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Monday, September 14, 2020
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Matthew 21:22 – And whatever you ask in prayer, you will receive, if you have faith. (ESV)

We require power to do anything. Sometimes, the power comes from within, but often we need external power.

In many cases, this external power is supplied by electricity, and we are connected to that source.

However, when a direct connection is not possible, a marvellous invention called a "battery" provides the source of power.

Batteries are now so widely used that they can be found in many places, varying from large ones in places like electric cars to tiny ones in hearing devices and cell phones.

But as the electric power is consumed, the batteries decline in their power and will eventually require recharging.

Even though the manufacturers of some batteries advertise that their products last longer, I have never heard any of them claim that their batteries last forever.

I did, however, recently have an unusual contrary experience.

In December, 2018, I had a battery-powered device inserted to regulate the performance of my defective heart. The technician said that it would keep operating for ten years before the battery would need to be replaced.

Every six months, they check the device. Amazingly, the technician is able to read any occurrence when my heart has malfunctioned, giving the exact time and duration.

The testing machine also measures the length of time that the battery will continue to operate.

When the machine was tested in June, 2020, the battery indicated that it would continue operating for twelve years and two months. It appeared that my body is doing the impossible and recharging the battery.

I jokingly asked if I would receive a refund if the battery were still operating after I died. The technician replied in the negative, but she assured me that I wouldn't be charged extra.

I don't know why the tests showed the length of battery life, but I was pleased that the necessity of replacing the battery was pushed far into the future.

It also made me think that, from a spiritual viewpoint, our source of power doesn't diminish like a normal battery but rather continues to strengthen with use.

The more we share the love of Jesus with others, the stronger we get, even as our physical strength declines.

We dismiss the readings of the battery in the device attached to my heart as being improbable. However, it is definitely true that our spiritual batteries continue to strengthen daily as we exercise our God-given power.

2 Corinthians 4:16b – Though our outer self is wasting away, our inner self is being renewed day by day. (ESV)

To me, it is exciting to realize that by using our available tools of Bible reading and prayer, and by asking in faith, we can recharge our spiritual batteries daily.

Prayer: Dear Father, thank You for the opportunity to follow in the footsteps of Jesus in loving and serving others. Help us to continue to recharge our batteries through faith. In the name of Jesus, we pray. Amen.

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About the author:

Vincent Walter <>
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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1 Comment

  • PresbyCan Feedback says:

    Glad you are still going, Vince.

    Thank you sir for sharing your experience.

    Great story, Vincent. So true, thanks for sharing!

    I really enjoyed reading this. Thanks.

    Amen Vincent. Great illustration.

    Your devotionals are always very inspiring. Thank you for providing them.

    A memorable mediation, Vincent. So HAPPY to hear that your battery has a longer life, as you use it to bless us all.

    Hello Pastor,
    We are blessed by another of your devotionals in PresbyCan.

    Another thought-provoking contribution to the site. Thanks for sharing.
    Have a great day there Vincent.

    Dear Vincent,
    Loved this little vignette.
    Keep on ticking!

    Good morning Vince,
    So glad your heart is strong. Thanks for the thoughtful devotion. It is a good reminder to nurture our spiritual batteries.

    Dear Victor, Thank you for this insight. Lately my faith has needed a boost. This covid has really injured my mental health along with some friends and family struggling with so many issues. God Bless you for this reminder!

    Thanks, Vincent. I also read about this in another devotional this morning on John 15:5-8. As we remain in Jesus and let his words dwell in us, we are wired to our life source…Christ himself. So nice to have 2 confirming messages.

    Love your messages.
    You have such a wonderful way with words that relate to everyone,
    May God continue to keep your batteries charged!
    Bless you.

    Dear Vincent:
    I just sent a prayer upwards for your continued good health. I know many of us enjoy and look forward to your devotional writings.
    God bless you.

    Good Morning Vince
    This was a good reminder again, how God is in control of everything. He is there in our hearts and looking after batteries as need be.
    God bless.

    Wonderful devotional Vincent.
    Thanks for blessing us this morning with this very spiritual message.
    More grace.
    And I pray that the Lord will perfect all that concerns your health in Jesus name.

    Greetings Vince,
    Thank you for another very special devotional. May your heart “battery” keep on ticking far into the future as you enjoy each day the Lord grants and you share the love of the Lord with those around you and those you connect with through your writings.

    Wow I love today’s metaphor.
    Very well applied to our everyday life. Very encouraging, thanks very much.
    Lord thank you for Vincent’s insight. Thank you, Lord, that we can be fully charged all the time since we are connected to the main power source.
    Bless Vincent and all who read this devotional. May we all bring glory to your name as we use your power to live our lives as Christ lived his. As Vincent pointed out Loving and Serving others is the powerful life of Christ in us.

    Dear Vincent Walter.
    Thank you for the devotional.
    We can pray for each other, for the doctors and technicians.
    The last time I had my heart monitor checked the technician said it would last until I was 100 years of age. I am now over 90.
    How thankful I am to God for the technology!

    Hi Mr. Walter,
    Excellent illustration.

    A lovely devotional! Yes, Lord, keep charging our batteries as we gain more intimacy with you and grow in faith!

    Great analogy Vince and timely as many people feel they need a recharge spiritually heading into a long winter of social distancing in this pandemic.
    Hope you are personally doing well.

    Good evening Vince. Always enjoy your messages.

    Dear Vincent,
    You definitely have a great way of relating things in life so they have a good meaning for Christians. It is good that your heart doesn’t need to use the device as much as predicted so the batteries will last longer. Let us all continue to recharge our batteries through Jesus Christ. May you have a day full of recharging and joy.

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