A Pillow For Her Heart

Saturday, August 6, 2022
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Psalm 62:1 – Truly my soul silently waits for God; From Him comes my salvation. (NKJV)

My seven-year-old great-granddaughter touched me deeply during our last phone conversation. She excitedly told me about her love for mathematics. When I turned to the subject of what she was reading, her voice became even more animated when she said, "I love to read. My Bible is the best book I read. I love the story about creation and the story about the man who built the big boat to put the animals in." Then she told me, "I put my Bible under my pillow every night and read when the others are asleep. It makes me feel good because Jesus loves me."

She added, "I love my Bible. I got a unicorn book cover for it, and I take it to school in my backpack. Then, I read it when I finish my work. Sometimes, I read it at recess, and my friends look at the pictures. God is great to make our world and all the animals, isn't He?"

Off to school she goes with her Bible in her backpack and Jesus near her heart.

All of this experience for her is from God. My little one does not have parents who support her love for God, although I have permission to teach her my love for Him. Her grandfather knows Bible history and is supportive, and I believe that God knows this child's heart. When she visited my husband and me recently, we introduced her to the concept of the three-in-one of God and explained as simply as we could about God's spiritual family.

From the time that she was a toddler, members of our family have taught her about the importance of God's love. She loved the creation story, and when she could barely reach the light switch, she would strain to push it, smile a wide smile, and say as she flipped the switch, "Let there be light."

When I presented her with a poster that I'd made of Jesus, the heavens, and a mansion in the sky, she pointed to Jesus and said, "He my daddy."

I pray that she will be saved, that she will continue to read the Bible stories, that my husband and I will be able to help her understand the spiritual component of a new life in Christ, and that her grandpa will continue to support her.

We are presented with opportunities each day to share Jesus with people. We never know what fruit will come from each encounter, and yet, we continue to share Christ and trust God for the outcome. We can trust that God knows who will come to Him. Because of our faith, we are obedient to plant seeds of faith in others and water them in this way. It is God working through us, but the power to bring someone to Christ belongs solely to Him.

Let's keep our eyes and hearts open to opportunities to share Jesus with others.

Prayer: Dear Father, guide us toward sensitive, teachable moments to share Your Son with others. We don't want to miss a time to share Jesus, for their sake and for Your glory. Amen.

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About the author:

Karen Milam <karenbmilam@gmail.com>
Penn Valley, California, USA

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  • PresbyCan Feedback says:

    Thanks for the encouraging words.

    That’s part of what grandma is called to do Karen! Blessings.

    Thank you, Karen, for using this sweet story to encourage us to share our faith.

    We share our love for God with sharing our love for others, in kind words and action.

    Dear Karen,
    What an important prayer. Thank you for this devotional.

    Amen Karen. Keep up the good working of teaching this young one.

    Amen and amen, Karen! Thanks for sharing this encouraging devotional with us. Blessings.

    Thank you, Karen, for the wonderful story of a child’s beautiful faith. May her enthusiasm bring others to faith also.

    Bless you, Karen, for the wonderful relationship you and your husband have with your granddaughter. AND, thank you for your thoughts this morning.

    What a beautiful story, your devotional. I just wish I had some similar story about my great granddaughter, but no such story. I have lots to be thankful for and I want you know how much your story gives hope to me.

    Thank you, Karen, for another of your very special devotionals. Your writings are very inspiring and you are truly an inspiration to your little great granddaughter and it is wonderful that she gets to know the love of the Lord early in her life. Blessings to you.

    Dear Karen,
    What a wonderful devotional to wake up to! Children are such a delight, and we are touched by their child-like faith…out of the mouths of babes! No wonder they have such a special place in our Lord’s heart. Thank you so much!

    God bless your granddaughter as she reads her Bible and shares with her friends. Praying complete family salvation!!
    Thank you for this beautiful way of sharing Jesus and planting seeds for Him.
    Have a blessed weekend.

    Oh what a beautiful story and a precious child. I have 4 grandchildren and 4 new baby grandchildren. I pray to God they will all follow Jesus. I give them books and coloring books about Jesus as well. Thank you for devotion this morning, I really meant a lot. God Bless You!

    Dear Karen:
    What a wonderful story you shared! Thank you.
    Before writing this, I prayed that the Holy Spirit will continue to fill this child with wisdom, truth, and love and that she will be a true leader in the Christian faith.
    God bless you all.

    Oh Karen, what a wonderful witness you are.
    Thanks for sharing such a touching message and for reminding us all how God is at work and encouraging us to allow Him to work through us as you shared how He’s working through you!
    Thanks for challenging us to be open to God-given opportunities to share!

    Good morning, Karen,
    What a wonderful story about your great granddaughter. We have great-granddaughters and they are all take to church by their various parents, but because of Covid and our old age we have not seen them for about 4 years and some we have never seen. Sadly, the great-grandchildren here are not in church oriented families and their grandparents are not either. Hopefully, a change will come about.
    Blessing on you and yours.

    Karen, what a precious story about your granddaughter, and how great she has grandparents t lead her on in the journey leading all the way to Heaven. I pray that she may be the one to lead them to the Lord. Our children were brought up a strong faith and all loved Jesus. The time comes when have to make their own decisions, and now I’m hanging on to the promises that will each come back. I’m seeing some good encouraging changes. May the Lord bless your granddaughter greatly, and what she is learning with your help as He blesses you too.

    Good morning Karen,
    I can definitely feel how touched you were from this telephone call from your great granddaughter. We are always glad to hear about when our sharing of Jesus is evident. We can only share and then pray for God to do the rest. He definitely has touched your great granddaughter’s heart.
    A beautiful picture of someone’s love of God. Thanks for sharing. Blessings.

    Good morning, Karen,
    Thank you for sharing your story with us “A Pillow for her Heart”. May God bless this little girl and her big heart. May she continue to read the Bible and grow to understand the stories.
    Currently I’m reading a book that pertains to why young adults leave the church — a question that, I would say, occupies many Christian minds. May God keep her on the path of Jesus.
    It’s interesting that this little girl loves math and the bible. I also loved math. Math taught me to think logically, and the Bible taught me how to live.

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