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Wednesday, January 13, 2021
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Proverbs 13:20a – He who walks with the wise grows wise. (NIV)

What's better than an enthusiastic walking buddy to get us out of the house, even when the weather outside is frightful? I'm blessed to have such a friend. She's an ideal walking buddy because she stretches me. She's young, adventurous, and an enjoyable conversationalist. She's a firefighter; fitness is important to her. Really, we motivate each other. I certainly wouldn't extend myself so much otherwise. With her, we never merely walk around the block on clean, paved streets. No! We head toward rugged terrain, like nature paths. But I feel safe with her. She's sensitive and sensible. If I stumbled, I know that she'd help me. If needed, she'd contact her fellow first responders, and they'd arrive in minutes to rescue me from the wilds. Now, that's an ideal walking buddy!

We need such walking buddies in life. We need companions who help to strengthen our character through their influence. This works both ways. We nudge each other beyond our comfort zones. We stretch each other's thinking through sharing our interests and experiences. We help each other to recognize personal deficits and faulty assumptions. Thus, we help to make each other fit for God's greater challenges.

Isaiah 41:6 – Each helps the other and says to his brother, "Be strong!" (NIV)

Of course, our best companion is God's Spirit, the great Comforter promised by Jesus. Yet, as our Comforter, He stretches us beyond our comfort zones, even to the point of intense dis-comfort. Such suffering makes no sense in our affluent world where comfort and safety are elevated to goddess status. We've come to expect a "safe" God, too — even though Scripture suggests otherwise. God did warn: "you who feel secure will tremble" (Isaiah 32:10).

Indisputably, God is still a consuming fire who deploys judgments among the nations: sword, famine, plague, etc. These upheavals can cause great distress. Yet during the darkest trials, we can personally trust our Lord to be our companion and comforter:

Isaiah 40:31 – But those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary; they will walk and not be faint. (NIV)

Thus, like the psalmist, we can truly claim:

    The Lord is my best Walking Buddy; I have no reason to worry. Even though He walks me through difficult terrain, I trust Him to stick with me. He's plenty qualified to protect me and rescue me. Even amid catastrophes, I can still trust Him to guide me along the right paths — for His name's sake — which is what matters most.

Dear friend, can you join me in this personal prayer?

Prayer: O Lord, surely Your goodness and love will follow me all the days of my life. I'll count on You to refresh my soul along the path, with renewed meaning, strength, and honour. I know that You'll get me home to my final destination — my eternal home with You. Meanwhile, no matter what, Lord, I know that we're on this path together! Halleluiah! Amen.

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About the author:

Diane Eaton <d.eaton@bmts.com>
Paisley, Ontario, Canada

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  • PresbyCan Feedback says:


    Thanks for the encouragement, Diane.

    Amen, great post. Thanks, and blessings, Diane!

    Your today’s share hit me in on the heart.
    Thanks a lot

    Very beautiful, thoughtful, and powerful devotional.
    Thank you.

    Thank you for this devotional Diane.
    It certainly resonates with me and provides BLESSED ASSURANCE.

    Thank you for a beautiful and ‘timely’ message.
    I’ll think of you tomorrow morning as I walk along the shore of Lake Ontario with a group of friends. (Yes, we do socially distance during this time.)

    Hello Diane,
    Thank you for this devotional and the very meaningful words remember and reflect on, in your closing prayer.
    Blessings for writing.

    Dear Diane,
    I joined you in that lovely prayer and enjoyed your wisdom in the devotional. I happen to have my son’s dog with me for a few days, so the title struck a chord, but you are right — walking with God’s spirit is wonderful. Blessings.

    Yea through we walk through death’s valley we will fear no evil for Father God, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit simultaneously live within us and walk before us, behind us, and beside us with God’s almighty arm around us therefore we will fear no evil. Thanks for writing and sharing. Blessings.

    Good Morning Diane!
    Thank you for your creative devotional today. May you continue to be blessed with words to guide us in our daily walk with God’s Spirit.
    Stay strong! Stay well!

    Dear Diane,
    You have written an inspirational devotional call for us to join you that inspires us to trust God in a deeper way. I am motivated to stretch into an even more committed relationship as He and I walk together for His honor and glory. May your writing continue to be refreshed by the Holy Spirit.

    Dear Diane,
    I knew the devotional was by you as I started reading it, without having scrolled to the bottom to see who wrote it.
    I say Amen to all of it, as I also feel the same as you do. God is my best walking buddy. With Him always beside me I do not have to fear for the best is yet to come. Even during this Pandemic, I can trust Him completely.
    All the best to you. May God continue to bless you richly now and always Diane.
    Grace and peace to you.

    Hello Diane,
    Your devotion particularly resonated with me today. I am an avid nature walker, and often go with my special needs son to our local trails. My walking days will be put on hold for the next few months, as I am about to have surgery very soon. Understandably, I am anxious not only about the surgery and the things I need to have in place beforehand, but also the safety of the hospital during the Covid pandemic. After much prayer, I know that my redeemer walks beside me, and will be with me, and help me reduce my anxiety by bringing me peace, but having you express it so eloquently is a comfort. Thank you.

    Dear Diane,
    Your Devotion is so timely.
    Our beloved Dog died yesterday. Today was difficult with many Kleenex and tears. I decided to face my fears and go for a Walk ~ alone.
    As I gathered my Kleenex, Walking Stick, Gloves, and Key, I prayed that the Lord would help me do this, a Verse jumped in my mind.
    I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me…
    Then out the door I went, holding back tears, but remembering, I don’t ever walk alone – the Lord is my Shepherd, and He is always with me.
    I noticed my two Neighbor Friends were also walking and joined “Us.”

    Dear Diane:
    Throughout the years I have enjoyed your wonderful devotionals! You are a faithful writer in this, God’s work!
    Our Lord Jesus is, indeed, my walking buddy throughout life. He urges me on, takes my hand day by day, and we look eagerly to the finish line.
    I praise Him every day for Christian grandparents and parents, and wonderful evangelistic ministers along the way. But most of all, for His wonderful Holy Spirit who keeps me and my hubby of over 50 years, close to Jesus, moment by moment. By His amazing grace, my siblings, my children, their spouses and all our grandchildren are believers following Jesus day by day. This miracle situation is most unusual, I know, and a blessing beyond understanding!
    I can truly say with the writer: “Grow old along with me, the best is yet to be”!
    Keep writing for Jesus. Your reward awaits you. See you up there!

    Two of my closest friends my “walking buddies” entered long term care last year.
    I am grateful that the Holy Spirit will never leave me.

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