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Boxed In?

June 30, 2021

Recently, we have had a period of eased lockdown at our church. These were socially distanced events with simple acts of worship from the front, without congregational singing, and a family-based talk. Nonetheless, it was a consolation to …( read more )

The Plank Road

June 29, 2021

I was born in Sarnia, Ontario, Canada. Approximately fifteen miles south-east of Sarnia is a smaller town called Petrolia. In 1858, a road was constructed connecting these two locations. The land was flat and the road was straight, so it …( read more )


June 28, 2021

When John and I married, the dog on the farm was named Sharp. Sharp would do things to make farming easier for us, like fetching the cows and herding the pigs. He was a good watchdog and would sound the alarm when necessary. One day when …( read more )

In Jubilant Style

June 27, 2021

To be born Welsh is to be born with music in your blood and poetry in your soul. – Welsh proverb Welsh men's choirs are world-renowned and have become the most treasured and remarkable feature of Wales. Hymn singing there was closely tied …( read more )


June 26, 2021

The pages revealed whose it was and under what circumstances. Mom received a call from her niece. They had cleaned out my aunt's house and discovered some things that might be of interest to Mom. Though never a lover of old or …( read more )

His Way

June 25, 2021

A few months ago, I saw on Facebook a picture of a little boy and girl leaning on a partial wall looking into the distance. The caption was from a mother or a grandmother, and it read, "If only I could change your world, I would." Yes, …( read more )

The Spoon

June 24, 2021

My four-year-old granddaughter was at my house, eating her breakfast, when she decided that she didn't want the regular spoon that she was using. She wanted her Disney "Frozen" spoon with Princess Elsa on it. So, she reached under the …( read more )

Six O'clock, Time To Get Up!

June 23, 2021

One of the great fascinations of visiting my grandparents was the wonder of listening each morning to their budgie sing! Then — a miracle to us kids — the budgie would very clearly say, "Six o'clock, time to get up!" Even we kids found …( read more )

The Broken Goblet

June 22, 2021

In a back corner of my friend's china cabinet stands the broken remains of a cranberry glass goblet. Now, why would anyone keep such a useless item? My friend provides an intriguing explanation, saying, "It reminds me of the sadness that …( read more )

The Fire Of Faith

June 21, 2021

Early this spring, we heard and read about grass and forest fires in various places. We know from the reports that these fires are extremely hard to put out and to keep from spreading. I have a little bit of personal experience with a …( read more )

My Father

June 20, 2021

Since my father's birthday falls on Father's Day this year, I'm doubly remembering my dad, who has been gone now for 37 years. When I was a child, my dad was my hero. We formed an early bond when I was a baby. My dad was ready to be a …( read more )

Doorknobs And Drawer Pulls

June 19, 2021

From our infancy, God made us to be curious creatures so that we could gather knowledge and eventually learn of Him. Have you ever watched a toddler stand on tiptoe and stretch his arm to reach a doorknob, or smile with happiness when she …( read more )

Ambassador Of God's Kingdom

June 18, 2021

The city of Ottawa, in which I live, has many embassies and consulates, housed in stately mansions, lovely old homes, or in ordinary office buildings. The red diplomatic license plates of their cars are a common sight on our roads. …( read more )

Home At Last!

June 17, 2021

At the age of twelve, swimming in the river was the best of fun! This particular day was no exception. After hours in the water with my long hair still damp, I climbed into bed, pulled up the covers, and fell asleep. A wet touch on my …( read more )


June 16, 2021

Especially when I'm travelling to a distant or new place, I love using my GPS (Satnav in the UK). It takes the worry out of reaching my destination and has made driving so much easier. I trust the satellite system to be accurate, and it …( read more )

Investing Wisely

June 15, 2021

At some point in our lives, many of us will invest money for our retirement. Those of us who are retired may be drawing an additional source of income from the investments that we made when we were younger. Some, however, may have seen …( read more )

Just Love Everybody

June 14, 2021

"Just love everybody. I'll sort 'em out later. — God" When I first read that quote recently on a church reader board, I thought that it was a bit flippant and irreverent. After all, the "everybody" in today's world indeed includes many …( read more )

Who Are We Fooling?

June 13, 2021

The Mask. The ubiquitous mask! Everywhere, we see them, worn by almost everyone. You probably wear one yourself, as I do. Even Queen Elizabeth was shown worldwide wearing one at the funeral of Prince Philip. In a recent conversation with …( read more )

To The Dentist

June 12, 2021

In half an hour, I have an appointment at the dentist's office. The hygienist is going to clean my teeth. I immediately think to myself, My teeth feel really grungy from eating my porridge at breakfast. I'd better go and brush and floss. …( read more )

Share The Load

June 11, 2021

With more than 2,000 miles to walk, he chose carefully what to put in his backpack. World War II was over, and Earl Shaffer needed to walk it out of his system. He chose the Appalachian (or Government) Trail to do so. At the time, the …( read more )

The Trailer

June 10, 2021

My son-in-law made a trip to Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada, to pick up supplies for their business. While he was there, he also picked up a small tent trailer that I had purchased online a year previously and had left with friends until …( read more )

Finding The Way

June 9, 2021

After attending a gathering in a remote area on the other side of the city from where I live, it was time for me to drive home. I was alone, and it was late at night. I was in an unfamiliar area. Following a sign that directed me toward …( read more )

Rejoice With Joyful Songs

June 8, 2021

I was struck by an unusual sight one day as I walked by the kindergarten room. There was Sophia sitting in a little chair right in front of the gerbil cage, in a world of her own. The rest of the children had gone for the day, but for some …( read more )

The Big Ask

June 7, 2021

Virtually all of us have engaged in big questions related to COVID-19 vaccines: Should I? When? Where? How? What can I expect?" Along the way, we've encountered an abundance of guidance: "Book here!" "Go there!" When I went for my jab, I …( read more )

Surprised By God

June 6, 2021

I was going to be alone for the Easter weekend. My friend Katie agreed that it didn't feel like Easter this year. Despite the online Maundy Thursday and Good Friday services that we had both enjoyed, there would be no visiting with …( read more )

The Good Old Days

June 5, 2021

Early in May, I was overcome by a wave of nostalgia. I was driving along and saw a long line of yellow six-inch pipe strung out along the side of the road. Obviously, there was a pipeline project in the making, and in an instant flashback, …( read more )

The Burning Bush

June 4, 2021

The forests of eastern Ontario are susceptible to fires in the hot summer months, especially if there has been a drought. The usual fire ban prohibits campfires and the burning of brush; even a cigarette butt tossed aside can ignite the …( read more )


June 3, 2021

Logging and lumber trucks travelling the roadways of my dad's sawmill camp stirred clouds of dust that settled within our humble cabin. My job as a child was to dust our rooms daily, and I was mesmerized at times while watching flecks in …( read more )

The Voice Of God

June 2, 2021

I have read the PresbyCan Daily Devotional for several years now, and like everyone else, some days God uses it to really speak directly to me. Here's just such an example. I'm an avid gardener. I find weeding particularly meditative. …( read more )

Time Tunnel

June 1, 2021

I don't know about you, but this last year has been the longest that I've ever lived through. I've used up most of my energy trying to figure out ways to keep our church folks connected and to provide help wherever it's needed. This time …( read more )


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