The Dwindles

Friday, November 12, 2021
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2 Corinthians 4:16 – Therefore we do not lose heart. Even though our outward man is perishing, yet the inward man is being renewed day by day. (NKJV)

My friend told me the other day about reading a devotional from another provider that referred to failing health quality as "the dwindles". We have had cases of the dwindles, but we just didn't know what to call them, when we felt gloomy, puny, or out of sorts. Of course, we both saw the humour because we can relate. The word substitutes for many conditions and changes that take place within our own lives. I like its use because it is much less harsh than the diagnostic terminology. Our enjoyment and laughter at the word's use caused endorphins in our brain to lift our mood. We related to the term, and laughed some more.

At any age, our bodies go through spells of strength and weakness. We become more aware that we need more rest and cannot do as much as we did at other times of our life. Family members may tell us that all we do is complain, and we say, "Wait until you are older, then you will see."

So, as far as possible, let's try to lighten the load that we put onto ourselves and others. We know that our physical bodies are born to deteriorate, but spiritually in Jesus Christ, we will live forever. It is a fact that we are outwardly wasting away, and we will all experience times of not feeling well. Although the experience of loss of time, earnings, and health may be life-altering, to see the dwindles as part of God's plan is encouraging because we draw closer to Him each day.

Have you ever been in a period of the dwindles? Do they sometimes persist so long that you think that they will never end? When we think of the suffering of Jesus Christ that led to the power of His resurrection, we may find victory in how we deal with both the experience and the promised outcome. Regardless, we will be safe and secure with Jesus. Let's seek our Saviour during each period of trial so that we can see how He strengthens us to persevere. Read His Word and rest under His wings, savouring every particle of the experience. Working through these times in life can provide the increase of spiritual strength and deepen our relationship with God. Hold onto the hope that you are being renewed in the spirit day by day. This is not an activity of diminishing returns. We will either get well, or our spirit will live eternally with God.

What dwindles are affecting you or someone you love right now? While these conditions can be very difficult, God is continuously calling us to build our faith and to realize the hope of His calling during seasons of struggle or discouragement.

Prayer: Dear heavenly Father, in Your magnificent plan, You have designed that You will never leave us nor forsake us. Help us to really know and believe what that means as You allow us the privilege of living in Your holy plan for Your purpose. Amen.

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Karen Milam <>
Penn Valley, California, USA

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  • PresbyCan Feedback says:

    Thank you.

    Amen to that, Karen.

    Thank you, Karen, for a new perspective.

    A great phrase! Thanks Karen.

    Amen and amen! Thanks for sharing. You’ve encouraged me. Blessings.

    I love this, Karen. I now have a new word in my vocabulary and good suggestions to deal with it.

    Good word. I’ll use it five times today and claim it. We just received a foot of snow so I may stay be the fire with a good book. Keep well.

    Dear Karen,
    Your devotional really spoke to my heart and mind this morning. Thank-you and may God continue to use you.

    Thank you for a ‘new name’ I can use for my health problems! I am 91 years old, and I have had a Blessed and happy life, but getting ‘creaky’ now. Keep writing!
    God Bless You.

    Read the devotional twice. Thanks for the encouragement and reminder that no matter what, God’s with us. A family member has issues but seems unable to move forward. May God’s blessings be on all of us as we travel this journey.

    Lovely, Karen! You’ve given me a new word to add to my vocabulary! Very apt for what is happening to me physically these days.
    Many thanks for your inspiring words!
    “God is my helper.”

    Thank you so much for this timely devotion! My husband and I are care givers of his 92-year-old mother who has dementia. All of us have the dwindles!
    We can now put our suffering into a heavenly perspective and trust out Lord to care for us to the end and beyond! God bless you!

    Thank you so much Karen!! I think I may well be using this almost humorous word and feel it’s help already. Having the dwindles is much better than saying Dementia!!! I am 3 years along with this difficulty and it just seems to get more hurtful. Dwindles … I like it. Thank you!

    Dear Karen,
    Thank you for passing on the idea of having a case of the “dwindles”. It is such a fitting term. I’m going to see my doctor today and will share this with her.
    This also reminded me of John 3:30 where it says, “He must increase, but I must decrease”. May we dwindle and decrease for His glory.

    Good morning,
    Yesterday hospice arrived for my wife. Set up a hospital bed and equipment. I slept close by. My wife is in the end stage of Alzheimer’s. We are Christians. I have been hanging in in my own strength and am at the end of that.
    This morning I tried to help her. The new bed made me think it would be easy. She fought me tooth and nail. I sobbed and called to God. I called hospice. They settled me down and told me to get the medicine into her and take time for myself. I got some food and did a search on my phone. Presbyterian morning devotional. Yours was what came up first. It was a reminder. A confirmation that I was straying. An affirmation of the faith that brought us to this day together. It was so appropriate and needed in the moment of fear, grief, and dire need. Thank you for being the life preserver when I felt the waves overwhelming me.

    Good morning, Karen,
    I was moved to look up the word in the dictionary to become steadily less: shrink Their savings dwindled to nothing. a dwindling population. transitive verb. : to make steadily less.
    I am not sure why. Of course it is a verb. To me The Dwindles sounds like something from Dr. Seuss. I think you are right that it does cause a better mood because it is different sounding.
    Of course, your message is one of looking at our situation in a different way to lighten our mood and to know that God is in control, and it is part of his plan for us. This is a good message, and we all need encouragement to get through the harder times with God at our side. Thinking of the problem as a “dwindle” helps us to get there.
    As our health or situation might dwindle, our faith in God and his promise of eternity can multiply as we stay in His Word and in the comfort and love he offers to us.
    Thanks for continuing to share with God’s guidance to help us all to lighten our load. As I look out the window where my maple tree has turned yellow and the sun shines on the leaves, I marvel of all the beauty that God has given us. Blessings.

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