The Quad Ride

Wednesday, October 20, 2021
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On Labour Day weekend, we went for a two-and-a-half-hour ride on our quads (four-wheeled all-terrain vehicles) — and what a ride it was!

Donning jackets, wind pants, gloves, boots, and helmets, we mounted our quads and away we went. My son-in-law always leads, I follow, and my daughter brings up the rear with the two girls. They knew where we were going, but I did not. I just made sure that I kept up the pace and followed the leader. Perhaps, if I had known about the trail that we were embarking upon, I might have chosen to stay home and read a good book instead. But I did not, so off I went.

Due to huge amounts of rain, the trails were muddy and filled with deep puddles. But I was dressed for it, so I kept going. It was after we had to cross a river, however, that things got really interesting. We began to climb. The trail was rock-strewn, and water was running freely. Some of the ruts took strength to maneuver without getting sucked into them. Still, we kept going. The trail wound round and up, narrowed and widened, until, finally, we left behind the worst of the obstacles and came out onto clearer ground. What a view! It went on for miles in every direction and was painted in reds, golds, yellows, and even magenta where the last of the fireweed still bloomed. The arduous climb had been well worth it, just to experience such a breathtaking sight.

This trip up the mountain brought to mind the climb or journey that is sometimes involved in getting to know certain people. Some people, we take to automatically. Others, we do not. Often, we decide to walk away or give up trying to understand them or to really get to know them, which can mean missing out on the best that they have to offer. In walking away or giving up, it can be easy to think evil or bad thoughts about them, to make ourselves feel better. It's not our fault that they are so difficult — it's their own fault. I tried; I really did. Yet, this is what the Lord tells us through Paul:

1 Corinthians 13:6-8a – Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. Love never fails. (NIV)

Love does not give up easily. It is willing to struggle against the rocks and the mud, the ruts and the difficulties that are so easily strewn across the road to friendship with others. Love always protects our minds from thinking the worst of others by encouraging us to think the best of them, even if we really have to search to find it. It always trusts that God is at work in those peoples' lives, seeking to encourage and to grow them. It always hopes that something will change or be seen differently to allow us deeper understanding of the ones whom we are striving to know. And love always perseveres — for the view at the end of the trail can be truly awesome, well worth the journey, if we do not grow weary and give up.

Do you have someone in your life today with whom you are struggling? If so, don't give up. Remember the wisdom of the Lord through the words of Paul, and simply resolve to keep up the pace behind Jesus, the leader of the journey up the mountain of love. After all, He knows where He is going.

Prayer: Father God, thank You that love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres, and never fails. Encourage and strengthen our hearts to follow Your example toward us when it comes to loving, accepting, and getting to know others whom You place across the pathways of our lives. In Christ's name, we pray. Amen.

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Lynne Phipps <>
Atlin, British Columbia, Canada

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1 Comment

  • PresbyCan Feedback says:

    I needed this today, Lynne!

    Awesome! Thank you , as always, Lynne. Truly wonderful metaphor.

    Amen! Thanks for sharing this encouraging devotional with us! Blessings.

    Thank you, Lynne. I’ve also been on rides like this, so your analogy makes a great deal of sense.

    Thanks Lynne, very good devotional, brightens the day thinking of the view you had of the brilliant colours.

    It only took about three lines for me to be able to identify you as the writer of this devotional, Lynne! Good analogy, and good thoughts!

    Dear Lynne,
    Thank you as always for this timely reminder. Your devotionals are so much appreciated!

    Dear Lynne,
    This is such a pertinent analogy and something we can apply every day, and even many times each day. Thank you for the good advice.

    Hi Lynne
    I really liked the analogy you used today, it is poignant and to the point offering true hope, love, and joy.
    The Lord’s blessings be with you always.

    Sure helps me, Lynne. Really liked how you took a more general topic and brought it right down to the personal and specific where it can rankle and ankle bite because it is the truth. What a great translation of 1 Corinthians 13 which has been on my heart all week. Please, please keep writing here.

    Lynne, that is a wonderful story with a pertinent application. I have relatives going through a rough time. Their boy is having anger problems. At least the mother asked her parents to pray. You have seen a glorious sight of God’s handiwork. How I long to see a glorious thing in that family. Thanks for praying.

    I really enjoyed your devotional, as usual. It is quite pertinent for me actually.
    We live in a condo setting. One resident, who is disabled, is particularly difficult in that what I call “the disability card” is continually brought forth with hints of “duty to accommodate” for all sorts of requests, some of which really do not impact accessibility. His only friends here are the ones who side with him. It is a challenge, but I will try to apply what you have suggested.

    Greetings Lynne,
    Wow! What a journey you had on that quad! Thankfully our loving Lord kept you safe and free from any injuries and brought you through to a beautiful view in the area. Your writings are always so interesting and correlate your experiences so well with how we should follow the Lord’s word. It is so easy for us to make a rushed decision about someone we meet rather than being kind and open to listening to what their circumstances are. We need be more patient and heed the Lord’s word given to us in scriptures. Blessings for these very special writings you present.

    What a breath of fresh air you are! I want to tell you how much I appreciate your devotions.
    Today I just felt compelled to write and tell you to continue giving us some happy moments.
    I live in a large city, exhaust fumes and noise. It was not always this way and when my husband was alive, we had a cabin in the north that we could escape to and in the winter we went to Texas.
    Please continue to write about your experiences so that we can travel along with you for a few minutes and escape from “big city blues”!!

    Hi Lynne,
    I was wondering where you were going with the description of your quad ride. A great message because it is definitely easier to not take the time to work through a difficult relationship but when you do, it ends up being really worthwhile. Sometimes that person doesn’t even realize that they are making it hard, it is just who they are – who God made them to be – and quite often they really need someone to take the time and see the good under the layers.
    Let us all ask God for help to preserve and not take the easy road. Thanks for sharing your adventure and how it relates to the love you have to give. Blessings.

    THANK YOU, Lynne, through Jesus Christ Our Lord.

    Good morning, Lynne
    We thought it must be written by a very youthful contributor as we read of the Quad adventure! Yet there are grandchildren!
    Once again, a wonderful challenge to love unconditionally.
    Thank you and we wish you the LORD’s blessings.


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