The Lord Will Provide

Thursday, June 9, 2022
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Just over a year ago, my daughter's family and I agreed that it was time for me to move closer to them, leaving the house where I'd lived for over 40 years. We began to explore housing options, but nothing seemed to be clear and discernible.

As we narrowed down our choices and began to take steps toward our goal, however, the path became clearer. Yet, it was only after our final decision had been made that we could see the amazing way that God had been preparing our path all along the way. There were many moving parts and pieces that were fitting together behind the scenes that we didn't know about until later. The only apartment that was available to me in the area that we were considering is in an ideal location and is perfect for my needs. In looking back, I can now see how all the myriad of details about timing, finances, amenities, and even preferences knitted together perfectly.

I had no idea how well the Lord would provide for my move, and neither did Abraham when God asked him to carry out the heart-wrenching act of sacrificing his beloved son Isaac, as found in Genesis 22.

Abraham fully trusted and obeyed God, despite the horrifying implications of this unfathomable command. Abraham must have been absolutely mystified by this directive to sacrifice his long-awaited son of promise. Abraham was at the point of plunging the knife into Isaac's willing form when God halted him. (Isaac, a young man at this time, certainly could have resisted or even overpowered his father, but he, also, displayed a willing heart.) In response to Abraham's full obedience, God graciously provided a ram as a substitute for Isaac. In deepest gratitude, Abraham gave a commemorative name to the place of sacrifice:

Genesis 22:14a – So Abraham called that place The Lord Will Provide. (NIV)

Abraham's example of willingly following God's leading — especially when the final outcome was not certain — has often been a great encouragement to me. There have been many, many times — such as in the case of my move — when direction for the road ahead of me was not clear, and yet, I had to make an important, final decision. God's provision has often brought me joy and confidence in His care and provision, just as it must have to Abraham.

What decisions are you facing today, maybe not knowing what the outcome will be? God is leading, regardless of how imposing the task may seem to be, and He will provide all that is needed — at just the right time. You can trust Him to enable you to do whatever He asks of you!

Prayer: O God, our Strength and Provider, thank You for providing what we need for whatever You ask us to do — at just the right time. Amen.

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Gail Lundquist <>
Beaverton, Oregon, USA

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  • PresbyCan Feedback says:

    Thank you.

    Comforting words, Gail.

    Thank you for this devotional. Very encouraging.

    Gail, waiting upon the Lord always proves to reveal His love and care when we are able to look back. Thanks for this example.

    Thanks Gail! As usual, right-on time.
    How deeply it hurts, to have to say, “Not my will but thine”.
    But that is where Faith comes in, His gift. “(He) will not leave (me) comfortless” John 14:18
    Bless you for your direction in bringing this to me!

    Good morning, Gail,
    A friend just shared with me that she felt God has been by her side providing just what she needs when she needs it. She has been doing nice things for others and God has helped her find just the right things to make it really special. He also helped her find a tool she had misplaced. Not as big as helping you find a nice place to call home after 40 years in one home, but still reminders that God is walking with us on our journey.
    It is amazing that Abraham had such a strong faith in the Lord that he would prepare to sacrifice Isaac as the Lord commanded. That trust is really hard to achieve when we are in difficult circumstances in our lives. It is remembering when God has been there for us that sometimes helps us over those difficult times.
    Thanks for sharing your experience with others, so we can all grow in faith along our own journeys. Blessings.

    Hello Gail
    Thank you for this encouraging devotional today. I needed to read this and confirm that I am on the right path.
    I am praying my stepsons will name me as power of attorney and not their uncle who they know little about.
    He cannot be trusted, from personal experience and has no respect for the law or others. So instead of telling the boys all about the uncle I am standing on the promises of God, He will reward the ones who do right, and I am taking the high road not the road most would take. I am praying Jesus will intervene on my behalf and the paperwork will be done in my favor. This is important here as laws are different and I promised my husband I would do my best.
    God bless.

    Thank you, Gail, for this morning’s devotion.
    It reminds me of once I had to make a decision, and I chose to stay here.
    That stay showed me the need of my services to my church.
    I faithfully gave my skills to do what this church need from me.
    That was my covenant, I made with God many years ago after I was baptized; that I would serve this church with whatever I had.
    After 40 years of service, I resigned from being a SS teacher.
    I resigned as an active Elder and served in many other positions including the handyman around the church.
    But the task I enjoy the most is to prepare the youth for baptism and confirmation.
    I also, still teach the new members and prepare those who want to be baptized.
    After I was retired from my paying job, I attended all the courses that I can be accepted, at the seminary.
    I found the need to better myself for serving in this church.
    I had hungered for many years for understanding the Bible and knowing God and Jesus.
    Now the younger generation has taken hold of the controls of this church.
    I’m so proud that I once had a little influence in their lives that they too now want to serve.
    Thank you, Gail, and God bless,
    (Quebec, Canada)

    Thank you, Gail, for this example that is an ento us.

    Thank you, Gail, for sharing this encouraging devotional with us. The hymn “Trust and Obey” comes to mind. Yes, this…
    God is good all the time. All the time God is good!

    Good morning Gail,
    Thank you for your good devotional.
    My parents and others who immigrated to this country, had no idea what was ahead of them, but the Lord did provide abundantly. My great-grandchildren are now the 5th generation of our family here.

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