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Tuesday, November 3, 2020
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Psalm 113:3 – From the rising of the sun unto the going down of the same the Lord's name is to be praised. (KJV)

Traditionally, a chorus of crickets entertains us during balmy summer evenings, while we sit in our outside retreats after a long day. They are very noisy, but as the crickets begin their song, I enjoy their chirps. These loud crickets, creatures of the night, are so very aware of the difference between the morning light and the darkness of evening. We usually don't think much about them unless we need them for fish bait or need to sweep one out of the kitchen. But to listen to them on a moonlit night is calming and mysterious. I listen to the joyous celebration, and I am reminded to sing my night song of praise, louder still, to God during good times or bad. The crickets chirp along as we sing our own song of praise in the night.

This fall, the flames of forest fires began licking at our doors here on the west coast of the United States of America. Because the smoke filtered the sunlight, the skies turned all shades of colour. The most difficult for me was when the skies became bright orange. My cousin, Loren, who lives in a distant county, noticed that the sky had turned black in the early afternoon because the clouds of smoke had completely blocked the sun. It was so dark that the crickets decided that it was time to sing. So, he took a video of the black early afternoon, along with the sound of the crickets chirping their songs in the background, and sent it to me.

Crickets have always brought me joy. Instantly, I was encouraged to think of my blessings during this particularly difficult day, as David did when he was distressed: "I have considered the days of old, the years of ancient times. I call to remembrance my song in the night" (Psalm 77:5-6a KJV). The crickets chirping in the video made me think of my Saviour Jesus, instead of the circumstances. I was reminded to sing the old hymns and pray. So, during the darkness –– in daytime –– as the crickets sang their song, I sang my songs of praise to God.

Our world is experiencing perilous times right now, with different problems in each region or country. Social unrest, government protest, lawlessness, politics, pandemic, and loss of life are licking at our doors around the world. Let us bring to mind God's faithfulness in past days, and learn to sing His songs in the night.

Prayer: Dear Father, we ask empowerment by the grace of Jesus Christ to be encouraged by even the smallest of events or words to sing praises to You in the dark times of life. Thank You for bringing unexpected gifts our way to strengthen and encourage us, and to teach us that we can sing songs of praise to Your glory at any time of the day or night. Amen.

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Karen Milam <>
Penn Valley, California, USA

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1 Comment

  • PresbyCan Feedback says:

    Songs in the night… a good solution!

    Amen, Karen. Thanks for the good word.

    Thank you, Karen, for sharing how God encouraged you in that most troublesome time. Blessings.

    This beautiful devotional you wrote just spoke to my heart. Thank you for sharing this message!

    Dear Karen (and you are very dear to me as I read your personal story of the fire darkness (and the joy of the crickets) – and it makes me smile and remember and bumps up my faith! Blessings on your writing.

    Wow like wow. With tears welling up I picture what you describe and so grateful, so very, very grateful.
    Our God is so good and beyond my words.

    Dear Karen, thank you for the devotional you sent us. I am sure we all are sad and sorry about the dreadful fires you have had in your area. I certainly am!!
    Hymns for sure seem to really speak to us… at least I love them!
    (Nova Scotia)

    Thank you, Karen, for such a meaningful devotion. We were inspired and challenged by your cricket story. Likely many readers will be encouraged to sing praises along with the crickets. (Unfortunately, in Canada, we will have to wait many months until we hear the crickets again, but we’ll try to sing in either good or bad times)

    Dear Karen,
    I absolutely loved your cricket devotion today. Thank you. When I lived in Southern Ontario, I used to rejoice in the sudden resumption of cricket song on a balmy late spring evening after a long winter of silence. I too look for the small gifts each day that encourage me to rejoice in the midst of hard times. God bless and encourage you this day.

    Hello Karen:
    It’s funny but now I can recognize your meditation from the first few words. I don’t have to look at it to know you’ve been thinking and praising again.
    As I read your message this morning, my arms got covered with goose bumps. There is nothing more terrifying to me than fire. I’ve wondered if or how you were affected. I don’t know that I could write something as brave and touching as this devotion. And, yes, sometimes, it’s the very smallest things in our lives that ground us in trying circumstances.
    The world is definitely a scary place these days. With all of the news and rumours circulating today must be an anxious day for you and most other honest citizens of your country. I’m praying that your election has a good outcome, and that America continues to be the place where people can come to live the American dream in safety and fulfillment. My heart goes out to you and your family.
    Stay safe and well.

    Praising God and giving thanks gives stability and helps us stay mentally healthy in these difficult times.

    Dear Karen,
    Thank you for emphasizing God’s blessings to us amid pandemic and fires and praying with thanksgiving.


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