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Friday, September 22, 2023
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A friend once asked me, "Knowing what you know now after a lifetime of following Jesus, what words of wisdom would you have given to your younger self?" I have now had enough years of life and experience to help me answer that question. If I had to pick one piece of advice that I would have given to my younger self to help me to navigate my remaining years of life, it would be this: Trust God with the unknown future, and don't be afraid of it!

When I was younger, I tried to peer into the future, wondering what life would bring. Among other things, I worried about future finances and health. I'd say that even though our worst fears often don't materialize, careful planning is still wise. My husband and I prepared for our retirement years, and this careful planning was extremely important. Our sacrifices during our younger years have proven to be worthwhile.

Declining health is inevitable as we get older, but it is still possible to live a rich, full life at any stage. I'm responsible for being proactive in matters of health and wellbeing, and a positive outlook on life is invaluable. I can't guarantee that I will be able to be well and active to the very end, but wise lifestyle habits relating to diet, rest, and exercise will pay off. Worrying and fretting about potential health issues won't help.

I would repeatedly remind my younger self that even though it may be difficult and disagreeable, discipline and sacrifice in both physical and financial matters are well worth the outcome in later years. God knows my needs and will care for me.

Psalm 48:14 – For that is what God is like. He is our God forever and ever, and he will guide us until we die. (NLT)

God knows how many years that I have remaining here on earth. I can trust Him to shepherd me safely to the very end and take me through the deep waters of death. John Bunyan's old classic, Pilgrim's Progress, tells of Pilgrim crossing the river of death to reach the Celestial City. Pilgrim panics in fear as he loses his footing and as the cold water rushes over his head. But there is no turning back, and what joy awaits him as he reaches the other side! I, too, may dread the experience of death, but I am not afraid of dying. God promises us:

Isaiah 43:2 – When you go through deep waters, I will be with you. When you go through rivers of difficulty, you will not drown. When you walk through the fire of oppression, you will not be burned up; the flames will not consume you. (NLT)

So, there you have some thoughts that I would have given to my younger self as I tried to peer into my future. God will take care of us. He will safeguard and provide for all of us who call Him "Father". Let's all trust Him with our future and our final days.

Prayer: O Lord, You have promised to be our Shepherd to the end. May we give our lives to You for safekeeping until the day that You call us home. Amen.

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Gail Lundquist <>
Beaverton, Oregon, USA

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  • PresbyCan Feedback says:

    Good advice, Gail.

    Trust the Lord in all stages of life – prayer is the way.

    Thank you, Gail. Sound advice that all young people need to read!

    Well said good reminder to remember.

    Thank you for sharing this encouraging devotional with us. To God be the glory! Blessings.

    Gail, thanks for also being a wise “older self” reminding my even “older self” today. God is ever faithful!

    Very good advice, Gail. Thanks for your devotion today. May God continue to bless you to be a blessing to others.

    Good morning, Gail,
    Good advice all around. Thank you for your good words this morning and blessings on your weekend.

    Excellent answer, Gail!
    Mine would be shorter – “TRUST God”!
    Thanks for so many references!
    Bless you and your family,

    Hello Gail,
    I enjoyed reading your devotional today. Thank you for walking us through your younger self journey. I am glad that Jesus Christ was with you and that He is still on that journey with you.

    Gail, I’m cheered by your testimony of faith. I appreciate your scripture selections which highlight God’s trustworthiness. If I were to advise my “younger self”, I’d include references and examples of God’s mercy and forgiveness. That seems hard for the conscientious-type followers to grasp; I can say that from experience.

    Thanks, Gail, for another of your special writings and very encouraging words. Yes, it is important for us to prepare for our later years and especially give praise to our Lord for His presence and help in our daily lives as we go forward. His guiding hand upon us helps us through each and every day. Blessings for your mindful writings.

    Thank you for your devotional, and it brought back a memory of my home church in World War II when every Sunday evening we especially prayed for our soldiers, and we sang that old hymn, “God Will Take Care of You.” God has truly taken care of me through many years, and I read His Word every day to help me claim His promises.

    Gail what a wonderful devotion you created about advice we’d give our younger selves.
    You have given me tons to thinks about. I wasn’t familiar with the passages you quoted, so I learned from the Bible too.
    Thank you for your creative spirit and sharing your thoughts.

    Good afternoon, Gail,
    I have just read your devotional and as I have expressed to another devotional writer, how do those who have no faith in Christ manage their thoughts about death. As my Dad used to say, “There has to be something better than this world.”
    Thanks for writing.

    Good morning, Gail,
    Definitely a good message and it is never too late to learn this lesson. I used to want to know the future, but I only wanted to know if everything worked out okay. I really didn’t want to know if it didn’t. Then I realized that it might be better not to know and trust in the Lord that He will always be there for me as He promised. He would help me navigate the future so I will mature in my faith.
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts and a piece of your journey. Blessings.

    Amen and amen! Blessings.

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