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Genesis 1:1,31a – In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth … God saw all that he had made, and it was very good. (NIV)

Matthew 5:4 – Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted. (NIV)

When two people say "I do" in church, something miraculous happens. They spiritually merge into one flesh. Way back when we were married, we had no clue what that simple declaration would do inside our souls and throughout our lives. On our honeymoon, we revelled in each other's nearness. We had so much to learn, even after years of courtship. After all, no one really knows the person they marry until after they say "I do".

Years flew by, and our son entered our lives, a joy that quickly challenged us when the doctor told us that he had cerebral palsy. Nevertheless, our son proved to be a blessing in so many loving ways, in spite of his disabilities, or maybe because of them. Four years later, our beautiful daughter was born. Today, she is married to a good man, and her two daughters have grown to be lovely women. Not quite two years later, a second daughter joined us. Cute as a button from birth, today she's married and the mother of a grown son, and a daughter who added her own two daughters to our family.

Sadly, my dear husband missed so much when he died young. For me, his death felt like a gigantic hand had reached inside me and pulled half of me away. My soul shed tears through my eyes. My heart lurched as if torn in two. Thirty years later, my heart still misses him … but then, in my heartache, I turned to God in prayer and God comforted me … yes, God comforted me.

For me, God isn't a far-off, uncaring deity floating up in a galaxy far, far away. I believe that He gives us everything that we hold dear: children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren, as well as homes to live in, cars to drive, and work to do. For me, He affirms His presence in unexpected ways through a son or daughter's phone call or visit, or even an unexpected gift.

For example, last winter, my daughter sent twenty-four long-stemmed red roses totally out of the blue. I see her generosity as tangible evidence of God's being with me. Although some may believe that random acts of kindness are just other people acting on impulse, if we choose to believe that God shows His presence through the actions of others, we will be greatly comforted.

It's a matter of perspective.

From life's experiences, I've seen that grief has its way, but God's Holy Spirit always comforts, especially in unexpected ways. That's why I can say that I'm comforted by God's presence.

So, when our hearts hurt, let's go to God for comfort. We may ask, "How?" Through prayer, we can be comforted. I know from experiencing God's presence through unexpected and unasked-for gifts, He will be with us. Even when we don't immediately feel any different … He is with us.

When we go to God in prayer, His Spirit will comfort us.

Prayer: Lord God, help us to see and feel Your love in every circumstance, whether good or bad. We pray for awareness of Your Spirit with us. Help us to know without a shadow of doubt that Your comfort and Your presence will always be with us, no matter what occurs. Amen.

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Cassandra Wessel <>
Tionesta, Pennsylvania, USA

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  • PresbyCan Feedback says:

    Beautiful consolation, Cass.

    Thanks for your testimony, Cassandra.

    Thank you, Cassandra for another beautiful inspiration.

    Thanks for sharing your life story with us today and reminding us that God is always with us. Blessings and stay safe.

    Your best piece ever Cass! Well done. It was indeed a comfort and encouragement.

    My husband died at age 49, ten years ago. God is faithful and always present. Thank you,
    (Manitoba, Canada)

    Dear Cassandra,
    I want to thank you so much for your wonderfully written, inspiring devotional.
    With Blessings and Appreciation,

    Thanks for expressing what I feel after losing my beloved hubby. I dreamed that I had a stroke. After feeling the numb side, it moved as usual. I realized that my half partner was gone. There was no stroke, but a deep loss. Bless you and yours during these uncertain times. God is still on the throne and He will remember His own.

    Dear Cassandra,
    Thank you for sharing life difficulties you have dealt with and that knowing and seeking the Lord gives great comfort. My life’s situations have been very similar and I too know and feel the great comfort of taking quiet time and just talking and praying to Jesus and experiencing the comfort and joy He gives.
    Blessings to you for sharing through your devotional writing and may His loving care be with you always.

    Oh Cassandra,
    You have touched my heart through your devotional today. My husband died a year ago. We had been so very close, and it is an extremely tough adjustment in so many ways. BUT… God has made His presence and care known to me so often through family, friends and even strangers!
    This morning, as I was reading an online Bible Study devotional through my tears of grief, I read the verse “My Grace is sufficient for you…”. At THAT very moment, a lady I know from the church sent me an email saying she was sending me love and that I was on her mind and in her prayers! To me, that was God urging her to reach out to me at that very time my grief was overwhelming me… God’s Grace… Such a blessing!
    if we choose to believe that God shows His presence through the actions of others, we will be greatly comforted.
    Exactly what you have said!!!
    God bless.

    Beautiful and touching.
    Thank, you.

    Hello, Cassandra, I was a counsellor at a Guidance Conference many years ago. I think back to that time when I read your devotionals. When I read your last one, I had just received an email from a person who had recently lost their spouse and is really struggling and very sad. I forwarded your devotional and she responded immediately, telling me how helpful it was to her. She said she was going to keep it and refer back to it. Thank you.
    May God continue to bless you in this ministry.
    May God Bless You.

    Thank you for “Songs of Praise.” I say Amen to your words on what music can do for us.

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