't understand why everyone didn't eagerly anticipate the Christmas season as much as I did. That is, until I had my own difficult season of mourning. When surrounded … (read more)

Prodigal Pig

April 30, 2005

As a boy, I worked summers on my aunt and uncle's pig farm. Every week, I pumped out the sewage pit running the length of the pig barn with the "honey wagon". One particular day, I backed up to the … (read more)

Do We Have Proof?

August 30, 2004

Genealogical research is booming, now that DNA testing has arrived. I have researched one of my family lines back to the seventeenth century, but am now at a standstill to determine which of two people, who lived at that time, … (read more)

God's Lessons From Little Folk (4)

May 8, 2004

I don't know why she wanted to print her name so many times. Perhaps it was because of the pride that she had in her in accomplishment, but, when our daughter was five, she printed her name on everything within … (read more)

The Greatest Gift

December 14, 2003

As the Christmas season approaches, my mind is consumed with the buying of gifts, especially for my children and grandchildren. I desire to give each of them a gift that conveys how much I love them — gifts that will … (read more)

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