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When our phone rang about eight weeks ago, the display showed that it was our son calling. I was, of course, delighted, but I was not prepared for his greeting. "Mom, Mary and I want to come to the ranch for the solar eclipse on April 8."

"What solar eclipse?" said I.

Since then, much of the conversation in our small town of Clifton, Texas, USA, has been about the total solar eclipse which will engulf our county on April 8. I found out that the shadow of the moon will move from the South Pacific Ocean diagonally across North America from the southwest at Mazatlán, Mexico, to the northeast in Atlantic Canada. Because our town is in the centre of the shadow of totality, the eclipse will last about four minutes. Apparently, there is a higher chance of good weather here. The number of people who follow such eclipses is apparently amazing, and we know that there is a tour group coming from Japan. Clifton is about a two-hour drive south from the Dallas-Fort Worth area, so we do not know if there will be a few hundred or several thousand coming our way. We were warned to stock up on groceries at least two weeks in advance and to be sure to keep our gas tanks full. There will be four ambulances available instead of the usual three, and the hospital emergency room will be open 24 hours in both its county locations. We have had meetings with the local sheriff and police chief. At the end of his meeting, the police chief said, "Here is my personal cell phone number. Call me if you need me." I thought, Where else in the world would the police chief give out his personal cell phone number?

Then I began wondering how many people who follow this sun event are aware of the true Son, Jesus Christ, the Son of God? To view the solar eclipse fully without damage to the eyes, it is imperative to wear solar eclipse glasses. The real challenge, though, for all Christians who live in the path of the eclipse, is to live so that by our actions, visitors will also see the message and good news of Jesus Christ, the Son of God, for which no special glasses are necessary. What is necessary is that those of us who know the Son of God to be our Saviour will demonstrate in word and deed to everyone what it is like to know the true Son, Jesus Christ, and to know the peace which that knowledge brings.

Deuteronomy 4:19a – When you look to the heavens and see the sun, moon, and stars — all the stars in the sky — do not be led astray to bow in worship to them and serve them. (CSB)

Prayer: Gracious God, in the midst of all the publicity and hype over the solar eclipse, help us to remember to be Son worshippers and not sun worshippers. Amen.

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Saranne (Punky) Penberthy <>
Clifton, Texas, USA

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  • PresbyCan Feedback says:

    Thanks for sharing, Saranne.

    Love this. Thanks so much ‘Punky’. God bless.

    Thank you for your message!
    Glorifying God today!

    Well said. Enjoy the eeriness of the event. Thank you for writing.

    Enjoy your four minutes of fame, Punky! You gave us a good reminder to focus on the Son, not the sun.

    Rather than idolize a solar eclipse I prefer to celebrate the tulips peaking through the snow in my front garden – new life in God’s creation.

    Dear Punky – May you relax and enjoy all the hoopla surrounding today’s event, secure in the knowledge that Our God has all in control.

    Good job, Punky. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if all those people traveling to Texas for the eclipse would put that much effort into seeking Christ?

    Good Morning:
    Thank you for your devotion this morning.
    Every blessing to you and yours.

    Thank you Punky for your “right on” words today. Your closing prayer line is perfect as following the SON needs to be priority in our daily lives. Blessings for your special writing.

    Amen Punky! Well done. May God open the eyes of those who come your way to discover a Son they were not expecting.

    Dear Saranne,
    Thank you for your message today, and Amen for all the worshippers of the Son of God. Be safe today.

    Thank you, Saranne, for today’s devotion. It’s wonderfully written.
    Blessings and thanks very much.
    We are on the edge of total according to some of the reviews I seen.
    I too will go and thank God for this part of his creation that the world will wonder at.
    But only few go and see it in worship.

    Wow! There was a total eclipse when I was a kid. I remember. Such excitement! Perhaps an opportunity to make a billboard or something telling visitors, no need for glasses to see God at work, only an open mind and heart! May it be a blessed event!

    Hello Punky
    Praying all goes well with so many people arriving in the area.
    May they also experience God’s Son through any encounters with the local people.
    God bless.

    Good morning Punky,
    I was so surprised to see a devotional titled “total solar eclipse” and how you were able to apply it to your faith. It was perfect reminding us of the importance of letting our light shine out to others through our words and deeds to know what it is like to love Jesus which comes with inner peace. Thank you. Blessings.

    Good morning Punky,
    Let us remember indeed. I don’t go in much for hype, but I read in the news that there will be in excess of a million people in Niagara Falls, where the eclipse will also be total, so they say. Our neighbour brought us a pair of glasses yesterday, so when I get up from my nap I will have a look.
    Thank you for your good words, Punky, good to hear from you again.

    Hi Punky, I enjoyed your devotional very much! Thank you!

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