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Saturday, June 11, 2022
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Ecclesiastes 3:2 – A time to be born, and a time to die; a time to plant, and a time to pluck up what is planted. (ESV)

Hebrews 9:27-28 – And just as it is appointed for man to die once, and after that comes judgment, so Christ, having been offered once to bear the sins of many, will appear a second time, not to deal with sin but to save those who are eagerly waiting for him. (ESV)

It is normal to anticipate something that may or may not happen. That happening may be something that we want or something that we dread.

There is a famous quotation, attributed to Benjamin Franklin in 1789: "In this life, nothing is certain except death and taxes." It is absolutely true that death is certain. Equally true, however, is that no one knows when.

The famous hockey player, Guy Lafleur, who died on April 22, 2022, was quoted as saying that you should always play each game as if it is the final game of your life.

The fact that you are reading this establishes that it is not yet time for you to meet your Maker. But when you will, you don't know for certain!

On a Saturday in 2005, my 41-year-old son, diagnosed with terminal pancreatic cancer, was told that he had three days to live. Since John had made his peace with God, he spent the remaining time trying to help his family and his church where he was the pastor. In fact, he lived for a week. God gave four additional days for his wife, his children, and the rest of us close to him to be blessed by his life. On Wednesday and Thursday, he faded, and on Friday, he showed no signs of consciousness except for breathing. But when his mother and I gave him our parting blessing, I will never forget how John squeezed my hand. Even though we thought that he was unconscious, he had heard our singing and praying with him that day. God had decided that the next Saturday morning was the time for John to take his last breath.

Not all of us are given time to prepare ourselves and our families for our impending demise. Knowing that life is precious but brief, we need to live prepared to meet our Maker in judgment. Is it time for you, for me? We know not when, but what is certain is that we had better be ready, for we know that death is certain.

Prayer: Father, thank You that You have provided a way for us to be reconciled with You through belief in Jesus. Help us to accept that offer and to live confidently in the certainty of eternal life with You. In Jesus' name, we pray. Amen.

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Vincent Walter <>
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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  • PresbyCan Feedback says:

    Amen Vincent.

    Wise words, Vince.

    We want to thank you for your devotional.

    Thank you. Blessed assurance, Jesus is mine!

    Dear Vincent,
    This is a good reminder. Thank you.

    An important reminder Vincent, and a lovely tribute to John.

    Thank you, Vincent, for sharing your life with us to give us an eternal message.

    Thank you for sharing this touching devotional with us. May God’s comfort
    surround you today and always. Blessings.

    Yes, very touching personal devotional.
    I sang a lot to my mom! Church hymns mostly! And to my dad as well. Singing or music is calming and comforting as well.

    Thank you for your encouraging reflection. I am touched by your writing!
    God bless You and family

    Good morning Sir
    What a wonderful testimony, about you, your wife, and your son.
    Blessings and I wish you a good weekend and Sunday.

    A beautiful post and great reminder of how we indeed need to be prepared. Also a great tribute to God and your son that even though you and your family must have been so heartbroken, your faith persevered. Thank you for sharing.

    How touching!
    Trying to learn to make each day count. This was an encouraging devotional, in spite of your heart-rending loss.
    Thanks for this. Blessings,

    Oh Vincent, you have included so many wonderful and touching messages throughout this devotional. I was moved to tears by the end with such a meaningful culmination of your son’s life.
    It certainly is wonderful knowing with assurance the homecoming we’ll receive when it’s time for our final breath.
    Thanks for sharing!

    Vincent how I love your devotionals.
    My dearest friend passed away this week, one month short of her 90th birthday. She is now home in the arms of Jesus, singing her favourite old hymns with the angels, waiting for her friends to join her.
    Thank you for your words of comfort this morning.
    God Bless you.

    Thank you for sharing your experience with the last days of your son’s life. It is a very good lesson for all of us who are given an opportunity to accompany someone in their last moments of life, let alone during our last days. Yes, we never know when the last day will be for each of us.
    Peace be with you.
    (Ontario, Canada)

    Hello Vince
    Thank you so much for this devotional today.. so personal and important!
    God blessed me with 11 days and some extra hours when Matthew went into the hospital in March. The dr. told me 2 days, but I told him I couldn’t accept that God would be done yet. God is faithful and He was there with us.
    Thankful for the power of prayer.
    God bless and have a good weekend as you shine God’s love.

    Dear Vince,
    I know this is a difficult devotional for you to write because it is so personal. I am sure it will have helped many people with such honest sharing.
    I lost my brother when I was 16 and he was 19 and I still tear up each time I talk about it, and it was almost 60 years ago.
    This is a good message for all of us to remember each and every day. Thank you for sharing.

    Dear Walter,
    Thank you for sharing the last week of your 41-year-old son before our Lord called him home. How precious that your son acknowledged your blessing by his hand.
    I am 85 years old and was recently diagnosed COVID positive. The Lord has provided for my needs and my case is mild.
    Yes, the Lord determines our lifespan. I fully trust in His Sovereignty.
    Thank you again,

    Dear Vincent,
    Thank you for your reminders about life and death. It was a blessing to me to read your reference to Ecclesiastes.
    Some of your sharing also reminded me of the Heidelberg Catechism which was written in Heidelberg Germany in Reformation times. The first question and answer became meaningful to me in my teens, ‘”What is your only comfort in life and death” Answer: “That I belong to my faithful Savior Jesus Christ…” and tells about what Christ has done for us and how we need to live for Him. Thank you again for your devotional.

    Dearest Mr. Walter,
    It has taken me a day to find the words to send you this email.
    My friend and I discuss you all the time. I am so excited when I get up and start reading and say it has to be Vincent. You have a style and beauty to your words.
    Your words touched my heart even more than ever. Thank you for sharing such a loving story. What courage and strength your son had to show you one last time he heard you both.
    I want to say thank you for sharing such a difficult time in your life (a memory that was private) with us so we too can understand the Power of God’s Love.
    You are always John’s Earthly and he is now with his Heavenly Father spreading love in all forms.
    Take care and God Bless you always Mr. Walter,

    Beautiful devotion Mr. Walter. I lost my husband early this year, just weeks after diagnosis. Thankfully he knew the Lord and just a few hours before he passed he raised his arms in praise to the Lord. There’s such great comfort in knowing where your Loved one will spend eternity. God bless you.

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