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Saturday, April 30, 2022
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The rugged Selkirk Mountain Range, spanning Canada and the USA, is home to grizzly bears, cougars, and wolves. When my father was still able to go down into the mines, we lived at the foot of one of the mountains, in tenement housing provided by the mining company. Only a creek separated our house from the mountain. All the time, howls and growls from the wildlife would come off the mountain, especially when there was a full moon. However, left to our own devices, we kids ran loose and climbed around on the mountain exploring, with seldom a caution from any adults. My little brother, on the baby side of three years old, would tag along now and then, though if he complained, we would send him home.

One day, my little brother went missing. "I've looked everywhere and called his name, but he's gone!" my mother said. In despair, she quoted the Bible, where, it seemed, as a believer, one could talk to mountains and they would listen:

Matthew 17:20b – If you had faith even as small as a mustard seed, you could say to this mountain, "Move from here to there," and it would move. Nothing would be impossible. (NLT)

But as everyone prayed, the Selkirks didn't appear to be going anywhere.

A search party formed. Someone called the local paper to stand by. From the prayers sent up that day for my brother, I mark the beginnings of my faith, which has grown throughout my life. He eventually came stumbling out from a cupboard under the kitchen sink where he'd fallen asleep. He has since grown up to care for the helpless and be a blessing.

What did it take, or will it take, for you to come to faith? Even a tiny bit, the size of a pinhead, is enough to get us started believing. Someone said, Faith is not belief without proof but trust without reservation.

Matthew 13:31b-32 – The Kingdom of Heaven is like a mustard seed planted in a field. It is the smallest of all seeds, but it becomes the largest of garden plants; it grows into a tree, and birds come and make nests in its branches. (NLT)

Prayer: Dear heavenly Father, thank You for the miracle that grows the mustard seed of our faith into the tree that it is meant to be — a resting place for those still lost in the wilderness of this world. May we be serious about Your words of hope and find the reality of faith as we walk in this world with You. In Jesus' name, we pray. Amen.

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Rose DeShaw <>
Kingston, Ontario, Canada

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  • PresbyCan Feedback says:

    Thank you.

    Thank you, Rose, for sharing this encouraging devotional with us!

    From your writing, I guess you’ve had many opportunities in your lifetime to grow your faith. Thank you for sharing one more good illustration.

    Rose, you continue to give strength and wisdom from your own faith journey. May such love comfort the hearts of those mourning the loss of four RMC almost-grads.

    What a powerful devotional again today! Your Mom seemed to be a such an example of faith. Interesting how that impacted your faith journey! Thanks for sharing.

    Thank you for this memory trigger, Rose. I, too, am thankful for the small seed that started my life of faith as well as the many other small things along the way that have helped it grow.

    An amazing and touching story! What faith your mother showed, and as she lived it out before you…what a witness!
    Bless you for this, and may God honour your writings as they touch others.

    Dear Rose, Your Devotional’s are always so interesting, and help us all to have more faith. I know your life has not been easy, just by all of your experiences expressed. Thank you for keeping us all focused on our faith.

    Thank you Rose for another of your very meaningful and positive devotionals. You have expressed so well how faith can grow from the size of a mustard seed to a very deep and everlasting trust in the power of our loving Lord. Many blessings to you.

    Dear Rose:
    You amaze me as you write about your experiences which have been many.
    God bless you for writing. Keep it up.

    Do you know that your words will touch someone today who just needed to strengthen their, perhaps, tenuous grasp on their faith. Your missive will remind them that faith supports them like the branches of the tree even in difficult times. Thank you for these words.

    Dear Rose,
    Thanks again for a great devotional. What a wonderful gift God has given you to be able to share with many people all over the world of this amazing God who loves us!
    God bless you.

    Hello Rose,
    Thank you so much for this devotion on faith, growing in Christ continually every day and being good witnesses to others who need our encouragement! May God bless you in all your endeavors and especially writing for PresbyCan!

    Certainly glad your brother was safe and sound. It’s quite amazing when we look back to that moment when the seed of faith is first planted in our lives and then live long enough to see how it has grown.
    Thanks for a good and interesting word today Rose.

    Good morning, Rose,
    Thank you for your devotional and faith in God. You are an inspiration and mentor to many people.
    It is good news and an answer to prayer that you don’t have to move for the time being. May God continue to watch over you as he has promised to his children.

    I knew this was one of yours before getting to the end. Really placed me in the scene. Though the thought of you kids unsupervised with a three-year-old toddler is terrifying!
    I would have to say my faith really started around the age of forty, when I found out the news that would impact the rest of my life. The fact that I still have faith is due a lot to your influence.

    Good morning, Rose,
    Great devotional reminding us the importance of hope and that our faith can grow from something very small. All our faith journeys are different and unique and inspired by God in some way – through others, through a situation, through reading the Bible, …
    Thank you for sharing an important part of your faith journey to inspire all of us to have hope as we walk in this world with God. May we all inspire hope in someone else as we continue our walk with Jesus. May you have a blessed day as we sing our praises.

    Rose, the wealth of lessons you have learned from your life experiences are so full of truth. Thank you so much for sharing them so well.
    When I was born, my parents welcomed me into their one room house they had built at a gold mine. My dad was a mine shaft operator. We left when I was six months old, so I never got to run around the mountains like you. But over the years, little seeds of faith planted in my childhood have grown and my faith is something I’ve been able to share with others.
    Trusting Without Reservation.

    This was such a blessing.

    Dear Rose,
    Thank you so much for your devotional. It brings back times of God’s faithfulness each time there has been a mountain, so to speak, in my own back yard. Have a blessed day.

    Another wonderful devotional! A piece of the puzzle that was not added but now is. I remember how much you said you loved your baby brother as you were growing up so this would have marked you for sure. And, like you, he is God’s instrument helping others as best he can. I wonder how he remembers his childhood. Have you two ever traded stories and memories?
    Thank you for sharing this with your readers. Much appreciated.

    Thank you, dear Rose. Another wonderful message. It is interesting to discover how people come to Christ.
    Be well dear Rose.

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