The Frustration Of The Unknown

Monday, April 19, 2021
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Philippians 4:6 – Don't worry about anything; instead, pray about everything. Tell God what you need, and thank him for all he has done. (NLT)

After numerous doctor visits which brought no answers, my wife and I were frustrated.

The unknown started after a recent move. My wife lifted an item and felt a stabbing pain. Thinking that she had pulled the mesh from a recent hernia surgery, we visited the general surgeon. After testing, he determined that it was only scar tissue.

Then, unexplained weight gain resulted in a trip to the emergency room and then to the cardiologist. Pills to reduce her fluid didn't work. More tests followed. One revealed an enlarged spleen and liver.

We re-visited the general surgeon, who sent her to a kidney specialist. The cardiologist, in the meantime, sent her to a digestive disease doctor.

Weeks and months passed between the tests and doctor visits. We never discovered the answer to her unexplained fluid retention, but her frustration — and mine — built as we awaited answers while trying not to imagine the worst.

Paul could also have been frustrated by the unknown. Would he survive the persecutions or the trip to stand trial before the Roman emperor? Would his friends betray him? Instead, he did what he advised others to do in today's verse.

Praying about the unknown is crucial. Every night, I pray for my wife to have strength to face what might be ahead and for God to give the doctors wisdom to find out the reason for her dilemma.

Trusting is important in times of the unknown. God has never let me down and promises not to, regardless of life's challenges. I can trust Him to work things for my good — even things that appear bad. He has my best interests at heart.

Additionally, I choose to believe that God is in control. Doing so helps to control my anxiety and frustration level. If He isn't, I have an even larger problem than the things causing my frustration.

In my wife's case, I believe that God can guide the doctors to discover the reason for her health concerns and to give her the proper treatment. I also believe that He can heal her apart from the doctor's intervention if He so chooses.

Don't let the frustration of the unknown lead you to doubt, anger, bitterness, or unbelief in a loving God. Rather, believe that God loves you and has your situation under control.

Prayer: Father, we trust You to guide us safely into and through the unknowns of our lives. Amen.

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Martin Wiles <>
Greenwood, South Carolina, USA

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  • PresbyCan Feedback says:

    Thank you. Just what I needed.

    I will add my prayers to yours. One day at a time.

    Thank you, Martin, for sharing Jesus Who is the answer to overwhelming problems. Blessings.

    Martin, I pray for peace, comfort, and answers for you and your wife. Thank you for sharing your struggles with us.

    I pray for your wife and for you as you face all the unanswered health questions.
    May God comfort you and give you strength.

    Thank you, Martin. Your willingness to share this personal message, has given me great hope this morning. May God continue to inspire your writings.

    My prayers are always with you all. May God continue to rest His healing hands on your wife and on your heart to always release all trials and tribulations. Keep strong.

    Praying for you and your wife, Martin.
    I needed to hear your message today so thank you for that as well.

    Amen Martin. Worrying only makes things worse, but it is a difficult battle at times to overcome. I hope you and Michele get to the bottom of this problem soon.

    Dear Martin,
    Thank you for encouraging us to put our trust in the Lord. Let us continue to pray for each other.

    We can feel your frustration and pain. We pray for you and especially your wife that God may step in and help bring this all to a happy conclusion.
    Thanks be to God for our faith.

    Dear Martin:
    Just added my prayers to yours for your wife. I have a friend who is dealing with the same issues too.
    God bless you both and I pray the Lord heals your wife.

    O WOW, Martin! Here I am at nearly 80 having been through all those health hurdles and still happily hanging in. I pray the same for your dear wife. God is in it as you both know. Really well told today.

    Good morning Martin
    It is frustrating indeed, always the waiting is the worst, all we can do is pray, hope, and trust.
    Thank you for writing.

    A timely word of encouragement, Martin, much like I’m experiencing myself. The lesson is the same: We can never know the joy of the Lord in uncertain circumstances until we can let go of our need to feel in control. God is good – and nothing can rob us of our experience with Him.

    Dear Martin,
    How I appreciated your timely, inspiring devotional today! It was just what I needed to hear! Thank you.

    Good stuff Martin
    The best we can do in trying times is to throw our trust to God’s hand. Where else are we to turn?
    Praying all turned out well for you both.

    Dear Martin,
    I hear your concerns and we all know the unknown is scary. We thank God for our faith in him so that we can give him our burdens to carry and trust he will do so. It is so true that worry is useless, and prayer is helpful. Thank you for always being willing to share part of your life and the lessons you practice. May many blessings come your way.

    Thank you for sharing today. The promise of God is that He will take care of your needs. Blessings.

    Good morning Martin
    Thank you for this. I too will be praying for wisdom for the doctors and continued protection from fear and anxiety trying to interfere with you and your wife.
    I couldn’t agree more with what you are going through. I am so thankful for all God is doing and He is truly my Rock with things that have been going on health wise with us also.
    Have a blessed week.

    Good morning Martin,
    I will keep your wife in prayer.
    In the meantime, you mention that she didn’t get sick until you moved, could there be something in that? Some people are more sensitive to things like mould or environmental differences than others. or maybe some sort of insect (tick?) Some of these things can masquerade as other illnesses.
    I am not a doctor or kind of medical person it was just something that came to me while reading your post. Might be worth checking out?

    Hi Martin,
    I read your devotion today, and I wanted to tell you about digestive issues that first a friend told me about and then later my sister experienced.
    My sister was given emergency surgery but it didn’t help anything.
    Then they discovered that she had a blockage in the artery that goes from the heart into the intestines. They did surgery on it. Later the surgeon said that most of the time those blockages are found during autopsies.
    Then I remembered that my Bible study friend had an issue that took eight years to diagnose. She said that she had what my sister had had. I hadn’t understood it at the time she was sharing her woes with our group.
    Just in case, I pass on this information to you and your sweet wife!

    Good Morning, Martin –
    Thank you for writing about the “unknowns”. Very encouraging. God is in control, yet we sometimes forget.

    Thank you for your timely devotions over the years!

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