The Royal Son

Friday, March 12, 2021
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Many Canadians, among others, follow the lives and activities of the British royal family: Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, Prince Charles and Camilla, Prince William and Kate, and, particularly recently, Harry and Meghan.

Here in Ottawa, the capital city of Canada, we have hosted many visits of the royal family. I saw the Queen, only once, riding in an open, horse-drawn carriage. There were crowds lining either side of Wellington Street, eager to see her as she left Parliament Hill, and I could only peer over their heads, but of course, I waved to her! She appeared such a small person, in a large carriage, but her smile was bright as she waved to everyone gathered to see her. She was there in front of me only for a moment, but the sight left a lasting impression on me.

But what makes someone royal? How does someone inherit a royal destiny?

The writer to the Hebrews describes Jesus' royal nature as the Son of God, "the Majesty on high".

Hebrews 1:3-4 – And [God's Son] is the radiance of His glory and the exact representation of His nature, and upholds all things by the word of His power. When He had made purification of sins, He sat down at the right hand of the Majesty on high, having become so much better than the angels, to the extent that He has inherited a more excellent name than they. (NASB)

These wonderful verses tell of Jesus as the heir of everything, and creation's firstborn. He was there when the world was made. He is the radiance of God's glory, like the sun's rays are the radiance of our nearest star itself. He maintains everything, actively demonstrating His power in healing, forgiveness, salvation, and calming the fury of nature, just by a few words.

The Lord Jesus did what we could never do for ourselves: purify us from our sins. As the exact representation of God's nature, only He has the right of a Son to be at the right hand of God, which no angel could ever do. As God's Son, He has the birthright and anointing to inherit the throne. And yet, as the Son of Man, He became human to share our lives and give His own life as the perfect sacrifice for our sins, to purify us to be with Him, to live forever with God.

We will never be part of a royal family on earth, most probably, but we can enjoy the privileges of being royal children of God, adopted with all honours. May we never take our royal status for granted, and continue to honour God's firstborn and only Son, Who made it all possible.

Prayer: We praise Your name, O Lord, the heavenly Son and our Saviour. "All hail the power of Jesus' name! Let angels prostrate fall; bring forth the royal diadem to crown Him Lord of all." Amen. (Edward Perronet, 1726-1792)

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Shirley Moulton <>
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

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  • PresbyCan Feedback says:

    Thanks for the encouraging words, Shirley.

    Thank you for reminding us to give all honour to the King of Kings, our Jesus.

    Thank you, Shirley, for today’s message. I have enjoyed all your messages on this site.

    Wonderfully written, timely, and inspiring as usual!
    Thank you.

    So beautiful, this you shared, “sister”, to the glory of our God.
    Thank you so much.

    Dear Shirley,
    I was very fascinated with the mysterious “Kingdom” and royalty of Queen Elizabeth and her family. Very few people on this earth are royal but thank God he invites us to HIS kingdom through Jesus. Loved your prayer.

    Good morning Shirley
    I like your devotional this morning. We received a royal invitation many years ago, was close to the Queen, Princess Anne, and Prince Philip. The best invitation we get is from “The King” from Jesus. Thank you for writing.

    Greetings Shirley,
    Thank you for your very true and meaningful devotional today. Yes, there are some earthly people that deserve honourable positions but none as great as our loving Saviour. He is the one who deserves our consistent gratitude, honour and praise for His unceasing mercy and care of us. Blessings for your special writing and reminder to us of the One, who is important in our daily life.

    Thank you for your devotion. One can be very encouraged facing eternity. What a wonderful family we belong to, the family of God. Heirs and joint heirs with Jesus Christ. The earthly royal family is having so many problems just now. I praise God that the work of salvation and forgiveness was completed at Calvary.
    In Christ Alone

    Dear Shirley,
    The reminder of the most important Royal in our lives is always needed by me. Jesus coming to earth as a human to experience what we go through and feel is an amazing act of love. Forgiving my sins which I can’t seem to stop doing is a great act of kindness. To know that I can start each day fresh and clean provides great hope. Thanks for sharing. I also saw the Queen once and I still remember from many years ago. May you have a blessed day.

    Very timely and helpful.

    Lovely insight Shirley
    Something helpful to come from that sad interview.
    I have seen the Queen too and feel positive about her.

    Thanks, Shirley, for sharing your assurance and peace in these good words. My grandmother in Alaska was a representative when Edward the abdicator visited, and she gave him tea in her home. She wanted me never to forget that brush with royalty that somehow must translate itself to me. But it doesn’t seem to have. Thankfully, I am God’s child and that is more than enough royal for me. Love to you as you write.

    Very nicely said.

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