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Wednesday, August 12, 2020
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There was a time when I wanted to do a business transaction with a stranger, and this particular deal involved a large amount of money. So, I quickly consulted one of my mentors about my plan, and he said, "Let's ask the Lord about it before you commence."

We prayed, and afterward, he said, "I think the Lord is saying that the man you are about to deal with is a fraud." So, I held my peace.

A few weeks later, the person who had given me the contact of my potential business partner called me to ask if I had done business with the man. I answered "No," and she said, "Thank God! Please don't. I just found out that he is a fraud."

In studying the life of David, both before and after he became king, one would discover that he never made any move without first consulting God.

2 Samuel 2:1 – After this, David inquired of the Lord, saying, Shall I go up into any of the cities of Judah? And the Lord said to him, Go up. David said, To which shall I go up? And He said, To Hebron. (AMPC)

So, it is little wonder why he recorded a series of victories against the Philistines and the Amalekites, and why he was able to escape Saul's wrath with ease.

In 1 Samuel, chapter 30, the Amalekites invaded David's town, Ziklag, destroyed the houses of him and his men, stole their property, and abducted their families. Yet he didn't just jump on his horse and give command to his troops to pursue his enemies. Rather he inquired of the Lord what to do in the midst of his sorrows, and the Lord answered him and gave him victory.

1 Samuel 30:8 – And David inquired of the Lord, saying, Shall I pursue this troop? Shall I overtake them? The Lord answered him, Pursue, for you shall surely overtake them and without fail recover all. (AMPC)

When we consult God concerning our every move, we are much less likely to make mistakes, and we will always be victorious.

Christ also knew that this was very important, so very early in the morning, He would go and consult the Father concerning each day.

Mark 1:35 – And in the morning, long before daylight, He got up and went out to a deserted place, and there He prayed. (AMPC)

As believers, it's not God's will that we should make decisions on our own, because God knows that we can't be perfect enough to know exactly what is best for us. We must let God lead us, "For all who are led by the Spirit of God are sons of God." (Romans 8:14 AMPC)

Proverbs 3:5 – Lean on, trust in, and be confident in the Lord with all your heart and mind and do not rely on your own insight or understanding. (AMPC)

Talk to the Lord concerning that move and plan of yours today: your travelling, marriage proposal, business, etc., and He will give you victory in Jesus' name. Pray with me:

Prayer: Lord Jesus, thank You for this day. I commit my life and future into Your able hands. Please direct me and give me victory all round. I come against every error in my plans, and I claim Your victory in Jesus' name. Amen.

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Owen Osa <>
Benin City, Edo State, Nigeria

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  • PresbyCan Feedback says:

    Good advice, Owen.

    Thank you, Owen. Excellent advice.

    Good one Owen. Thank you.

    Amen, May God bless you. Thanks for sharing this devotional with us. Blessings.

    Hello Owen,
    Thank you for today’s devotional reminding us to put God first in all we do and not to rely on men.

    Thank you, Owen, for your devotion.
    I like it very much and have learned in my past that I must depend on God’s guidance.
    Keep up the faith,

    Thank you for your devotional. You are wise in the Lord. I consult God each morning and He is faithful. I have been tending to a vegetable garden daily since the first week of June, and progress continues.
    (Manitoba, Canada)

    Thank you for your beautiful words. Oh, how I want to ask my every move of the Lord, but so many times other things get in the way. Looking after a husband with dementia is very stressful and taking care of him takes up a lot of my time. I know God knows, but still I should take time to talk and ask.
    (Ontario, Canada)

    Hello Owen,
    Very good devotional you have presented and wise words to follow. Yes, it is certainly the wisest decision to ask the Lord’s advice through prayer when we require direction of what is the right thing to do. We need be ever thankful that our Lord is always available to hear our prayers and give us peace of mind in our daily life.
    Blessings for writing.

    Thank you for devotional and encouraging us to seek God’s way and His will. I have not always asked as I should and listened to what God has revealed. Thank you again for your encouragement to follow Jeremiah 33:3 which has been referred to JER 33:3 as God’s telephone number. Thank you again for your writing and prayer. Blessings.

    Thank you for writing on this topic. Always timely.

    Thanks, Owen for your continuing inspiration in these great devotionals. God is in it. Blessings on your work.

    This is a very important message.
    I think God intends us to use the brain He gave us.
    But in our complex world there are pitfalls everywhere, and consulting the Lord can help us navigate them.
    Even if we make a mistake, because we consulted Him, we will be led into a better path.

    Hello Owen Godson, wow what a name, I take it your parents named you with the thought that if they stated that you were God’s son that you would spend your life seeking after him, like King David of old.
    You have a gift for searching out the word of truth and sharing it with the world or us that subscribe to the PresbyCan daily.
    You have blessed me with two devotionals in the same week. May Almighty God watch over you, strengthen you and guide you as you continue to serve Him and his people.
    (Ontario Canada)

    Good afternoon Owen. I just wanted you to know how refreshing your devotional was. This is the way I live my life and my life has never been better. Oh, God’s Enemy comes after me, but I do as the Lord instructs me to do. I give Him the control over my life, and I do not question His guidance to me. I will seek confirmation sometimes as I do not always trust I have heard correctly. (I cannot see what is best to do ONLY God can) and I see victory,not because of what I have done, but because of what God does through me and because of how He arranges what happens during each day. If I forget to ask, I quickly know what I have done by the results. When we are attentive to God, we live a wonderful adventure with Him. At least I do but others are afraid (I think) to give God control over their lives. They still believe they know best. Their ears are closed to the Truth. They have not read enough about David.
    I am thrilled you acknowledge God in all your ways (and by surrendering your life to Him) and that HE has set your path straight Owen. May God shower you with His abundant blessings for blessing so many people Owen. I am not perfect. God is still working on me. Praying you will write more devotionals too.

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