God Hears Our Cry

February 22, 2021
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Isaiah 65:24 – And it shall come to pass, that before they call, I will answer; and while they are yet speaking, I will hear. (KJV)

In 1977, my family cleared a forested mountainside, preparing to build a home. To install a water pipe from the pump to the house, our boys — aged 13 and 10 — and I dug a huge ditch, 18 inches deep, 12 inches wide, and 450 feet long, through clay and rock, much of it uphill. Meanwhile, our kind neighbours let us haul water from their high-producing well, deep in the canyon a distance away. I took my turn driving a 1965 Ford Bronco to tow a large water tank on a trailer.

The downhill trek on the steep gravel road to the neighbours went well. After filling the tank and heading out, I got midway back up the mountain. With canyon on either side of the road, the 4-wheel-drive popped out of gear. I slammed one foot on the clutch, the other on the brake, praying that the engine wouldn't stall. I couldn't move the gearshift back into position. The weight of the water tank pulled the vehicle into a slow slide backward, inching the Bronco toward the edge of a steep slope. Everything moved in slow motion. I feared being pulled into the canyon. My mind screamed repeatedly, "God, help me!" But I was powerless to stop the slide. One of the back wheels of the tank trailer was suspended in space over the roadside edge of the embankment. I just kept repeating, "God, help me!"

Warmth covered my hand, like a hand on top of mine. A firm, steady pressure on top of my hand urged the gearshift smoothly back into position. I was stunned as I inched the vehicle forward, and the water tank realigned with the roadway. Shaken and thankful to the Lord, I drove the Bronco away from that frightening experience toward home.

What happened during that crisis, I can't explain, but I do know that when I called out in need, God answered my cry for help. What a dramatic rescue that day!

Amid the corruption, accidents, and evil of this world, even in this pandemic, some people question how a loving God could allow all this to happen. I tell my story to reassure such people that, despite the evidence to the contrary, we Christians believe that God is a God of love. I don't tell it to evoke feelings of jealousy or bitterness that God doesn't intervene like that in your life, but rather to remind us all that miracles do still happen, because God has a plan for each one of us, and sometimes, He goes to great lengths to ensure that His plans occur as He wills.

When you are in need, call out to the Lord. Believe and see what He will do. We can always be amazed at what He will do to help us. Has God answered your calls for help?

Prayer: Thank You, Lord, for Your awareness of our every need before we call for help. Your constant knowledge of each of Your children is Your majesty beyond words. You tend to our every need and answer in remarkable ways. Thank You! Amen.

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About the author:

Karen Milam <karenbmilam@gmail.com>
Penn Valley, California, USA

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  • PresbyCan Feedback says:

    An encouraging story, Karen.

    Thank you for sharing good news Karen!

    Powerful testimony, Karen! Thanks for sharing.
    Praise God!

    Dear Karen
    Thank you for your devotional today – what a blessing.

    Dear Karen:
    Thank you for your amazing and powerful testimony! Praise be to God!

    What an amazing story to God’s glory!!!
    Thank you, it’s so nice I’m not alone.

    What a fright you had! Isn’t God a wonderful Saviour! He’s our rescuer, for sure, certain, and forever. Thanks for sharing your experience with us. Blessings.

    Thank you for sharing that amazing story, Karen, along with the reminder… we need to ask God for help.

    Thanks, Karen, for sharing your story of God coming to your rescue. What an awesome God He is! I have experienced His answers to my cries for help many times. Blessings on your week.

    Wow, Karen! You describe your situation – and its answer, so very well. It is obvious that this near-death experience really occurred – and that only God could have (and did) intervene. I too can claim similar. Miracles really do happen from God’s hand (always on us)! Yay for you sharing yours.

    This last week, with my husband in the throes of pneumonia, and myself undergoing minor surgery, I learned this truth.
    Thanks for reminding me that God is with us – always!
    Blessings, and may you always find refreshment in God’s Word!

    Hello Karen,
    Thank you for your lovely devotional and for sharing your experience. It was so uplifting. I was feeling a bit low this morning with things that are going on in my life and reading your devotional really lifted me up and made me feel so good. I’m so encouraged. Thank you and may God continue to richly bless you and your family.

    Dear Karen,
    This is a great story and very encouraging. My many “Please help me” times came following my husband’s stroke when I was suddenly required to do many things that I was unskilled, unprepared, and too weak to do on my own. God carried me through those times, and I was stronger for it.
    Blessings to you.

    Good Morning
    Wow, you had me on the edge of my chair when I was reading part of that. I too can identify the touch of God on me and preventing a situation that could have had a deadly conclusion. Thank God He never sleeps, and His eye is not only on the sparrow, but His eyes are on us also.
    Have a blessed week.
    God bless.

    Dear Karen
    Your devotional came at the right time. I have been my husband’s caregiver for the past several years. He has dementia and has lost the way to communicate; I have to be a mind reader these days. I shower, shave, and help him dress daily. I get so frustrated at times that I yell out a few choice words and then feel terrible afterwards. I feel sorry for myself and grieve the way that things used to be before the onset of this terrible disease. And I wonder where God is. Is he with me as I yell out at my husband. Sometimes it seems that I lost faith. I feel as if God abandoned me at this point in time.
    Thank you for your writing.

    What a wonderful, inspiring story.
    You have helped many today.

    Indeed, God is too faithful to fail.
    Glory to God for His saving grace upon your life Karen.
    Wonderful testimony.
    Personally, I have lost count of the times He rescued me and saved me from destruction.
    May His name be praised forever.
    Thanks for sharing Karen, blessings.

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