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Thursday, April 7, 2022
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Psalm 46:1-3 – God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble. Therefore we will not fear, though the earth give way and the mountains fall into the heart of the sea, though its waters roar and foam and the mountains quake with their surging. (NIV)

When my brother built our greenhouse, he was wise enough to put in a main support that ran along the ceiling from front to back. The winter a year ago, with record snowfalls, we really needed it, for even though we kept the snow and ice off it as much as possible, the weight accumulated, as particles seemed to stick more and more.

One day as I was walking by, coming from doing morning corral chores, something about the structure caught my eye. I stood and looked at it for several moments before I realized that the front wall of the building looked like it had buckled slightly outward. Alarmed by my findings, I quickly checked the back wall and discovered the same issue. Returning to the front, I climbed over several feet of snow to the windows and was shocked to see that the main support in the ceiling had literally blown apart under the snow's weight above it.

Fortunately, the greenhouse stayed up, and with some help and the fact that the snow was getting soft, I was able to pull the rest of the weight from its domed roof.

With the weight removed, the front and back walls gradually straightened themselves back up. When spring came, we were able to reinforce the roof, this time with a much stronger beam, as well as two supports running from the floor to the ceiling.

This incident reminded me of the times that we all go through in life, when one of our main support beams blows apart — one of the parts of our life that we really depend upon and wonder how we would ever stand and keep going day by day if we were to lose them — things like our health, our position, our finances, a spouse, or a child. When this happens, part of us can buckle, emotionally, physically, mentally, and yes, even spiritually.

Yet there is one support beam, on Whom we can always count to keep us standing and even moving forward, even if only one step at a time. That is God, for He is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble if we will only let Him be. His Holy Spirit will bring us comfort and grant us peace and rest amidst the turmoil, darkness, pain, and sense of bewilderment that such times thrust upon us with all their agony. We can be assured that in His own time, He will repair our hearts and minds and souls, that we might once again stand firm and fully restored.

Prayer: Father God, we thank You that we can count on You. Sometimes, when things go terribly wrong, when things blow apart, we wonder if You care. We wonder if You are even there, for amidst such times, we often cannot sense Your presence. Yet, by faith, may we choose to trust and believe that You are with us, as You have promised always to be. Lighten our load, and strengthen our hearts, that we may be able to move through the darkness until the light of Your love and presence becomes apparent once again. In Christ's name, we give You honour and glory and praise. Amen.

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About the author:

Lynne Phipps <>
Tawatinaw, Alberta, Canada

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  • PresbyCan Feedback says:

    Thank you, Lynne.

    Wonderfully written!!!

    Another great devotion and reminder, Lynne. Blessings.

    Simple truth which is missing in our culture Lynne. Blessings on your journey.

    Thank you for the great reminder and inspiring prayer, Lynne!
    Blessings to you and family.

    Thank you, Lynne, for sharing this encouraging devotional with us!

    Good Morning
    A note to encourage your writing and thank you for the devotionals.

    Many thanks for your encouraging words as I navigate a difficult challenge! Your messages are always meaningful life lessons.

    You sure PAINT with words, Lynne. The picture you describe is so vivid and clear that it can’t help but make your point memorable! Thanks always for writing these gems.

    Dear Lynne,
    So glad you could save the greenhouse. What an encouraging illustration and scripture. I am doubly blessed by your prayer. Blessings.

    Thanks Lynne, as always for me a very good devotional to start the day. Your devotionals show how meaningful it is to be surrounded by family and that God surrounds us. Your prayer expresses our need to remember that God is there to support us, thank you for it. Blessings.

    Thank you. Five years ago my only sister died. Your words have brought great comfort to me and my kids. Greenhouse time once more in central Manitoba but still lots of snow holding much needed moisture.
    Isn’t it lovely to get fingers in the dirt!

    Thank you for your thoughts in relation to that old favorite from Psalm 46. I was blessed in reading your story and prayer today as my sister has been hospitalized for over three weeks. I also sent her Psalm 27 and 102 as they touched me in the Lectionary Readings from the Presbyterian Church today.
    Thank you for your devotional.

    Good afternoon, Lynne,
    Thank you for your encouraging devotional today.
    When our first child died at childbirth, I did not know what to read that evening and let the Bible fall open where it would, and it was at Psalm 46 and through tear filled eyes I read “God is our refuge and strength a very present help in (times) of trouble.”

    Dear Lynne,
    Many thanks for another of your very special writings. You have such a special knack of correlating happenings in everyday situations with the importance of having faith and knowing that the Lord is ever ready to aid us no matter what we have to deal with. Yes, it is important that we don’t lose our faith and know that God, in His timing, will give us the best results for each and every situation we face. Blessings for these writings you do.

    Hi Lynne,
    I love your Devotionals, you always have some personal experiences in life and know how to perfectly tie them to Bible passages. They are so inspirational. I so enjoy your writings. We are blessed by your Devotionals.
    Thanks again and keep up the great work you are doing.
    Blessings to you each day.

    Dear Lynne, Thank you for your beautifully written message, it brought refreshing tears to my eyes.
    Anyone who has lost an earthly support beam can so relate to the feelings you have expressed and hopefully come out the other side fully repaired as your structure is now.
    I am sure your message will help in the healing process of many who read your message of God’s comfort today. Thank you,

    Thank you, Lynne,
    That spoke to me as we move forward with the aspect of cleaning all the clutter out of my father-in-law’s condo. He has moved into care because he cannot live on his own, although he still wants to. It was the health professionals that determined he could not go back to his home, although he blamed it on my wife and myself.
    We have discovered in so many ways he should have been in care a few years ago.
    Thank you, you are a blessing.

    Oh Lynne – I read the morning reflections today … and there you were, reminding me that although one of my main supports is gone now (our little community church has folded), there is no reason to panic.
    Your analogy is so perfect! Thank you again for the comfort and the Lord’s voice of reminder. How I’m praying for the people of Ukraine and Russia to hear God’s call away from violence and destruction, and into faith in Him. Death May be conquered by our LORD, but that doesn’t lend comfort to the people who are living in Ukraine right now. May the Lord help them to know Him, and to find the help they need. Amen.

    Hi Lynne,
    Thanks so much for your strong message today. Since I lost my husband almost three years ago, I’ve had to work through this process of relying on the One Who is our only real support in times of trouble. Some days have been difficult and made me wonder but other days have brought a sense of His presence and uplifting power. I’ve learned that I need to draw near to Him and trust in His tender mercy and so I continue forward on this faith journey as He walks with me through it.
    Your devotionals are such a blessing and thank you for taking the time to reach out to so many in this way. May God bless you and your family.

    Good morning, Lynne,
    I am glad that you were able to save your greenhouse. God helped you notice that you needed to remove the weight because you walk with God each and every day.
    Your story reminds us that we are not always going to have good times, even when we walk with God, but He is always going to be there to get us through those difficult times and bring us back into the light.
    Its been two years since I lost my second brother in the span of one year and also having the pandemic to change our lives. Your message was a good one for me. I buckle for awhile but God strengthens me and provides the light that they are in a good place with Jesus.
    It is nice to know that you have a greenhouse to lengthen your growing season and enjoy its rewards. May you have a blessed day.

    Thank you, Lynne, for a very meaningful meditation.

    We really enjoyed your greenhouse story with the reminder of Christ’s constant presence with us. What a beautiful prayer, also!

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