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Friday, July 5, 2024
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In May 2023, I was a middle school teacher in Savannah, Georgia, USA. I had decided to move back home to Jackson, Tennessee, after the school year ended because I didn't want to teach secondary education anymore after ten years.

I am learning French, but I am a new beginner! I really wanted to plan a trip to Paris, France, that July to practice my French, but there were two problems. My cousin's wedding in Florida was June 9th, and God had been wrestling with me about paying off my student loans and car payment more quickly.

I had not yet interviewed for a new position in Jackson, and I had only about $2,000 to my name. I had a choice to make; go deeper in debt and go on vacations to Florida and Paris, or attend to the debt and not go anywhere. I chose the debt.

In December 2023 at my new job teaching adults, I had another opportunity to decide between Paris or debt. As I was scrolling the flights, Jesus gave me another idea. Maybe I could go to another country that spoke French but was less expensive than France, which would allow me to pay my debt.

On a Google search, I found Quebec, Canada, at a fraction of the price. The accommodations, flight, bus pass, and cellphone plan were cheaper than even a one-way ticket to Paris. God had a better plan! I thanked Him for this suggestion, even though it was not my original choice and a part of me still longs for Paris.

To soothe and reassure me, God gave me signs confirming the trip. When I was out of town, the license plate of the car beside which I parked was from Quebec, and it was the only parking spot left! When my colleagues and I had to move for an office renovation, there was a sticker with a red maple leaf and a "Made in Canada" note behind the books that I had never seen all the months that I had I worked there! And the maple syrup that I bought was "Amber Grade", and my name is Amber.

Despite my reservations, Quebec surprised me and exceeded all my expectations. France is still culturally iconic, but now when I think of French, I think of Quebec. God knew that it would suit me just fine. I am thankful that God has given me reassurance, not just by these tailor-made signs, but by His Word.

Proverbs 16:9 – People may make plans in their minds, but the Lord decides what they will do. (NCV)

In obedience to Jesus, what plans are you struggling to change because you aren't yet sure that He has something better? He had better plans for me, and the plans that He has for you are better than even you can think of!

Prayer: God, thank You for making better plans. Help us to follow them willingly and obediently because You know what is better for us. Amen.

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About the author:

Amber Morgan <ambermrgn@yahoo.com>
Jackson, Tennessee, USA

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  • PresbyCan Feedback says:

    Thank you so much for that Amber. I needed to hear that today.

    Thank you, Amber, good devotional. May you have success with your French. Blessings.

    Thank you for writing, Amber. IT is always a challenge for me to discern God’s plan and not just rearrange God’s plan to suit me.

    Amber, thank you for writing about your experience with being open for God’s better plans for you. Isn’t it wonderful to be made aware of His confirmations when we choose His better way?
    God is so good!

    Thank you, Amber, for today’s devotion.
    I enjoyed it very much.
    Welcome to a bilingual world in Canada.

    Thank you, Amber, for your interesting and very positive devotional today. Yes, we never really know exactly what the Lord’s plan is for us but if we listen closely to His guidance, the outcome is best. Blessings for writing and sharing your experience following your decision to learn French.

    Nicely told. Thank you.
    I think of God’s giving me guidance as in prayer. Your visual reminders would be a very powerful way of communicating. And you had your eyes open!

    Dear Amber,
    Your experience certainly supports everything I have experienced as I do see “signs” that show me the Holy Spirit is working for my day-to-day journey.
    Thank you for sharing.

    Good morning, Amber,
    Thank you for encouraging us through your experience. It is wonderful that you were able to practice your French and also pay down your debt at the same time. Trust in the Lord. God is there for us. Blessings.

    Amber – As a citizen of Canada, resident next door to Quebec, I would welcome you anytime you want to practice your French. My granddaughters are comfortable in the language.
    God’s plans are always the best, much as we push for our own way.

    Le province de Québec est très jolie et les Québecois sont très agréable…. particulèrement si vous essayer de parler en français.
    Bien fait et amusez-vous bien cet été! Y’all!

    Hello Amber…… thank you for your devotional. I love it when God takes over and we recognize that from the signs He gives us. He truly is an awesome God.
    Bless you in all you do in your life.
    God is good!
    (On, Canada)

    Dearest Amber,
    When we truly believe in God and are looking for answers to prayers, He sends us messages in all sorts of ways. Continuing to pray and keeping our eyes open, all our senses really, we learn to have unfailing and unconditionally faith in Our Heavenly Father, Jesus and The Holy Spirit. Amen.
    Keep telling your lovely, faith-based stories.

    Good morning, Amber!
    Thank you for today’s message. God’s plans for us are always better than the ones we make for ourselves. We have to ask, listen, and wait for the right signals from Him. And may I add that I believe that He wanted you to explore the Country only hours away from where you lived – while keeping you close to home – for now!

    Great thought. I’m now going to be watching and praying for those plans. In fact, HE surprised me this summer once already with a wonderful day at the lake where I had help with my aging husband so that I could go off and do some boating that I had quite given up on doing. What a great GOD we serve. Thanks for your inspiring story – and those exciting little assurances. I absolutely LOVE those little guiding lights that HE provides for our joyful guidance. God bless.

    Good morning, Amber.
    I just read your devotional on the Presbyterian site, and I can relate to the Holy Spirit guiding us. A few days ago, I “happened” to go into coffee shop A instead of B and met a lady from Colombia visiting her daughter here in Canada. Through Google Translate we had a Spanish/English conversation, and I was able to be a witness, partly by welcoming her to our city.
    I wonder what part of Quebec you got to see. We lived in Montreal for eight years when I pastored a small multicultural church. Recently, my wife and I took the train from Ottawa to Quebec City, a beautiful place dripping with history. I got to practice my French but often the staff in hotels, stores etc. speak English better than I do le francais!
    May the Lord bless your life and teaching in Tennessee.
    Thanks, Amber, for your encouraging words.

    Thank you, Amber, for sharing your story about how God guided you.

    Good for you, Amber! I could identify with your devotional in many ways, for I too made a change. From Kindergarten to French Immersion! I had a course in Chicoutimi, where I found the accent very different from the Parisian one I had learned at school. I enjoyed attending church there. Thanks, too, for noting the “signs” that God was with you in this! How powerful!
    Bless you for your courage to take a new path,
    (BC, Canada)

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