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Monday, January 25, 2021
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2 Corinthians 5:1 – For we know that when this earthly tent we live in is taken down (that is, when we die and leave this earthly body), we will have a house in heaven, an eternal body made for us by God himself and not by human hands. (NLT)

The days of getting up and being ready in fifteen minutes are gone.

Although I'm in relatively good health, my life cycle has changed. This fact dawned on me one morning when it seemed that I simply could not get ready.

A recent diagnosis of glaucoma and dry eye disease means that I must use four types of drops daily: one twice a day, another four times a day, another once a day, and still another once a day. Keeping up with the schedule taxes my brain.

Patches of extremely dry skin resulted in a prescription cream which must be applied twice a day for two weeks with two weeks off before repeating the treatment again.

And then, there's the pills that I swallow: one to control my acid reflux, and a daily aspirin because I'm over 50, along with the daily vitamin to make sure that I get what I might not through food. Add a beta blocker to regulate my tachycardia; then the three fish oil pills to restore moisture to my eyes. Finishing off the list is another over-the-counter acid reducer to help the prescription strength one finish off the day.

I shouldn't complain — and usually don't. Others are worse off than me. My wife has a pouch full of medicine that she must take daily to deal with health issues far more severe than mine. And those with rare diseases or other life-altering medical issues can top her — such as my brother who has Parkinson's.

Reading what Paul says in today's verse is comforting — and should be for all who have reached the later life cycle or are suffering with life-altering medical challenges. I may not spend as much time as some dolling up certain parts of my body or toning my muscles, but neither do I neglect it through unhealthy habits. Regardless, it's going to do what bodies do: age, change, and eventually die.

I can't keep this body alive, but God can — and will — just not in its present form. When I die — or when Christ returns — this body will be transformed and fitted for my eternal home, where no pain, sickness, disease, medicine, or death will inhabit. Nor will there be any more life cycles.

Enjoy the life cycles — despite the changes that they bring. They mean that you are one step closer to eternity.

Prayer: Father, give us grace to endure the changes that we must face as we gracefully age. Amen.

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Martin Wiles <>
Greenwood, South Carolina, USA

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  • PresbyCan Feedback says:


    Thank you, Martin Wiles.

    My prayers for you both, Martin with thanks for your faithfulness.

    Thanks, Martin. The last sentence puts the right perspective on all of our problems!

    As I approach 78, I appreciate your message today.
    Always look forward to your insights.
    Thank you.

    Dear Martin,
    I’m sure many readers could relate to your writing about this matter of aging. What a joy to know that we can look forward to our home in Heaven with Christ. I appreciate your writing.

    My husband also has glaucoma but takes one drop in the eyes in the a.m. and 2 different ones at night. Thanks for sharing.
    Thank goodness for God’s pharmacy with all the free antibiotics we need and then some.
    We need to be filled daily with the Holy Spirit Joy that only He can give.
    Have a great and safe week.
    God bless.

    Thank you for this devotional Martin.
    I have been noticing lately that my hearing is no longer what it once was. Last week I went for a hearing test only to find out that I have medium to severe hearing loss and need hearing aids. I already have several other health issues, so this was just another blow. After a brief pity party, I got over myself. I never thought of it as another life cycle – one step closer to eternity as you mention.

    I understand why those who do not have the hope we do find themselves grasping at life. It’s all they have. I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the very same things. The meds, the tests, the nutrients, the physio exercises, yah, hope this body keeps going for a while yet. Not so much for me, but for others’ sake. There have been times when I have said: Lord, You can come back any time now! But there are some folks I will want to see when I get where I’m going and I don’t think they are ready yet, so a little longer, Lord. The pandemic brings this to the forefront for some of us. Blessings! Enjoy the day and follow His footsteps.

    Hi Martin,
    Another great devotional! I’m sure many are identifying with the cycles of life as you so aptly described!
    Your devotional is so encouraging!
    I know a person a good 20 years younger than I am who seems so ‘bent out of shape’ about ‘healthy’ everything from not allowing plastic containers used for food storage to not using wooden spoons etc.! My Mom died a couple of years ago at 105 and I know she used plastic containers and I’m sure she had used the same wooden spoons when cooking and baking (in her 90’s) that she had when I was a child! God kept that woman alive in spite of using old worn, wooden spoons and plastic. Our days really are numbered!
    I love that image of being one step closer to eternity. What a wonderful thought!
    On another note, I wanted to tell you that it was a year ago a very meaningful devotional of yours was printed. I had quoted from it on fb and it popped up in my ‘Memories’.
    Thanks for both of these!

    Well, many of us can relate to this Martin.
    I continue to enjoy your thoughtfully written devotionals and am glad you persevere.
    Thanks for the reminder that there is more to life than aches pains and meds!
    God is not finished with us yet!

    Hi Martin,
    I couldn’t help but respond to your devotional as it’s so close to my own experience.
    When you mentioned the drops, it reminded me of what I did for my husband a few years ago. I created a chart and printed it up. He has been using a chart ever since.
    God bless you for your devotionals. They are always so enjoyable.
    Thank you so much.

    Thanks Martin. Like you my days of being able to be ready in 15 minutes are gone but thank you for your comment: “Enjoy the life cycles – despite the changes that they bring. They mean we are one step closer to eternity.” This gives us peace. Blessings.

    Hi Martin
    Your words were for me this morning for sure!
    I turned 70 this past year and for the first time in my life I began to realize The End is Near! My dad died in his late 70’s.
    At least, for my earthly days! But you and I have SO much to look forward to as you wrote so well. I can’t imagine going through this season in my life without the assurance that EVEN BETTER DAYS ARE AHEAD! My only regret at this time in my life is that I have not been able to convince more people that death does not have the final say!

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