The Fabric Of Love

Sunday, August 22, 2021
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Philippians 2:3-4 – Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit, but in humility consider others better than yourselves. Each of you should look not only to your own interests, but also to the interests of others. (NIV)

Recently, Jess's grandmother passed away. What could she do to honour her memory?

Many times, we glorify our Father by showing His kindness and love to others in ways that may not be our usual way of doing things, because our heart is called to do something out of the ordinary. We will go the extra mile to help someone through a rough spot, or to bring a smile to their face, and comfort to others during trying times, even if it is difficult to do.

While Jess was thinking about a contribution for her grandmother's memorial, she came across pieces of yellow gingham and white eyelet. She remembered that her grandmother's favourite colour was the yellow of springtime flowers. The colour was also a favourite of Jess, but she knew, and had been told by others, that she shouldn't wear it because it wasn't flattering to her. As she held the fabric, she realized that it was the perfect choice from the flower garden palette, and it was her heart's favourite for her grandmother.

While some made funeral arrangements and planned the memorial, others made posters and picture boards, and chose mementos for display, or wrote their note cards to read. Jess decided to do a silent tribute of love to her grandmother, so she busied herself with cutting a pattern and lovingly crafting a simple gingham dress with white eyelet trim on the pockets and hem to wear to the gathering in remembrance of her.

Jess, wearing the handmade dress, will be a sermon of God's love in action, as love flows through her contribution to their dear one. People won't notice that the yellow doesn't complement her skin tone as they smile through their tears, remembering their sweet loved one. God's love will flow through Jess as it brings her precious grandmother to the memory of other family members and friends. The family members will know what her dress means. It isn't the fabric itself, but the significance of God's love that is shown.

This is a way that God's love shines through us in ways that we might not recognize at first glance. Think about a time or ways that you have already, or might yet share God's love with others in a creative way that may not be within your comfort zone, but has great depth of meaning.

Prayer: Dear Father, it is so easy to stay in our routine when serving others. We ask that when the Holy Spirit prompts us, we might step into a new form of service — like Jess did. May our hearts grow and our lights continue to shine brightly with Your love. Amen.

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Karen Milam <>
Penn Valley, California, USA

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  • PresbyCan Feedback says:

    Amen, Karen.

    Your descriptions allow us to come along with you in this fresh piece of inspired writing, Karen. Thank you.

    Thank you for sharing this encouraging devotional with us today!

    Dear Karen
    Thanks for such a meaningful devotion. It was read with tears at our house.

    Karen, this beautiful and heartfelt tale of a granddaughter’s love for her grandmother, expressed in such a quiet and creatively thought-out tribute just really struck me as one perfect and oh so right way to express God’s love. Thank you for writing and sharing this touching inspiration.

    Dear Karen
    Thank you for this beautiful and heartwarming devotional, I could picture Jess at this gathering and sense the love of God.
    Always counting on the Holy Spirit to do a quality check on my batteries to make sure my light shines as bright as possible.
    God bless.

    Good morning Karen,
    What a lovely story of love and remembrance of someone special in Jess’ life. It is good to hear what others do to show their love. It reminded me of a long time ago when my older brother died unexpectedly at nineteen. I had made a blue dress which he thought looked nice on me so instead of wearing black to his funeral I wore it. I believed he would be able to see me and know how important he had been in my life. He was different than me. Very outgoing and friendly. He made my life more fun and when I started high school, he walked me to school the first day until I met up with someone I knew. He was very special.
    Thank you for sharing your love of Jesus through devotionals so that we all can feel some of your “fabric of love”. May you feel God’s comfort and love as you go about your day.

    Thank You Karen,
    Your heartfelt Devotion and Jess’s Dress to honor her Grandmother have caused my heart to ponder new ways to show Love to others.

    Thank you for this memorable devotional. You always have such a personal viewpoint and paint by words in colours that make the images come alive. I’d love to have seen Jess!
    Sending loving thoughts south, and continuing to appreciate your inspiring writing.

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