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Tuesday, November 29, 2022
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I am not a very political person. I have never worked for any political party, nor have I ever been to any political rallies or demonstrations. It is therefore so amazing to me that during the last few years, we have seen so many demonstrations in different countries. Literally thousands of people demonstrate in public squares and city streets for one cause or another. Some of these demonstrations have hampered the daily routine of the people who live in these areas; others have become violent. Attempts have been made to occupy government buildings, and in some places, such have been successful.

In countries where the political situation is fragile, candidates for election will promote themselves as the saviour who will bring prosperity and peace to the people of the nation. Sadly, we have experienced that this is not always the case. Quite often, there is no change at all; sometimes, it gets worse. The "saviour" of the country ends up not being that at all.

The word "saviour" is mentioned many times in the Bible; probably the passage best known is:

Luke 2:11 – For there is born to you this day in the city of David a Savior, who is Christ the Lord. (NKJV)

I looked up this passage in my German Bible, which Martin Luther translated from the original languages. I also looked at my parents' Dutch Bible and they both say, "Unto you is born the Saviour which is Christ the Lord." I checked with a minister acquaintance, and he told me that in Greek there is no indefinite article. Be that as it may, to me there is a big difference between "a saviour" and "the Saviour".

A saviour could be one of many different saviours, a person who is perceived to be the one who can and will improve the economic as well as the political situation in a country. But so often, they fail and fade into obscurity.

During this Christmas season, we need to remember that Jesus, God's Son, was born in Bethlehem, walked among the people of that time, taught and told wonderful stories of truth for all of them, and for us as well. He was arrested by the temple authorities and crucified by the Roman occupiers to pay the penalty of death for our sins, so that we could be forgiven. He died and was buried, but He arose from the grave and ascended into heaven, from where He shall come to judge the living and the dead. He is the Saviour indeed! Let's live our lives in such a way that shows the world that we know and follow this magnificent Saviour. We will never be disappointed!

Prayer: Our Father in heaven, there are so many problems facing us during these difficult times, and we pray, Lord, that when we bring our concerns to You, You will give us peace in our hearts. We also pray that those who have the power to change things will seek Your will. We ask it in Jesus' name. Amen.

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Joel Jongkind <>
Meaford, Ontario, Canada

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  • PresbyCan Feedback says:

    Amen, Joel.

    Thanks Joel, good devotional, do take care. Blessings.

    Thank you, Joel. I’m not political, either, so what you share is good news indeed.

    Thank you, Joel, for sharing this encouraging devotional with us.

    Thank you, Joel for the vivid picture of The Savior and how He has redeemed us from our sins on the cross.

    Thank you for your devotional making clear that Jesus is The Savior, and I liked your reference to the Dutch Bible too. Have a blessed Advent time. Blessings.

    Thank you for your very thoughtful devotional. I have been very concerned that some Americans consider Donald Trump to be like a Messiah. Good to have that reminder that such “Saviors” come and go and eventually fade into obscurity.

    I was reminded of King Charles lll using “defender of faith” not “the faith.” One little word can surely make a big difference. The translations can be at fault for the variations. Thanks for this writing and all your others too. Keep well.

    Good morning, Joel
    Thankful Christ is my Savior. Praying government leaders on all levels will realize they need Christ in their lives also.
    Have a blessed week.

    Thank you, Joel, for the very appropriate prayer in today’s Devotional.
    I will be sharing this with our Prayer Circle. We have experienced many deaths during the month of November.

    It is always wonderful to hear Jesus Christ as the specific Savior. There is no other who can come close. When I hear politicians offering the answer to all of our ills, I think of our 8th Grade student body candidates offering free candy at every recess. Jesus is Lord and King of Kings. Thank you for your writing.

    Good morning, Joel,
    Wow – what a great devotion. I love how you can take us with you in your story and tie in the reference from the Bible so beautifully.
    What an honor to have your parents Dutch Bible. I am so glad you can reference it still.
    I wish you a beautiful, blessed day!

    Thank you, Joel, for your very good words today. Oh if only those in our government these days would seek the Saviour’s advice and ways, our world would be so much better. We certainly have to keep praying for them that they will see the light and be guided on the much better path to follow. Thank you again for your very thoughtful writings and blessings as you continue writing.

    Good morning, Joel,
    I have never thought about the difference between “a” Saviour and “the” Saviour. Definitely an important point because as Christians we do believe that Jesus is “the” Saviour and “our” Saviour.
    I join with you in your prayer of HOPE as we are in the first week of Advent. Blessings and good health.

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